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  1. And you've based this on seeing Dawson how many times over the last year?
  2. Hector will have been on huge wages at Fulham, he'll literally be out of our league.
  3. The rising cost of living will leave money with less disposable income. If the team isn't winning or entertaining numbers will drop off significantly IMO. In short we'd better not be producing the negative performances that were evident last September-October or the away leg of the Play-off at Sunderland.
  4. TBF the info proved more reliable than many tabloids looking to fill space in their papers.
  5. Tshimanga just been out injured for some matches, he certainly ticks one of our boxes.
  6. The club is losing 500K a week as it is and DC wants us to become more sustainable. Losing out on promotion will also cost us about 7 million in lost revenue.
  7. Whatever the reasons for letting Hutch go, you can't make out a case for a 36 year old Cahill to replace him IMO.
  8. Produced some decent performances but not that many in terms of the number of matches he played in. Too lightweight for L1 IMO. He's a better player now than when we signed him but I can understand why he's been released.
  9. Probably our biggest threat at corners, was unlucky to have goal wiped out at Wycombe. Unfortunately injuries and high wages probably meant he was released. Hope he finds a decent club.
  10. Disappointed that Hutch is going. A true leader and always gave 100%. TBF there are always difficult decisions to be made at every club when the retained list is issued and we really do need to cut costs. I wonder if he was offered a contract on lower wages but decided not to accept them. This is possible bearing in mind what DC said this week about there being a line, re wages, which he would not go beyond.
  11. Apparently he saved his best for us and hadn't been overly impressive for the most part before that.
  12. Good luck. You don't deserve to be in L1 any longer with that fanbase.
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