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  1. To be fair to @ANDY it usually is a regular feature whenever he is attending the game, it's just that nobody else usually joins in
  2. The Hull fans didn't stay to clap Hull at Wembley in 2016
  3. Taking him on trial is not really much of a risk. Taking him on trial, and then signing him on a 4 year deal probably is . As you say, good luck to him. Apart from his first spell with us, he does seem to have been blighted by injuries over the years.
  4. Whether or not someone isolates who has come into close contact with a confirmed case of Covid depends on whether they have had both vaccines; there's no guarantees that all players will have done unless the club have stipulated that they have to as a condition of employment (I don't actually know if football clubs can stipulate this but I've heard of some companies/industries who have made this a condition of continued employment)
  5. You've got a short memory Plonk - try last season against Cardiff
  6. Mine and my son's arrived this morning.
  7. Good post. In fact, it's worthy of a separate thread all of its own
  8. Looking at the state of one of my windows, I think mine already is
  9. Nice to see we've got a decent pair up front for a change
  10. Rotherham owls will be running a coach
  11. Kivo I don't know if this helps at all but it might be worth exploring. Like you, I'm still waiting for a 19/20 refund, and I'm sure I read that if I contacted the club, the money owed could be added to my ticket account. Whilst you won't actually receive any monies refunded, if the money is credited to your account, you could use it to buy any match tickets you are then able to go to. It might be worth exploring.
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