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  1. 2 x QPR Tickets for sale South Stand Will take £50 for the pair
  2. Have tickets for the 1867 Lounge. Should be interesting
  3. Dawson Palmer Lees Thorniley Penney Bannan Hutchinson Reach Matias Forestieri Joao Subs: Wildsmith Pudil Baker Pelupessy Preston Fletcher
  4. Fernando - 15 Joao - 15 Hooper - 13 Winnall - 11 Nuhiu - 10
  5. Agree with all this, "Trust, Confidence & Belief" - Where do the players get all this from with a manager who stands there with his arms folded all night, I can't see any passion or encouragement from him at all Nice bloke though so it's okay I suppose?
  6. With the team we have available, i'm not really shocked with the position we are in to be honest, however... I don't believe for 1 second we'll go down! The managerial appointment was pathetic! his team selection, formation and approach is mind boggling - "Give him time" - MY A#SE !
  7. Wildsmith 8 Hunt 7.5 Boyd 7 Pelupessy 8 Venâncio 7 Loovens 7 Pudil 8 Reach 9 Clare 7 Joao 9 Rhodes 7.5
  8. Fair prices, how many are going to watch on the tele though?
  9. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/c-knowles?utm_source=facebook Looks like they've reached their target, Brilliant stuff!
  10. Even death, I’ll have someone renew on my behalf and I’ll be there in spirit
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