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  1. Chilli

    Fantastic from Tango

    Can't be Tango; he's got his shirt on.
  2. Chilli

    Back to training early

    I know we're bringing some of the u18 and u23 squads in to work with the 1st team squad, but this is ridiculous.
  3. Just bought a 1966 Lambretta; doing my CBT next Saturday, then I can tootle off in my parka anytime I want to relieve the monotony. Wife's pleased
  4. Of course I know what he means, but I guess your viewpoint depends upon when you first started following Wednesday. The 'iconic' 1970s Owl to which he referred wasn't in existence when I first started supporting Wednesday so, although I do like it, it doesn't create the same depth of feeling with it for me.
  5. But we have gone back to our old badge (or at least a derivative of it).
  6. Chilli

    Big Atdhe haters

    Oh there are; they've just being quiet over the last few months of the season. Don't worry, they'll find their keyboards again as soon as he misses a few chances next season.
  7. This is a Wednesdaytie of mine. It's not mad, it's quite nice actually.
  8. Chilli


    There we go; I know it wouldn't take long before somebody knew what was in her job description. It's not to sort player's contracts and take plaudits when things are going well, its to take the blame when things go ti.ts up.
  9. Chilli


    No, but you wait until something goes wrong; she'll be the first in the firing line for some because obviously that WILL have been something in her job description.
  10. You're entitled to your opinion pal, but we have finished in the top 6 for two out of the last three seasons with those same defenders. Lee's wasn't as good in the early part of this season but IMO played much better when he came back from injury. Let's agree to disagree shall we.
  11. Whilst our defence hasn't been anywhere near as effective this season that has come on the back of two consecutive seasons where the defence had equalled our clean sheet record, so to say our defence is poor is, in my opinion, a tad unfair.
  12. Again, I can't disagree with your point, it's a fair one, but I still can't recall there being many people tipping them for even a top 6 finish let alone automatic promotion.
  13. Whilst I think you've got a fair point, you could have argued the same about Cardiff this season; I can't remember many tipping them for promotion at the beginning of the season. Sometimes things just click and work out for you.
  14. Chilli

    Wednesday inspired kids names

    I think I've mentioned on here before that my eldest daughter is called Shannon Wednesday Frances Carney.
  15. Chilli

    Dejphon Chansiri club statement

    I agree. There are just as many unscrupulous English/British owners as there are foreign.