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  1. Well Done Atdhe

    Actually, some of us are trying to re-address the balance for the amount of dogs abuse that a bloke who, admittedly isnt the best player in our squad, but gives his heart and soul for the club and gives 100% whenever he plays. I wish everybody gave the same amount of effort that he does
  2. Well Done Atdhe

    No pal, the name 'coco' certainly didnt come from Tinks, it has been used as a term of abuse by pigs for at least 18 months which seems to have been adopted by some so called wednesdayites. That's why I used the term 'pigs'.
  3. Well Done Atdhe

    Big Dave has hardly been used this season. Probably because 'experts' on here have slagged him off for the last two years.
  4. Well Done Atdhe

    Coco??? How many other managers in your lifetime have taken us to the playoffs on two years on the trot??! I'm sick off pigs (cos that's where the name comes from) coming on here and using that name for him
  5. FAO Season Ticket Holders

    A) No, I'm still attending home games and even started going to a few away games B) no, the style of play isnt great at the moment
  6. Season Ticket Renewal

    Well hopefully at some point next season sufficient people will have enough TPP to stop you getting tickets for away games. If you don't put anything into supporting the club then why do you think you deserve the right to stop those that do from attending such games?
  7. RIP Owls fan Leslie Martin

    No mate, not connected.
  8. It was right next to us; happened about 5 minutes before full-time. Bloke collapsed and stewards and medical staff were there very quickly. He was still receiving medical attention when the game finished but he looked OK. Hopefully he's made a full recovery.
  9. Rednapp

    Yeah but he's not asking for Redknapp; its obviously somebody else with a similar name
  10. Just noticed your avatar pal; I think you might like the Late Night Music Club thread in the Music section of the Non Sheffield Wednesday section of the forum :goalie:

  11. I dont know, but its all semantics if you or anybody else didnt submit the question this time around. If you did , and he hasn't answered it, then as I said above, its unfortunate. Otherwise I'll not make assumptions.
  12. Can I ask you; did you submit that question to Mr Chansiri? If yes, it's a shame he hasn't addressed that in his response. If the answers is No, it's a shame the chairman hasn't provided fans an opportunity to submit questions that he would then answer publically. Oh wait.....
  13. I think Toffs might have issued it as a retro shirt before we see it in the club shop
  14. When do you go on holiday; July 2018?