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  1. JAYFC1991

    Fans Forum Wednesday at 1867 suite

    Have tickets for the 1867 Lounge. Should be interesting
  2. JAYFC1991

    Team for Reading

    Dawson Palmer Lees Thorniley Penney Bannan Hutchinson Reach Matias Forestieri Joao Subs: Wildsmith Pudil Baker Pelupessy Preston Fletcher
  3. Fernando - 15 Joao - 15 Hooper - 13 Winnall - 11 Nuhiu - 10
  4. JAYFC1991


    Agree with all this, "Trust, Confidence & Belief" - Where do the players get all this from with a manager who stands there with his arms folded all night, I can't see any passion or encouragement from him at all Nice bloke though so it's okay I suppose?
  5. JAYFC1991

    Toxic at S6 from top to bottom

    With the team we have available, i'm not really shocked with the position we are in to be honest, however... I don't believe for 1 second we'll go down! The managerial appointment was pathetic! his team selection, formation and approach is mind boggling - "Give him time" - MY A#SE !
  6. JAYFC1991

    Player Ratings

    Wildsmith 8 Hunt 7.5 Boyd 7 Pelupessy 8 Venâncio 7 Loovens 7 Pudil 8 Reach 9 Clare 7 Joao 9 Rhodes 7.5
  7. So much hatred towards Carlos, yet I have none
  8. JAYFC1991


    Fair prices, how many are going to watch on the tele though?
  9. JAYFC1991

    Season ticket refund OFFICIAL OFFER

    Bloody love those terms!
  10. JAYFC1991

    It's not Paul Lambert

    Thomas Tuchel ?
  11. JAYFC1991


    I'll 2nd this one.
  12. Yeah, because I'm a sheffield wednesday fan.
  13. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/c-knowles?utm_source=facebook Looks like they've reached their target, Brilliant stuff!
  14. JAYFC1991

    Season Ticket Renewal

    Even death, I’ll have someone renew on my behalf and I’ll be there in spirit
  15. JAYFC1991

    Season Ticket Renewal

    I can't think of anything at all that would prevent me from renewing my ST