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  1. That's an improvement on their normal bus
  2. First off, take dog for a walk; home cooked bacon and egg buttie; sss before hitting pub at 12. Minibus at 2 through to Hillsborough, then to Chinese on penistone rd for chip butty, then in ground. After match, back to Swinton, into Gate then Ring o' Bells. Home about 9. Fall asleep watching EFL on Quest.
  3. To be honest, it's not usually the chest size which is the issue
  4. I think Doom. has been sent on a. 'journalism' course recently because. there have been a few. articles of his recently. that seem to consist. of really short sentences.
  5. Yes I'd be very surprised if they would. If he carries on developing I'm sure some of the bigger boys will be showing an interest, if they're not already
  6. Not really noticed him before sunday but my lad mentioned before the game to watch out for him. Looks a really good prospect.
  7. I thought he looked the best player of both sides on Sunday; very impressed with him.
  8. I misread that and thought 'Kelly Brook!! You jammy barsteward'
  9. Thanks AH; I was going to ask what 'rapid consumption' was. I thought it was something our lass suffers from at dinner time
  10. Yep, I managed that as well but went one better; my daughter's name is Shannon Wednesday France Carney. Not really sure how I managed to persuade the missus but her initials are certainly a talking point.
  11. It's not just that though; when we have a throw in it more often than not goes forward rather than backwards to one of the back four, then back to the keeper.
  12. But what does that make all us Rotherham owls
  13. To be fair pal, there were quite a few Wednesdayites in various parts of the ground; I know of at least 6 that I know that had tickets in the Rotherham 'end'.
  14. Ah, you've found the photo of Section 5's dads in the County Borough then
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