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  1. Whatever DC's failings, I think he has integrity. The same can not be said of Ashley from what I've read. I don't think DC is happy with the whole underhand dealing and media manipulation involving NUFC or MA to be more precise. Wednesday have been relatively silent and much more dignified in this mess that is not of their own making IMO. He may just want to set the record straight.
  2. This action is to do with how Bruce was recruited. I wonder if legal action will follow re further compensation which DC is seeking. DC may be trying to force the issue re comp by showing he means business as well as being peed off with NUFC conduct and stories in press saying things like they had met terms and inferring Wednesday were trying to blackmail them into giving them loan players. Very messy.
  3. Valued at 10 million, they're welcome to him. Sounds like he might be going as part of Sessignon deal.
  4. If Bruce had informed DC on Friday that he was going as the compensation clause had been met, why did he not say that after the Lincoln match rather than saying it was up to the clubs to come to a compromise suggesting the deal was not in fact done.
  5. Bullen promised a reaction after the poor showing against Lubeck. Still waiting. Just helps make the case he may not be so inspirational.
  6. Trouble with Hutch and the way he tackles, even if this one is not too bad it's likely to happen sooner or later that he's out for a lengthy spell.
  7. It would be funny if we had the loan players longer than they had SB as manager.
  8. Well they won't be lending us first team players so they'll benefit by their players getting games whilst lowering the wage bill.
  9. It was suggested that we wanted players as part of the deal last week so maybe LB has suggested it would be good.
  10. Bruce's shoes certainly need someone big to fill them, same with his trousers and his shirt.
  11. You'd get good odds on it not being a betting company.
  12. Better not keel over against Kiel or there may be calls for LB to be keelhauled.
  13. Can't disagree, but in the end it'll come down to money rather than who we appoint IMO.
  14. Biggs actually suggested Megson with Pulis perhaps working as his number two as worthy of consideration. Unbelievable!
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