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  1. Definitely. I'm enjoying the fact that a player of Tom Lees' quality is at this moment considered back up, and is fighting for a place, rather than wondering how we could squeeze him in!
  2. There'll be loads of articles written, talking about what could happen. I don't know how much is in this, or what the author knows, but I'm just going to try to not get into a tizz wizz and wait until something is officially announced. What a mess though. Hopefully if things turn out okay, and nothing too extreme happens, Chansiri will learn from past mistakes and eventually the EFL will look at all these rules and have a complete overhaul of everything.
  3. It could be tempting to put Dom at RB, with Borner and Lees at CB, but Dom has been so excellent at CB that I don't think I could fully justify moving him from there. I mainly just want to tell him to keep going when he's bombing forward, and not to get worried and stop and pass it when he goes so far! Just keep going and run the full length of the pitch and run it in the net! I feel like he could play well anywhere! He could have a brilliant career if he keeps learning and working hard! Let's manage him sensibly!
  4. He's a good player, just very inconsistent Hopefully the right coach/manager will help him with that.
  5. I'm disappointed that we lost, but it's not going to affect my life or general mood - we just lost a game of football! Anyway, it's one game out of 46!
  6. I'm not overly keen; it looks a bit cartoony. It definitely beats the derelict factory look though.
  7. Westwood Hunt Lee Fox Jones Rhodes New New Winnall Feltcher Bannan That joke would have been funnier just over a year ago - and it wouldn't have been that funny then.
  8. I don't think anybody dares, because they'll have to fill your big stonking shoes. COME ON THE WEDNESDAY! 7-0 NO LESS!
  9. Quite possibly. We really have got an embarrassment of riches up front! I'm sure you'll agree, especially with Nuihiu in the mix
  10. I thought that, but the fact that he's started both friendlies, upfront with Rhodes, has made me think that Carlos might have plans for him.
  11. I hardly even bother going on it anymore, or clicking links to it, because it slows by browser down to a snails pace. Trying to read the comments is even more of a kerfuffle!
  12. I considered Fox at LB as well, and I hear what you're saying about Winnall, so I've got a lot of time for that line-up.
  13. He's on Capital Xtra now. I don't think it's worth listening to these days though.
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