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  1. Might benefit us if we're in L1 to have five subs. It's a move to favour the big teams because they can have better quality subs. Dividing the game into quarters, no thanks.
  2. The one that is likely to show us with a lot less points in all probability.
  3. You do know who manages Boro, don't you? This coupled with our crap home form!
  4. We needed the three points. Think the players ought to know the situation and stop turning in displays resembling a team safe in mid table.
  5. The results and performances since Christmas have been of a standard to get us relegated. One decent result at QPR, where even Barnsley won recently, should not obscure that. Shocking!
  6. Don't exaggerate, they only scored seven in the first half!
  7. Same as we scored in first half away to a top six club! (Forest)
  8. Better title for post might be 'Are the EFL on crack?' Might explain a few of their decisions.
  9. Whenever anyone claims to be ITK, you know they're not.
  10. Whatever criticism is levelled at Nuhiu, he did agree to play the extended season unlike some that were more in favor with supporters. He always tries hard and rarely seems to be injured, two attributes not all our players have had recently.
  11. We're the lowest scorers at home in the league and I think Huddersfield will be happy with a 0-0 draw.
  12. Presumably it's one or the other, not both, if we are found guilty. We will definitely not go down without being deducted points this season so it would be unfair to deduct points again next season.
  13. Forget the 2 million if we just get him off the wage bill that will be a result, especially if we are relegated.
  14. I have to say I was feeling the same way about Monk, severing ties or even his head, after the PNE result. Yesterday's performance has earned him a bit longer, then again Tuesday could change all that.
  15. The season hasn't finished yet and a 9 pt. deduction would only leave us one point above the relegation zone with three matches to play. Our GD is probably worth another point however.
  16. Perhaps we should sell the ground for 60millionand play all our matches away. Oh, wait a minute, is this a cunning plan by DC?
  17. Yep Monk out, how can you keep a manager when the team has scored six less than they should have.
  18. If we don't win now, I hate to imagine the absolute meltdown that will ensue.
  19. The only thing predictable about Monk's substitutions is that they're unpredictable.
  20. Yep, we only had 30% possession when we beat Arsenal 3-0 in the League Cup tie a few years back.
  21. Interestingly, as we should be at least 4-0 up, is that our possession is still only 33%.
  22. Come on the match was only six minutes in, so bit dramatic to make it sound one-sided as they hadn't even had a shot.
  23. Sounds like Hunt has been much more involved than Joey ever is.
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