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  1. Not on Owlstalk it isn't
  2. I agree entirely. More than anything, I buy a season ticket so that I can ensure I sit together with my son and a group of mates (there's 8 of us altogether). Yes, there's a saving but that's not the main reason for buying one. I would much prefer to have the area around where we sit full, with the crowd singing and getting behind the team.
  3. I see you've started your New Year's Eve celebrations early
  4. Chilli

    Reach Theory

    I wish people would stop 'thinking' on here.
  5. A lovely keyring from Mrs Chilli
  6. Chilli


    So pleased to see this thread (and not just cos we've won a game). He genuinely looks a quality player and never seems to let us down, regardless of where he's asked to play. He's gonna make some mistakes but his overall game seems head and shoulders above some of the other young lads (and that's not meant as a criticism of them).
  7. Chilli

    Sleeping with the Wednesday

    Go on then, here's a 1960s tie that belonged to my Dad.
  8. Surely they could get on the Rotherham Owls bus at the Bag Inn for just a little bit more
  9. If we can keepem out, maybe Rourkes Drift would suffice.
  10. Chilli

    Sean Clare

    Ha ha ha ha ha You're really going to have to try harder than that.
  11. Chilli

    Fernando's Ripped Shirt

    He shouldn't have been wearing them then
  12. And don't forget the women