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  1. Derby? They're having trouble funding their wages at present. Boro' and Wigan if true, could be attractive as they offer Championship football but he's contracted to us for another year so it's up to us and whether we are willing to sell. DC will back whatever Moore wants to do.
  2. TBF I asked Dom Howson on the Yorkshire Live forum, who he thought Wednesday should try to sign now that he had seen the rest of the teams in L1, Camara was the name he came up with just after he had been transfer listed a week or so ago. Must be decent.
  3. Bookies just list names and why not? If punters back a dozen candidates the most they have to pay out on is one.
  4. Tucker is OOC but will not be free. It will go to a tribunal unless clubs can agree appropriate compensation (maybe 300-400k).
  5. So DM is to stay at Wednesday, how is that big news? Hardly a scoop, is it? I'm far more interested in the retained/released list.
  6. Some will say he nearly got us promotion, I believe his negativity cost us promotion. We went into the play-offs with one of the best attacking records since the start of the year, yet DM adopts a negative approach in the away leg. Poor and exactly where Carlos went wrong against Huddersfield. On the credit side the team has improved, the number of shots has increased, there is more variation with corners, yet when the crunch matches came Moore fell back on defensive tactics and yet again gave the opposition too much respect. Should he stay? Maybe he should be given the first ten matches but I expect DC to give him longer.
  7. On second thoughts you seem to be tolerant of moaners despite the description as 'miserable haters' so perhaps my comment was a little unfair. My own view is that there has been much to moan about over the past two decades but I take your point, some people are only happy when moaning.
  8. So you are moaning about the moaners, doesn't that mean you're one of them?
  9. So many players are OOC so there will be discussions re wages and signing-on fees. It's also prudent to see which players become available and which positions we can upgrade on. We ought to know list in next few days or in a week at most, I would think.
  10. What's your problem? Tucker or Oliver suggestions or just being a rude numpty?
  11. Had a look on Gills forum. They really rate Tucker. Will be a tribunal fee and they'd hope to get 250-500,000 pounds plus add ons but tribunals are unpredictable. Also looked at their comments re Vadaine Oliver now released and wants to move north. Bit mixed but mostly favourable. He scored 11 of their 35 goals last season and 20 the previous one. Could do worse than signing both IMO,
  12. Just remembered Fletcher and Fox wouldn't stay for extra month when season extended, So it further strengthens the NO from me vote.
  13. Vadaine Oliver released by Gills scored 11 goals last season (out of Gills total of 35) and 20 previous season. Cheaper and younger (tho'30) than Fletcher with fewer injuries on past record.
  14. I have to say most supporters round me were very nervous when BP-F had the ball at his feet nd his distribution was mediocre at best.
  15. In effect you don't even want to see if he's developed into good enough keeper. You just want to offload him without giving him chance to prove his worth.
  16. So Dawson has had great reviews all season and he's not worth keeping? Why bother sending anybody on loan at all then?
  17. The two teams in L1 with the highest average ? Wycombe and then Wednesday. Doesn't seem to suggest having older experienced squads is a problem.
  18. No question bout it, the tactics over the two legs were poor. Everything wrong in the first part of the season recurred in those ties. Will he do better next season with in all likelihood a weaker squad.? Final thought, Sunderland replaced their manager when well placed in the top six. A difficult decision to make but it proved a good one.
  19. The fanbase is the only aspect of the club that is truly Premiership level, this after two decades of largely being in the football wilderness. As for the phone torches, I thought it looked great and it only happens on big occasions at night so what's the beef?
  20. The way to deal with this problem is simple, don't go behind in a two leg tie by setting up for a 0-0 draw in the first leg. Let's not kid ourselves we'd have probably seen the same outcome over both legs had we played Wycombe.
  21. If the players need the crowd to motivate them with promotion and a Wembley appearance on offer then that's not acceptable. They should be at it from the off. The crowd always respond when the players show determination and effort
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