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  1. Fair point mate. But there must be financial problems. Was the embargo a mathematical error? And why will we be fudged if we dont get promotion? Just think theres more to all this than we are being led to believe. Hope im wrong
  2. Without a doubt, i believe that jos needs to go. But is there more to this than we are being told? Iv heard the rumours that we cant play certain players due to bonuses having to be paid etc. Plus we were put under the transfer embargo which suggests that ffp is an issue. Please correct me if im wrong, but the club have kept their cards very close to their chest on this issue. If it is the case that we cant offer new contracts to our best players, and pay bonuses. Would that then mean we couldnt afford to pay the cash to sack jos and then pay the wages to bring in a new manager. L
  3. Me too. We are sinking and something needs to happen now.
  4. Would be easier to agree with you if we hadn't been 2 nil up with Nuhiu starting. It obviously was working.
  5. So would make more sense to keep the ball then surley.
  6. Nuhui a handfull for defenders. Winning nearly everything and holding the ball up well. 2 goals up then bring a pacey striker on? WHY?? Then 2 goals conceded on the counter. Absoloute madness. Great performance untill that. Threw that game away.
  7. Oh bla di, oh bla dah onomah Ohhhhh Joshua onomah.
  8. As a fan who cant get to away games, is I follow worth it? Im willing to pay to listen to our away games, but iv read post after post last season with people saying it doesnt work. What are your thoughts people who have it?
  9. Agreed. Think the players look alot fitter than last pre season so lets give them a chance. The worrying thing for me was when palmer went off injured. Dont think baker is quite ready to step up yet. Dont think hunt set the world alight, but thought after he left we might have brought someone in to take his place.
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