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  1. Halifax Owls

    Simple Question

    Just plucked up the courage to watch WBAs second goal and a little salty year ran down my cheek. I don't think it was a great sub but the players only have themselves to blame Let's go and put it right at Bristol City.
  2. Halifax Owls

    Tom Lees

    I'm surprised at the amount of stick Tom gets, but it's all about opinions. I don't think he's playing as bad as some suggest and I think he's a real asset to club....I'm a big fan. I think a lot of our defensive problems stem from the midfield........but we'll get there, I'm sure of it.
  3. Halifax Owls

    Simple Question

    As painful as Wednesday nights result was I'm also really enjoying what's been dished up on the pitch. We're looking like a proper football team again and I'd say we're well ahead of expectations/schedule. We'd deserve to be in the play off positions after the weekends fixtures, Bristol City is a tough place to go but surely we're due a clean sheet on Sunday. UTO
  4. If FF does start, he'll have had to have trained the house down this week....I guess. Either way lets hope Friday is the start of long uninterrupted spell in the team for him.
  5. Halifax Owls

    Champ keepers - Dawson

    You may (or may not) have noticed but Jos doesn't care much for reputations or what a player was like 2 years ago.
  6. Halifax Owls

    Defence issues

    This. I think the 4 at the back is starting to come together and we'll get our first clean sheet against Forest. I thought Lees was generally excellent yesterday, Palmer is stepping up and its great to see Matt And Ben adapt so well to this most brutal of leagues. I thought most of our problems came from midfield yesterday however they soon got to grips with things.
  7. Halifax Owls

    Champ keepers - Dawson

    With the working week impending I decided not to pour over the 'MI', no disrespect mind LS. Anyhow for me I think Cammy is doing just fine and I've total confidence that he's going to be No.1 for some time. Personally I'd try and get Joe out on loan as soon as to give him games and KW as back up.....just sayin.
  8. Halifax Owls


    When we woke up after Marcos goal I thought we played really well against a very handy team. Lots of positives to hang on to and a very entertaining game to boot. Ps dare I say it, Jos has got us looking like a proper football team again. WAWAW
  9. Halifax Owls

    Most memorable game

    Seen a few great games, many of which have already been mentioned however one that sticks out in my memory was the 2-2 draw v Oldham Athletic. I think we were 2 down and Sherri got a brace of penalties to force the draw. That game for various reasons had always stood out for me.
  10. Dad was a big Halifax Town supporter in the 60's and 70's so naturally I went down the Shay. By the early 80's the Shaymen were fairly dire and after being knocked out of the FA Cup by Whitby Town Dad proclaimed that we would never darken the doors again. Id have been about 8 or 9 at the time and on the way home thought that I better get thinking on who my new team would be. As I walked in the room at home who's picture should come up on Grandstand but Mel Sterland, I think he'd bagged a brace up at St James Park. Mel was in his blue and white stripes (same as the Shaymen) and my fate was sealed.
  11. Halifax Owls

    Best start in 28 years

    Anyone else’s beer tasting better than than usual tonight? WAWAW
  12. Halifax Owls

    BBC Radio Sheffiled

    The next George Riley.
  13. Halifax Owls

    FF Was dropped from the team

    I 'm FF's biggest fan but maybe Jos is wanting him to work smarter and not necessarily harder.
  14. Halifax Owls

    #SWFC - JOS live Press pre wolves

    Enjoyed that, good questions, nice to see Jos open up a little and he really suits that top. Hopefully the results and performances will remain positive and we see more of him putting his stamp on S6.