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  1. Beauchief Owl

    Efe ambrose

    Been on Hibs forum, they all seem to rate Ambrose very, very highly.
  2. Beauchief Owl

    Adbi playing for U23's

    So Abdi and Van Aken, total cost around 7 million pounds, can't help the U23S beat Bolton who actually struggle to pay their players at all. Not impressive, is it?
  3. Beauchief Owl

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Agreed, players like Fox, Palmer and Pelupessy might attract a lot of criticism but at least they contribute to the squad. Abdi has been a complete waste of a wage.
  4. Maybe, but DC could have had a couple of million for him according to reports. Instead we froze him out, how can that be good business, especially in our current financial predicament?
  5. Beauchief Owl

    Steve Agnew is the new Alan Irvine

    'We are new to it and the players have to get used to each other', what on earth is he talking about? We've only signed one new player in the last 18 months and he wasn't selected. Is he referring to new tactics, if so he's has successfully turned a team with momentum and playing exceptionally well against Birmingham to a team that was described as abysmal on Sky reports.
  6. Beauchief Owl

    If you are going to change it....change it

    When asked about the poor performance at Hull, Agnew said he couldn't put his finger on the reason. Hardly inspiring is it that he is admitting he's no idea what went wrong. His record is pathetic, his half-time team talk didn't change things, his tactics were poor and few players seemed motivated. Go and join your boss on holiday and let Bully take charge, Steve.
  7. Reality check for DC today, if he really did think we could still make the top six. Need to use the transfer window to offload and save the spending for the summer when usually there is much better value to be had. No chance of play-offs and not much chance of going down IMO.
  8. Beauchief Owl

    Absolutely nothing going forward today.

    Totally agree. Don't want to hear any more of the 'training has been great' and 'they've had smiles on their faces' comments. He needs to put the smiles on the supporters' faces and he didn't today.
  9. Beauchief Owl

    U23s v Burrrnleh (a)

    Just a thought, didn't Wildsmith have a mare against them at Hillsborough in a 4-2 defeat? I think he cost us three goals. So far, so good today. Thanks for the updates Ethel.
  10. Beauchief Owl

    What today shows is .....

    It will worry Wilder that his back-up squad couldn't beat a team that are 15th in the National League, and so it should.
  11. Beauchief Owl

    Lookman deal done....wow

    Lookman! No such luck man.
  12. Beauchief Owl

    What today shows is .....

    Love the Wilder quotes that his players should leave by the back door as they didn't deserve to go out of the main entrance and that the supporters should have booed louder. Makes yesterday's result seem a bit more palatable, at least.
  13. Beauchief Owl

    What's wi all moaning?

    Disappointing result, but cheered up immeasurably after watching Warnock's rant following Cardiff exit at lowly Gillingham. Missed a trick there by not playing Madine, he did really well against L1 clubs.
  14. We lost Venancio as a result of FFP. We can't just sign players up in our current position unless we sell first, which seems unlikely if DC still thinks we can go up this season. We'll have more flexibility in the summer when about ten contracts are up and wages will be released.
  15. Beauchief Owl

    Senior pros back, what about Abdi/ Jones?

    DC is not happy with Abdi's application, apparently on the form he claimed to be a professional footballer.