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  1. Don't Burst My Bubble!! I'm hoping it's a case of Wham Bam Thank You Mam. If not I think I'll be Up The Wooden HillasTO Bedfordshire!!
  2. I've got a feeling 'It's Too Late'. 'Get Yourself Together' man, and let's play some of the young 'uns that way we can 'Grow Your Own'. You Better Believe It
  3. He's already got my money for this season's ticket and he's previously stated that there won't be any refunds for these, they will be credited towards the 2021/22 season ticket price (I didn't pay by credit card so therefore can't reclaim the money via S75, or whatever it's called). With that in mind, it looks like I'll have no choice but to 'renew' my season ticket, therefore i'm not going to waste £555 by not going next season. That doesn't mean I support his leadership. It also doesn't mean that I'll be sitting their quietly, meekly accepting the way he is leading MY football
  4. This ☝ Last night it showed you the goal from a camera which must have been to the left of Westwood's goal, and Reach's shot was nestling into the left hand corner before it got the deflection.
  5. My abiding memory of that game; it's half-time and we're chatting about the second half. One of the lads pipes up 'It's got 1-1 written all over this'. Needless to say we reminded him of that all the way home and at least once a month subsequently .
  6. Mel Sterland, when he first started playing regularly in the first team.
  7. No, players receive a one-match suspension if they receive 5 bookings up to and including the 19th game of the season. We're a couple past that so he should be ok to play
  8. Where's it mentioned gross misconduct? (genuine question; i've not seen that mentioned anywhere officially), or is that a case of people reading between the lines.
  9. I agree, but this very rarely happens because there is usually a clause making any pay-off null and void if there's any dirt being dished
  10. As soon as he scored he probably thought 'that's the goal bonus I'm not going to get paid either'
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