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  1. Top picture as seen by human eye. Bottom picture zoomed in x1,000. Worst value for money at S6 since we signed Abdi...
  2. Reach v Leeds for me - some absolute thunderb*astards in there - this season, it's not been all that bad!
  3. Wednesday unbeaten in 11, lost once in 16, scoring goals, keeping clean sheets, within touching distance of the play-offs. Stoke won 1 in 7, not scoring, apathetic. Stoke win 3-0.... it's the Wednesday way!
  4. We don't make it easy - it's the Wednesday way...
  5. On a computer, go to "season tickets" on the top menu bar. On a phone, go to "your reservations" from the menu button.
  6. I'm aware of the Mansfield saga but didn't know what else he's served time for? Over celebrating with the fans again?
  7. Lazaar for Fox is a “no brainer.” He looks strong & confident, picked out some great passes and good crosses. Aarons for Boyd gives us more options and the two Newcastle lads link up well. Winnall looks a few yards of his usual pace but he’s been out a long time - not ready for starting XI yet. Pudil and Iorfa both did well and will be vying for the CB slots if Lees and/or Thornhill are out on Saturday. Wildsmith is a better keeper than just being in U23’s - could be loaned out at Championship level if KW signs an extension. Baker not strong enough to displace Palmer.
  8. Palmer looked really sharp vs Lincoln. He had a much better half than Baker in my opinion who didn't get forward enough, most of his passes were back inside instead of him trying to get past his man.
  9. I don't think Wildsmith did much wrong last season, or the season before when he was called up. Neither did Dawson in the cups and vs Lincoln. I'd be tempted to cash in on Westwood for a fee and save his wages whilst we can and put my faith in the youngsters/the future.
  10. I do love a good stat! This is really interesting and seems to fly in the face of the widely held thought that we start games slowly.
  11. Here's a plan - demolish the NW corner and in the space created put a fan park for home fans. Can have a big marquee with bars and food, big screen TV's, a stage for interviews with players / ex-players. The club will make back the money it costs to knock down the eyesore in no time and SKY can still have their box built on scaffolding at the front. Everyone's a winner!
  12. Love the irony of the headline on the official site...
  13. Quickly trawled through the 18 pages and don't see any reference to this - can home fans buy in West Stand now?
  14. Club website and ticketing website are totally separate. Ticketing website is provided by SEE360 and will be of same standard as always.
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