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    We'll come from behind to win 2-1
  2. I work with one, he seems to know more about our team than he does his own though
  3. Herries road ...again!

    My mistake, should have added that it was in the glove box mate
  4. Herries road ...again!

    Aye my mate had his broken in to tuesday, stole the sat-nav but threw the cable in the woods, smart.... stole a can of coke too - thirsty work!
  5. Ladbrokes Sorry, petty banter. Roll on tomorrow, UTO, WAWAW, Carlos Had A Dream an all that..
  6. That's my screenshot pal, therefor it's my battery power too
  7. Wherever he's off too it sounds pretty close...
  8. Djourou has a few options according to Dom, balls in his court
  9. Preston Away Ticket Details

    According to the ticket office they cannot sell out today
  10. Preston Away Ticket Details

    Ticket Office are saying there's a very high chance all tickets will be sold during the Tuesday AM sales. Absolutely no chance it will make it to Wednesday and a slim chance it will make it to Tuesday PM sales Pass it on
  11. FL Transfers = Melt
  12. Isn't that when Hutchinson took the player out with his head and got sent off ? Then we broke from the Penalty and they got a man sent off All went uphill from there
  13. max gradel

    Max Gradel is poised to joined either Nantes or Toulouse despite interest from Sheffield Wednesday, Leeds & Sunderland