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  1. TBH Moore doesn't seem able to deal with the choices he's got, giving him another couple of players is only likely lead to more tinkering. Then there will be the 'we need time to gel, they need volume in their legs, they need to get up to speed with our tactics(?)' excuses for at least ten matches. IMO DC has already given him the tools, he just doesn't know how to use them.
  2. Gibson has only played 45 minutes so he's hardly a player to be tempted to keep because others are likely to be injured, is he? So far, a waste of a loan as it is.
  3. If Moore thinks we are playing attacking football, heaven forbid he decides to play a more negative brand. Only three L1 teams have scored less than us after almost a third of the season. Pathetic, not to mention points frittered away as we dropped back to supposedly hold on to a lead.
  4. Rapidly becoming known as the Tinkerman of L1, who can fathom the workings of Moore's mind? The only certainty is that it isn't working. I have to say his more recent interviews sound like the ramblings of a desperate and deluded man with us apparently set up to win every match. If only!
  5. Well if he is, and the present non-evolution continues, there may well be a lot of ST holders not here next season. Attendances will drop given Moore's painful tactics, team selection and interviews not even offset by results.
  6. That we actually have a thread because we played well for ten minutes, says it all really.
  7. Moore says he has fire in his belly, I can only imagine he'd eaten a particularly hot vindaloo or phaal the night before. Listening to him, certainly doesn't inspire me or think he's fired up.
  8. Early days? A third of the season has gone, can you honestly say you have seen progress on the pitch? The other points in the paragraph could equally be applied to Wigan, yet they have done much better, you have to question why? I accept the point about Windass, but Moore had virtually a clean slate to put together a squad, to date he hasn't delivered. IMO he isn't the man for the job.
  9. Well with 32 matches to go you're saying our players are not up to it no matter who was in charge, I disagree. That you think this is a reason to keep Moore for the season, given the dire football on offer, defies belief.
  10. He's a winger with lots of pace and the willingness to take on defenders, he's not a CF or central striker. That would of course be the sort of move Moore might make given his propensity to put square pegs in round holes, except of course he doesn't really think he's up to League One standard anyway as he's hardly playing him in his best position, is he?
  11. Attacking mindset? Only three teams have scored fewer goals in League 1 and two of those, Crewe and Doncaster are the basement boys. In fact two of the bottom four have scored more than we have.
  12. I think if you're asking why Theo has not had more minutes or why he's brought on much too late in a match, it's impossible not to question the manager's judgement.
  13. Seems to me that everybody can see the merit of playing TC other than Moore who claims he's not good enough yet. Berahino or Brown could have made way for him after 50-60 minutes but he's brought on after 80 minutes. Moore claims to have attacking mentality in his DNA, what a load of bulls***.
  14. Theo did more in ten minutes than Moore's mate, Berahino did in eighty. Why on earth wasn't he brought on much earlier? Another baffling and poor piece of judgement by the gaffer bringing on two attacking players when it's far too late.
  15. Quite right to disagree with the statement, to lose a few fans today would mean he had the support of a few to begin with. He's shown no evidence of being a good manager or coach for that matter. Promotion chances are disappearing down the plughole with every passing game.
  16. Fine, but I'd give Theo a go instead of Shodipo he's got a better shot and is very direct.
  17. Aah! that 45 minute appearance in which he was fortunate not to cost us a goal after two minutes. Lucky that Kachunga couldn't pass a simple ball after Gibson had been muscled off it. He's been a waste of a loan so far.
  18. Darren Moore is trying to play possession based attacking football. There fixed it for you. He's very trying.
  19. Yet they scored as many goals as we did with our possession based attack mentality, allegedly. I also can't understand how having 19 shots and scoring with 1 is any sort of improvement in the conversion rate. Pretty poor, actually.
  20. 'Possession based attacking football', seems a bit of a contradiction us playing numerous passes around the in our half and not scoring many goals. In fact the goal we did score at Cambridge was virtually route one. True over the past two matches we have had more shots than the opposition, in the previous eleven we achieved that only once, hardly an attack-minded approach.
  21. Moore bulls***, getting used to it. Oh it will be a wonderful game tomorrow, according to Darren, so let's see if we adopt an attacking mindset. More than likely we will continue to pass around at the back instead of using the likes of TC for a fast counter-attack.
  22. Has had some shockers and not worth the shirt ATM. The biggest disappointment of the season by far for me considering the hype re his time at Rotherham. Mind you we have a manager for whom several players are underperforming.
  23. Based on our squad, resources and backing, at least half the managers in League One would have fared better than DM IMO given what they have achieved with less. The football is also likely to have been better to watch as well.
  24. If Moore doesn't change his mindset and adopt a more positive attitude to matches, he'll be gone anyway as we slip further and further behind the top teams. His team selection and substitutions are baffling at times. Optimism is dissipating fast ATM.
  25. I agree, particularly when DM keeps blaming a lack of concentration costing us points in what is supposedly our main objective. Get real, we're not big enough to kick a decent FA Cup run into touch at the first hurdle.
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