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  1. What does it tell us about his tactics, if we have any that is?
  2. At this rate he'll be recalled by Wolves. Don't really know how bad some players have to be for Theo to get a game.
  3. Matt looked promising early in his career but never developed enough to be a regular pick. No surprise he moved on but we still need aa solid LB IMO.
  4. Decent match, if we go out so be it. Better than playing them away or a number of others for that matter.
  5. I agree. When will he be given time if not when we're beating Dons 2-0 and on top? Moore's subs like his team selection leave a great deal to be desired.
  6. Moore had two un-used subs so the buck stops with him.
  7. TBF Wildsmith deserved his place in the side today, he won't deserve to be in goal next week.
  8. Many of Moore's substitutions are baffling but then so are his team selections and tactics.
  9. One of those five statements rings true, the first.
  10. Actually I am starting to wish he'd go again, as after most matches.
  11. Well that's another weekend spoiled. One sub used and even then it was the wrong player brought off. No cohesion or anything to suggest Moore is actually a good coach IMO.
  12. Yes it's a pity they're not wearing blue and white stripes then we wouldn't find them.
  13. I'm not really bothered about the names on the sheet, it would be nice to see them play as a team and string some passes together however. TBH when DM does include wingers they're largely redundant due to his ultra cautious outlook.
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