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  1. Iv reyt enjoyed mi sen today. sat in the home end with mi elderly dad and sister who are leeds and mi nephew who is an owl. Got to leeds at 11.30 and all iv heard all day is leeds will win at least 4-0. They are tug wednesday. Easy 3 points. Went into the centenary pavillion.Must have been the only bloke in the building to put a bet on wednesday. Cheap beer, but leeds ''ledgend'' Tony Dorigo saying leeds will win 3-0 To cut a long story short, when the team news came out. Leeds loved the fact that nuhiu was starting. Useless donkey, couldnt hit a barn door etc etc. The amount of fun iv had today jumping up shouting ''Thats tug'' everytime Leeds gave the ball away or fecked up is fantastic. But, Nuhiu's goals were the best. Im shouting hes their worst player!!!! especially the second. ''He is like bambi, how the feck has he got through our defense''? Love it when leeds eat their words........... and to top it off, had a cheeky tenner on us to win 2-1. at 11-1. Happy days... UTO
  2. Anyone else see it? Showed the goals, then Colin Murray says "if we talked about debatable decisions we wouldn't concentrate on the drama of the match" isn't that what this programme is about? Show all the goals and mistakes by refs then discuss them with so called expert pundits? IV never seen it before. Refs mistakes etc always get discussed. Why not with our match? And to blatantly say we not going to talk about them?? Anyone else see this? Takes the wee wee.
  3. Song revamp

    what about just for saturday......... baaa baaa baaa?
  4. Weather tonight

    always there doing it, even at at Carlisle. And it was feckin freezing then. Gotta admire it really. Lemsip need to sponsor him asap.
  5. Sven in directors box

    Mate was sat near there, said George Hirst was sat in directors box. Anyone else see him? Or is he blowing a little smoke up my ass?
  6. Weather tonight

    Hardcore, must have anti freeze running through his veins.
  7. Whose going Tuesday

    3 from my gaff
  8. Positives vs Negatives

    Thought we played well today. Big improvement from the Burton game. We looked more organised and more confident. And that's just our 2nd team really. I know it's early days, but Jos has had what, 5 days with the team, and a steel city derby is a very tough game to have as your first. Early signs are that we are in good hands with our new leader. Let's hope it continues. Thought Jones looked really good tonight. Also thought reach played well in the centre. Either Wallace or Palmer m.o.m today for me. Wildsmith was great also. Uto!!!
  9. Probs get negged, but leeds. Unless we playing them. My Dad is a lifelong leeds supporter. Have to admire his dedication.
  10. To be fair i cant understand why there are refunds being offered. You pay in advance to get a discount to watch all home games. There are no guarantees that our team will win, so why offer a refund because we arent winning??? I didnt commit to a season ticket this year due to work commitments, but if i did no way would i want a refund. You follow your team win lose or draw. Yes you can have a moan and say we are useless, poo etc, but iv been an owl since i was 5 and i will always be an owl. I attend as many games as i can, yeah its pricey, but i love watching sheffield wednesday. Always have always will. I think to even offer a refund, halfway through a season, is very bad business sense. And to be fair shows just how out of touch our chairman is with the business of football. Its not like selling tuna. If your unsatisfied with a tin of tuna you take it back to the shop and request a refund. This is football ffs. I think this is just another example of how dc is out of his depth as a football chairman. He bought a football club with a lot of history. Ruined our 150th anniversary by taking away our stripes, no kits available. We really are a laughing stock about this. Nothing really worthy of honouring our anniversary, big name friendly etc. Our club shop is a joke. Merchandise, kits etc, make money for the club and we dont really have that. Buying a kit is like digging for gold. All these things generate money for our club as im sure you would all agree. And now hes willing to give back some of the revenue that we have made by refunding season tickets???? He has talked quite openly about generating money to contend with ffp, yet we have hardly anything to buy, unless you want to pay over the odds to have a plaque on a seat. all our corparate boxes are empty due to being over priced, bad marketing etc. I know our new CEO has had alot of bad press, but maybe she may be able to make dc see what football clubs need to offer in order to make some revenue.
  11. I’m very angry tonight

    Best post of the year mate. Well said
  12. Club or Team?

    Been an owl since I was around 5 year old. Always loved it. Win lose or draw, premier league, championship, league 1. Always been there through the good and the bad. Started taking my wife and son last season, couldn't commit to season tickets for us all so we attended as many games as we could. Same this season really. We still attend as often as we can but prices have limited us alot this season. You live to your limits, that's life. But what I am really annoyed with is paying top dollar for at best average football. And also the merchandise, we live in Rotherham and my son (7) asks for the latest kits for his bday and Xmas. All his Rotherham supporting friends have theirs yet my son still wears last season's kits. I know DC explained the problem with the kits, but is this acceptable?? We were all eagerly awaiting our 150th year anniversary and it's been a total farce both on and off the pitch. No kits, no big name friendly as was told was going to happen. Can't help but feel let down and embarrassed as to how our great clubs 150th anniversary has been dealt with. Club or team??? What we need to remember is while DC is here he is the club. Personally not happy with how it's being run at the moment. Team.. it would make no win in 6 games a little easier to swallow if our team actually went for it and lost, rather than playing playing possession football that doesn't get you results. Will always love swfc. But can't help but feel a little let down this season.
  13. A Good Result? .... My arse!

    I think we played a somewhat cautious wolves side tonight. I was expecting a pasting tonight, but wolves didn't seem to commit as much comming forward as they have done. Correct me if I'm wrong but I counted 2 on target for wolves including the goal. They Were there for the taking in 2nd half but as usual, poor delivery and poor end product let us down again. If teams play cautious tactics at our gaff they should be punished, but we don't have the confidence, movement and pace to capitalise. Poor tactics, poor recruitment and for me players who have lost confidence in the manager and themselves. Carlos must go.
  14. Save water, prevent drought, keep nuhiu off the pitch.
  15. We did have 1 header on target. Jva in first half.