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  1. She might have added that last season we dropped 28 points from winning positions. So unprofessional, weak willed and lacking in steel, this lot. That they actually represent the Steel City is laughable.
  2. Yep, especially as we had a man advantage and a corner in the final minute. Not Izzie's finest moment, but against Brizzle we showed it was no freak as we managed to concede against 10 men late on , yet again. Seriously doubt we can get the three wins necessary TBH.
  3. Think how much worse it would have been had fans actually been allowed in to watch this year, hardly the stuff to whet the appetite for more with the product being so poor.
  4. When he was appointed I thought great as he was obviously unproven as a manager but Derby lost perhaps their best player too. Poor decision by the club, about on a par with many decisions made by us over the last year.
  5. Let's just say I hope he coaches better than he gives interviews. I now understand why Moore does the h-t talk via zoom.
  6. Hope Rovers don't get a man sent off early doors as it will affect us according to Jamie.
  7. It's a real throw-up as to which was the worst signing last summer, Brown, Kachunga or Marriott.
  8. Pleased to see we're giving youngsters like this a chance to impress. From his point of view, if he impresses, there will be opportunities given our undoubted clear out.
  9. Unless there are six more places available in the PL and therefore Championship as a knock-on effect. Unlikely, but you never know. TBH even if we did retain our Championship status, how many of the current players would you really re-sign with the extra cash? I'd wave most of them goodbye, for sure almost all will have to take considerable wage cuts wherever they end up IMO.
  10. Cheer up, all we need is some excuse to kick out another twenty. Seriously though, the stance of the Greedy Six re Euro Champions League is the equivalent of us saying we're too big to get relegated and we want a guarantee it won't happen. IMO if the top teams in the EPL have such a financial advantage they ought to qualify for Europe every year (4-5 in CL and other 1-2 in Europa League). I don't like it that we're going into L1 but I do like that there is promotion and relegation based on merit.
  11. Unless of course the Greedy Six get kicked out and the leagues are re-shuffled.
  12. You have to ask what guys like Thompson and Bullen are doing if not to advise the owner on which developing players need to be offered longer term contracts long, long, long before it gets to the stage where other clubs nip in. Seriously what is the point of having an academy if not for this? Shaw and Urgohide are the sort of lads we should be keeping not letting go whilst we waste money on dross like Marriott, Brown and Kachunga..
  13. Might be missing something here, but how is being in the Championship or L1 (almost certainly) determining which U18 players we keep and U23 players for that matter? First team players I can understand as some of them may think they're better than L1 footballers (though many may be deluded in this respect).
  14. Seems to me the whole plan seems to be to get better viewing figures globally, whilst ditching the grassroots connections. I'm sure it will be possible for them to increases revenues as US franchises do very, very well re basketball and American football and to be honest soccer has more worldwide appeal than either. It has the feel of Judas taking the thirty pieces of silver, and football being betrayed for the sake of the selfish few. If they want to go, let them and let them play each other to death but under no circumstances ought they be involved with the rest of the football world.
  15. Sad to think, it's probably our best chance of getting to Wembley for years to come.
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