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  1. Ay same pal. Hence the name they do football vlogs.
  2. Two wednesdayites are giving it a good un. The channel is on youtube called Footie4Life hence why its based on football and darts. Both teens/children but both capture all the goals of some home games, away games, controversial moments and funny bits. They're really funny as well and could do with a bit of support. Anyone who hasn't subscribed, subscribe now, I have for a few months as they give out the vlog as early as possible meaning you see the goals earlier. Get subbing owls!
  3. Haha well never! Ay I think he did know it was a joke but I wanted to school him on my knowledge of Peppa Pig and her cousin Chloe. My mastermind subject wont be on SWFC, it'd be on Chloe Pig I've seen her enough times. Joke
  4. Don't know mate. Could be could be not. She could have been wearing something else. Ah well. Stop talking about pigs and about football. Wanna talk about pigs go on BladeTalk or whatever they call it.
  5. I don't know mate. I was just putting my point across that this ain't peppa its Chloe. It was like my son mistaking JJ for Reda. It gritted me mind ya know.
  6. No that is not Peppa, that is her Cousin Chloe! Ive watched peppa pig with my daughter too many times to know this is not peppa. Its chloe. Peppa is much smaller. Look up Chloe Pig, you should see this photo. Keep up with the modern day life!!
  7. Yeah. Possibly if Derby and Barnsley both lose and Uddersfield draw/lose
  8. On one hand you've picked up 3 points, a clean sheet against a team battling for goals and points, and also back in the play offs by a 3 pt gap and make our gap between us and Barnsley bigger. On the other, we have a very poor display, unentertaining, defenders doing nothing, scoring fluke goals and got less tempo than opera music. Guess we can take a few positives and negatives here.
  9. Heard this on bbc radio sheff but it goes to the chorus of oasis wonderwall, it goes... I said maybeeeeeee We shouldn't have sold Chris o grady but after allllllll we signed Sam winnall Repeat Thoughts?
  10. Very true. A few games were decent performances like Villa or Nottm Forest or Bristol City (2nd half) but not as good as last year.
  11. True but if we don't pick up any points in the next 2 games, we'll be out of the play offs and the heat will be on us. So its very critical of our season.
  12. True, I think out of the 9 points available in January, Id consider 4 or 5 to be reasonable. Anything else and itd be worrying.
  13. Yes. It could have been a lot more if he didnt put his shift in.
  14. a few have pal. I think it was because of his howler but that shouldn't reflect on his performance. He kept a lot out.
  15. This lad is young and doesn't deserve the critisism hes getting at the minute. Yes, he conceded with a howler of a performance but he saved a lot more goals which could have saw Boro lead 6 or 7-0. Hes our upcoming young talent, and hes a wednesdayite. So lets keep backing him to improve further!
  16. Says it all in the thread name really. A loss against Uddersfield will start to worry fans and put the heat on us. A win would keep the pressure off. And with Brighton coming up, we start to lose hope if we don't win against them on Saturday. Saturday ultimately CRUCIAL to our season, a loss or a draw will just not be acceptable UNLESS Wednesday do the impossible and win against Brighton
  17. I'd rather be 21st place but perform with excitement and passion and score goals than be 6th place, scoring no goals (not many) with no passion or enthusiasm.
  18. Can we survive another season in the championship though m8? Something has to change and fast.
  19. Ayy better like that. Unless you lose horrifically. Then I don't
  20. Personally, id be thinking hard toneet. Would you keep him until the end of the 2 games and lose both, move out the play offs and miss opportunities in the transfer window. Or would you sack him, give the new manager some time to work out what's right. Possibly get 2-3 points out of 6, stay in the play offs and not waste the window?
  21. Exactly! It cant go on. Last 3 games have been shocking. Rotherham was as well, Barnsley were a little better but not as good as last season. Our spark has been found out by every team and need a new manager to bring us a new spark which is unknown
  22. Went to Middlesboro today and I need to say, these performances are becoming hard to watch. I back these lads 24/7 but this is starting to become a joke They had no passion and no commitment on that pitch whatsoever, bringing Mcmanaman one was the best decision of the year, bringing in pace on the wing which we never had with Wallace. No striker had their scoring boots on, Forestieri was unlucky at times, Bannan was disgraceful unfortunately, and needs to be dropped. Reach wasn't any better, nor was Pudil or Wildsmith's howler. Its becoming hard to watch. Without a prolific striker (JR or Sam winnall or possibly Danny Ward) and a good midfielder, then forget promotion. Dyer, dyer, dyer. Awful to watch. Possibly, I give Carlos 2 games, nothing in these next 2 and I think it'll be really hard to keep his job. And with that statement, bring in Gary Rowett as well as JR, Sam Winnall and a decent midfielder and we'll do well.
  23. Well that's a very untasteful comment m8. Grow up hes a child who's getting bullied, don't want to do it? Either don't turn up to the match or sit on ya arse. Ta.
  24. Haha the only thing we give is £2 for pies and bovrel so if you think the other fans will put in an effort then think wrong because they can't be arsed to make a sound.
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