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  1. Pub in Swinton at 9am, minibus at 12, drop off outside Chinese on penistone road for chip butty (hopefully it's open!!), Asian shop for a packet of polos then into ground. Same routine as always; just the times that'll be different.
  2. Yep, I had the CP tee,:plus a fetching "we all f*ckin hate L**ds" one also
  3. I'm sure that was Southampton late 80s/early 90s. We'd set off early and arrived at a pub about 3 miles outside Southampton at about 11.30 ready for a good session only to be met with incredulous looks from the handful of locals asking if we knew the match had been postponed. We heard that ICO coaches had got so far down the M1 and aked what everyone wanted to do. Some went home and the others went to Tottenham.
  4. How about this for next Saturday. Should go down well after a day drinking
  5. Daftest Moments as a Fan

    Early 90s, away game at bristol (city I think). Got as far as clay cross on M1 before traffic ground to a halt due to being knee deep in snow. Got off bus, had snowball fight wi some Sunderland fans and decided to walk about a mile into clay cross into first pub. Spent quite a few hours in pub (listened to results come in from games that went ahead that day) then decided to walk back to M1 to find the bus had only moved about half a mile. Best away match I never went to!!
  6. September 4th 1867

    Price of loyalty! Brilliant, thanks for posting that clip mate; Mick Carney - that wa mi Dad RIP.
  7. Affectionately known as Jim W*nk in our circle
  8. Ross Wallace

    Hi Ross
  9. Yes, but get your fishtail parka on in the winter
  10. Foookin 'ell, Jesus wept. I can't wait for season to start so we can get back to what Owlstalk does best Blaming Carlos or (perm any name from 12)
  11. Forestieri

    I wondered how far I'd get into the thread before reading this because I heard exactly the same thing about 3 weeks ago from the same person that told me we were signing Winnall about 2 weeks before it happened (mind you he also said we were getting Hourihane as well ). Time will tell.
  12. Hirst scores again

    He can operate on the or right but better in the centre No YouTube clips pal but plenty of videos on the tinternet if you know the right sites.
  13. Hirst scores again

    I didnt realise you were party to contract negotiations. willy puller.
  14. Medical Department Sacked

    And I'm sure Hirsty's 'lifestyle' wouldn't have helped either