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  1. Should have taken the hit the end of last season like Brum when it didn't matter.
  2. So we could be punished because DC can't even sell to himself without breaking the rules, pathetic. We could have taken a hit last season or better still not at all if this had all been done properly. Season probably ruined.
  3. The fact that he has not managed to get regular starts on loan at any of the clubs he has been with, I think suggests his time with us will not be extended.
  4. My biggest criticism of Reach is that all seemingly 50-50 balls are in fact 18-82 balls in favour of the opposition. For quite a tall player he doesn't win as many headers as he ought and is easily muscled out of it. He also needs to get a foot in when pressing players rather than standing off. On the ball he is good but unless someone wins it for him he is too often ineffective.
  5. A professional footballer playing in the Championship who can not take corners, pathetic. That he was considered the best choice to take them suggests a real lack of judgement coupled with a sense of incredulity that presumably other players were not even that good.
  6. Five points dropped from winning positions after 85 minutes in the last two away matches (Cardiff and Blackburn), let that sink in. Two points out of the last nine.
  7. It's amazing how much better some players perform when in the last year of their contracts. Having said that it's nice to see Fox finally producing good performances..
  8. Probably need to balance funding if we bring in three loans. JR might as well go as he's not even getting bench time. Think Murphy was loaned to us as a favour but if Newcastle were to take him back that would be an even bigger one!
  9. I just hope you're not ITK! How much did we get for them? Think that'll scupper our chances. Ruddy FFP.
  10. If I was Stoke fan, I'd be asking why being into the second year of Premiership parachute payments (totaling over 70 million pounds) we're in the bottom three and playing such physical and ineffective football.
  11. Re: " The referee " You know you've seen really, really bad officiating when you see the sample of comments below, taken from the Cardiff fans site. Fri Oct 18, 2019 8:50 pm Very, very much so. I called him a homer. Gave us everything I would agree. Really poor from him, wouldn't surprise me if he gets demoted next week.
  12. Tom Abdicates captaincy. There fixed it for you.
  13. You might also include Abdi in releasing time in the treatment room, though based on his record he may not have been fit enough to attend it.
  14. TBH Fletcher missing out on international duty is a bonus for us, same applies to Westwood. Even more so when you listen to the importance GM places on working with the squad over the international break.
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