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  1. Wales Online Poll

    Done. We're at 31% now........ Come on Owlstalkers, do your stuff.
  2. Good on you. Let's just hope Big Dave gets another contract or you might have a very unhappy daughter on your hands.
  3. I've read through 3 pages of this thread and not once have you mentioned whether or not you'll be getting the kids a ST. It must the first thread in a week you've not mentioned it. Come on, let us know what you have decided.
  4. Sean Clare

    When the wrist slitters give it a rest, so will I, but I don't expect I'll be resting for long. Just look at how many pages their bile produced and how much crap was spouted on their threads. I think I'm letting them off lightly.
  5. Sean Clare

    Yeah don't know what happened there pal. Just sick of k nobs on here always dragging the club down with what is obviously crap.
  6. Since both of the threads started by kivo owls and sally cinnamon have now been closed (by whom I don't know) , I thought it would be good to start a thread to allow both of them all the other wrist slitters to come on her and apologise for all the boolox they spouted. Well, I'm waiting!!
  7. Sean Clare first league start

    Corrected it for you.
  8. Good post. That's how I started, going to games with my dad (RIP). Now its my turn to take my son along and we both love it (even if the football hasn't been as good this year).
  9. I didn't realise that you might be able to get a season ticket for all your kids next season pal; should have mentioned it before
  10. No mate, central defender
  11. That's you really you innit Brad
  12. And I don't think I've ever been as bored as I am when I'm reading your posts.
  13. Must have been done up recently then, it weren't that nice last time I was in.
  14. Barnsley away pubs

    East dene social club. Usually a good number of both sets of fans with cheap beer but does get busy.