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  1. Most clubs will lose good players in the summer. We managed to pick up players that have improved the squad without spending a fortune this summer whilst getting rid of players costing us a fortune in wages and contributing little. We can do the same again. It puts Monk in a great position to overhaul the squad if he wants to. I'm happy to let him decide once he sees the players in action.
  2. Yet Borner has proven to be a really good addition to our squad. Makes you think we'd do better to keep looking in German Bundesliga than say Portugal or the Dutch leagues.
  3. Bullen can obviously provide Monk with insight re players, but I certainly hope he doesn't have much influence re tactics otherwise what's the point of bringing in a new manager. Monk certainly needs to have at least one of his own coaches in place.
  4. This thread ought to be re-titled, 'Why we didn't pay 5 million, because it would have been 8 million".
  5. Amazing that some have got pitchforks out even before manager announced. Really think we ought to give the guy a run of games plus at least one transfer window. DC's had a tough decision to make, he gave LB a go and now he's been decisive. Monk a decent choice though he does come under some sort of investigation which is why I'm a little surprised. Still he'll get my full support.
  6. Have to say it defies belief that no retrospective action was taken after his antics at Huddersfield were there for all to see. Definitely a case of bringing the game into disrepute.
  7. If they value the stadium at say 30 million does that mean DC gets the other 30 million back to spend on players?
  8. Yeah, I'm sure the Imps have their share of ITKers who are anything but IMO.
  9. Jones had 2 and a half successful seasons at Luton leaving them with the highest points per game ratio of any Luton manager ever. His team scored the highest number of goals in L1 last year at the time he was snapped up by Stoke in January. In some ways he seemed at least as good a prospect as the Cowleys.
  10. Must admit as Cowleys have turned down Huddersfield and WBA he may not come but then why enter talks? It's not like Lincoln are gonna say OK we'll bump up your salary to anything like they're offering. Indeed they are prepared to take the compo. Must say though they do appear loyal pity Bruce didn't have that trait.
  11. Feel sorry for DC. Had he appointed Hughton, which he tried to do, nobody complains (though that's a brave and probably foolish statement re OT). If he replaces Bullen after 4 or 5 matches there's a number of supporters saying that LB ought to be given longer as he knows the club and has done well. If he brings in anybody it displeases somebody. Now we get people saying that because he gave Bully a chance, therefore he hasn't replaced him, it's dereliction of duty. Probably some of the same crowd who wanted Stendel about a month ago. It's so easy to change your opinion when you are not making the decision and it's not your money at stake. I can certainly see why DC gave LB a chance and why he now must appoint a more experienced manager, but to say he has been derelict is totally unfair and untrue IMO.
  12. It was reported that he would get a decent bonus for avoiding relegation and then extra shed loads for each place Newcastle finished above the relegation zone.
  13. Vitriolic and abusive posters ought not be allowed to get away with it. Members should be struck off however painful that might be!
  14. Why are we interested in a bloke, TP, who has turned us down once and plays shi*e football? Rowett was interested, so was Holloway and don't tell me they were the only two.
  15. Pulis, I do not want. If he has turned us down once already, let him go elsewhere. Rowett or Monk for me.
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