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  1. He's a good player, just very inconsistent Hopefully the right coach/manager will help him with that.
  2. I'm disappointed that we lost, but it's not going to affect my life or general mood - we just lost a game of football! Anyway, it's one game out of 46!
  3. I'm not overly keen; it looks a bit cartoony. It definitely beats the derelict factory look though.
  4. Westwood Hunt Lee Fox Jones Rhodes New New Winnall Feltcher Bannan That joke would have been funnier just over a year ago - and it wouldn't have been that funny then.
  5. I don't think anybody dares, because they'll have to fill your big stonking shoes. COME ON THE WEDNESDAY! 7-0 NO LESS!
  6. Quite possibly. We really have got an embarrassment of riches up front! I'm sure you'll agree, especially with Nuihiu in the mix
  7. I thought that, but the fact that he's started both friendlies, upfront with Rhodes, has made me think that Carlos might have plans for him.
  8. I hardly even bother going on it anymore, or clicking links to it, because it slows by browser down to a snails pace. Trying to read the comments is even more of a kerfuffle!
  9. I considered Fox at LB as well, and I hear what you're saying about Winnall, so I've got a lot of time for that line-up.
  10. He's on Capital Xtra now. I don't think it's worth listening to these days though.
  11. I'd probably go with the same as thee, but maybe with Pudil instead of Reach. It's a cracking line-up at this level, especially when you think we'd have the likes of Felcher, Wallace, Reach, Abdi, Winnall etc available to come on.
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