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  1. You'd think it's the sort of thing that could easily be practised in training, yet we can't seem to deliver them as you rightly point out.
  2. Well that's ok because he doesn't usually get to play two halves,
  3. Perhaps proof that Monk should have been sacked before another transfer window came along.
  4. Got to agree with this, Wildsmith does not seemed to have improved in this respect over a number of years now.
  5. Yes, but I think we should work out how to defend them. Very disappointing to gift goals in this way.
  6. Well many pundits said that no manager was better than Pulis in a relegation fight. They were right, having no manager is better than having Pulis in a relegation fight.
  7. Yes, that's the benefit of having had the Pulis experience for 10 games following on from Monk's tenure.
  8. Either that or he may not have recovered from isolation re covid at the club.
  9. There was a lot of players who didn't get to touch the ball in the opposing half under Pulis.
  10. TBF the wooden horse did well for the Greeks against the Trojans, here's hoping.
  11. Interesting that Pickering left out of Crewe squad today, suggesting he's near a move in the next week. Maybe us but with Stoke and Blackburn in the running it'll be difficult.
  12. Barnsley seem to manage alright with their choice of coaches. Shows what a decent team of advisors can do.
  13. TBH one at least might turn it round, like Murphy did in the second half of last season. Fox was another who had two and a bit poor seasons and then improved considerably.
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