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  1. Odubajo was decent until he was asked to defend, once he was back in the penalty box he was a liability.
  2. Well if he's inconsistent, that means he'll have a few good games. A step up on what we have at the moment.
  3. A sign of the times. It's also a pity that neither Wildsmith or Dawson ever seem to have been on loan to gain more experience of playing first team football like this lad Griffiths has, it has considerably enhanced his worth after a season with Cheltenham. Our policy re letting players out on loan has been poor for years. TBH if we'd let Shaw go out on loan he'd possibly be still with us if he'd done well for say a L1 club in the first half of the season or the latter half of the previous season.
  4. I think you might have meant to say, he ought to be Left Back in the dressing room, so he doesn't count.
  5. Borner out, Jack in, I'll settle for that. Welcome back, Jack.
  6. Good point, though we've got a match at Port Vale on Tuesday. I know DM was taking the two lads for a week but maybe that can be extended.
  7. Whether or not Josh is out for more than a few weeks, we desperately need at least one more forward and preferably two.
  8. We needed a CF last season, didn't get one and struggled for goals. We just do not seem to learn from past mistakes on so many fronts.
  9. Wouldn't surprise me if Borner decided to take a wage cut to get the move, he had originally said he'd forego the three months or so back pay to get away. Hence Hanover decided to pay a fee. Best for all IMO.
  10. TBH Borner broke a verbal agreement with his previous club to join us. I read somewhere he would have foregone about three months wages if we let him leave so we might as well have saved on that. IMO his wages could have been put to better use in L1.
  11. We've now got 6 titled Jack Hunt discussions on the first page alone. This for a player who will remain in the Championship IMO and is not on his way here.
  12. Nice as this link sounds, extremely unlikely if Blackburn and Cardiff are interested as reported.
  13. Interesting, but it shows deals can be structured in this way. Obviously a L1 club is going to be looking at a much lower set of figures than in this case as with say a Ravel Morrison had he come. I agree re Carroll, it's a non-starter.
  14. Apparently he was on a pay as you play deal at Newcastle, so yes they do exist.
  15. These friendlies are getting worse, but they've not gone downhill as fast as our team. Only Franz Klammer could realistically claim to have managed that.
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