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  1. I think you're confusing him with David Hirst; did you know he nearly signed for ManUre
  2. Here you go pal; I've got a few from here, including the King Mojo one (in blue, obviously), and they're quality T-shirts. https://www.mrbssoulfultees.co.uk/store/T-Shirts-c35407568
  3. yeah, it's on the BBC website so it must be right
  4. Just got my code through so going to try to sort it out this evening so I'm not panicking tomorrow trying to set everything up. Good luck everyone.
  5. I seem to recall a few sets of fans joining together to support a team whenever they were playing, but everybody, and I mean everybody, joining together and supporting whoever L**ds were playing. Never been liked have they!!
  6. Two that seem to be lodged in my head in the weeks that followed the Boxing Day Massacre. They're not really chants, but I remember them being sung at the ground. I might not have remembered all the words correctly, but they went something like this: Baa baa black sheep Do you know the score Yes sir, yes sir, we got 4 Curran made two, best player in the game, But none for the little boys who come from the Lane To the tune of '12 days of Christmas' On the 12 days of Christmas Jack Charlton said to me 50,000 fans 4 great goals
  7. Just had a quick scan down the list of confirmed transfers on the BBC website and Wigan have sold/loaned 9 nine players since the beginning of July. Both Antonee Robinson (Fulham) and Kieffer Moore (Cardiff) are reported to have been sold for £2m each so, I agree, I don't see Windass coming anywhere near that bracket.
  8. That's when I first heard it; late 80s, early 90s. I think part of the song (maybe all of it) is printed at the beginning of a chapter in the 'Flying with the OCS' book, which would also fit with the late 80s/early 90s timeline. The line you've printed seems to be from much earlier (possibly 60s) when football chants seemed to much 'gentler' on the whole. Maybe the one I can recount was based on your original chant and was updated to reflect the times (for some).
  9. I always thought it went something like this: My old man said be a piggy fan I said f*ck off, b*ll*cks, you're a c*nt we'll take the Shoreham and all that's in it we'll take the Shoreham in just one minute with hatchets and hammers axes and spanners we'll show the b*stards how it's done you'll never take The Limit with the Wednesday fans in it cos the BBC ran home
  10. Sorry, got the name wrong; it was called the Last Orders (appropriately, since it's now shut!!). I don't know if it was previously called the Ship before that.
  11. Yeah, I usually pass the Anglers at the weekend when visiting the mother-in-law and noticed it seemed shut (it was one of the few pubs that closed for the afternoon at 3pm even before the lockdown). The Last Post across the road has been closed for a while and is now a convenience store. Used to go with the Anglers a few times myself during the early 90's. I think they still run a minibus to away games (well, they did before the shutdown!!)
  12. In that case I'm surprised I can't understand it!!
  13. When they do I'll just slip a babel fish in my ear and I'm sure everything will be crystal clear. Either that or I'll get me 19 year old son to explain it to me.
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