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  1. Hunt is injured - again? Thought he was back...
  2. Travel advise, please

    And the Snooker World Finals are starting at the Crucible... Got my hotels in both Sheffield and Manchester sorted though. Thanks!
  3. Travel advise, please

    Yeah... Just saw that. Oh, well. Maybe I'll go see Carlos get battered then instead, if the Owls vs Reading match is moved because of Sky Sports
  4. Travel advise, please

    Thanks! Haven't considered the home game situation in Manchester, will absolutely check it out. As for games being moved from one day to another, that's a risk I'm aware of and just have to take. Need to book the flights well in advance if I don't wanna pay for those through my nose, and can't camp down in a Sheffield hotel for a week just to be sure, either :-)
  5. Greetings! I am a Norwegian Owls-fan who travel to see SWFC once or twice a year. This time I'll bring my dad to Hillsborough for the Reading game on Apr 21. It's his 65th birthday so I thought it'd be a nice present for him to go watch some decent football! :-) So, I've purchased flight tickets coming in to Manchester Apt on Friday 20th at eight o'clock (that's 20.00 or eight pm in case you wonder). Should we just get an hotel in Manchester that night and set sails for Hillsborough on Sat morning, or is it safe to plan for a train trip Manchester Apt - Sheffield that late in the evening? What would you do? WWYD? WAWAW!
  6. Loovens

    Maybe someone starts calling him Venancio once his name is on the team sheet, then.
  7. Fletcher and Hooper to Leeds

    Jaoa should be our next goalkeeper. Jaoa the Hut, that is.
  8. The Stir

    They aren't. Their first and most valuable commodity is their credibility. If they choose to put this at stake in the long run, just to sell a few extra copies tomorrow, it's their own loss - and they end up punishing themselves. It's like peeing in your pants to keep warm.
  9. You didn't get to the summary, did you? Huddersfield: 10 Fulham: 6 Wednesday: 4 Reading: 0
  10. 4-3-3

    Ouch! Ha ha, well excuse me causse aym foreyner. You learn something new every day on Owlstalk.
  11. 4-3-3

    :-) My point is that both Loovens and FF are cornerstones, and with them being out due to injury and fuzz respectively, we can't automatically blame Hooper (or others) for the bad spell. But you already know this.
  12. 4-3-3

    Do you mean the initial bad spell when Loovens was out injured and all the fuzz going on around FF?
  13. Jordan Rhodes yesterday

    Remember when Gary Hooper joined us, he wasn't match fit at all. His first appearance was Oct 31 (2015) and he played seven matches (two in XI and five as sub, average of 45 mins per match) - without scoring a single goal. Then the levee broke and he scored 10 goals in 11 matches between Dec 15 and Feb 13 (ten appearances in XI and one as a sub, average of 83 mins/match). Don't worry about Jordan Rhodes. He'll do his job as soon as he finds the auto fire switch.
  14. :-) Well, I predict that two sides that have already played eachother twice WON'T beat eachother again (until the playoff at least). So I'd say it matters who's playing who. The more our playoff-chasing opponents face eachother, the more points they're gonna have to concede between them.
  15. Preston have a tough run-in, though. Away against Newcastle, Hudders & Leeds. Home against Norwich. Here's a visualization of the run-in for the top half of the table. Numbers indicate the order matches are being played, red number=away, green=home: Fulham have a couple of tough games coming up aswell. Norwich seem to have it worst of all, playing five teams above them and only one below (QPR).