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  1. Palmer looked really sharp vs Lincoln. He had a much better half than Baker in my opinion who didn't get forward enough, most of his passes were back inside instead of him trying to get past his man.
  2. I don't think Wildsmith did much wrong last season, or the season before when he was called up. Neither did Dawson in the cups and vs Lincoln. I'd be tempted to cash in on Westwood for a fee and save his wages whilst we can and put my faith in the youngsters/the future.
  3. I do love a good stat! This is really interesting and seems to fly in the face of the widely held thought that we start games slowly.
  4. Sgt Wilko

    Increased capacity

    Here's a plan - demolish the NW corner and in the space created put a fan park for home fans. Can have a big marquee with bars and food, big screen TV's, a stage for interviews with players / ex-players. The club will make back the money it costs to knock down the eyesore in no time and SKY can still have their box built on scaffolding at the front. Everyone's a winner!
  5. Sgt Wilko

    Goals Celebration - Winnal V QPR

    Love the irony of the headline on the official site...
  6. Quickly trawled through the 18 pages and don't see any reference to this - can home fans buy in West Stand now?
  7. Club website and ticketing website are totally separate. Ticketing website is provided by SEE360 and will be of same standard as always.
  8. Sgt Wilko

    SAG and SYP own goal?

    I think SAG have stopped us selling these seats due to safety concerns with overcrowding at exits. They also removed the TV from the refreshment area at the same time.
  9. Sgt Wilko

    iFollow SWFC Annual pass.

    I've got a mate who has subscribed to I follow for another Championship club using a VPN which makes it look like he's in USA. I'd be amazed if it works and he gets to see all matches live but I'll post on here if it does.
  10. Robinson, Neville, Conlon, Abz Love and Jason "J" Brown
  11. Sgt Wilko

    SAG and SYP own goal?

    You are wrong - the restricted view seats on The Kop are no longer sold, so when we are 'sold out' there's 2 big empty blue patches...
  12. Sgt Wilko

    The Marquee Friendly

    Santos ???
  13. The only game I took my daughter to: SWFC v Chesterfield on 20-Dec-2003, had 0-0 written all over it from the first whistle. Just awful...
  14. We beat Benfica! Maybe we should do a Wimbledon and move to Portugal? UCL here we come!