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  1. Been browsing Middlesbrough forum. An interesting read as their supporters are split on this issue. I had thought a greater majority would be supporting Gibson's action. Mostly they question what it is that the club expect to gain in the unlikely event they win the case.
  2. Would be surprised if Vaulks, a Welsh international, didn't end up at Cardiff. He's a Warnock type plater, plus they've got loads of cash courtesy of parachute payments.
  3. Maybe but nobody is quite sure how much we can spend as a result of the sale of the ground and the impact on FFP. Remember Derby reported a big profit!
  4. He was on loan at Villa, though Bruce did not take him on loan for a second season hence we got him.
  5. A luxury player not the combative midfielder that we need IMO. Waste of a loan last season and I'd rather look elsewhere if he's going to cost millions.
  6. I agree. I hope Bruce has a word with him about all the unnecessary bookings he has picked up this season that led to this scenario. Imagine the situation had we reached the play-offs and Bannan picked up another booking, say in the first leg of the semi, thus leading to a three match ban.
  7. Unfortunately we have too many players who don't take responsibility and want to offload to Bannan as soon as possible. Joey for one is always looking for an easy short pass sideways or back, hardly ever forward.
  8. You can also add Mattias and Pudil to that list, so the saving might well be nearer 150k a week.
  9. You have to ask why Bidwell has been released by QPR as he's only 26. However he did play over 40 matches last season so that's a plus. It looks like they want to replace him with Matthews, the Sunderland player we've been linked with.
  10. Be patient, since May 16th there have only been 13 signings throughout the entire EFL in the first full week of this window.
  11. Those stats makes it more plausible that we may be interested in him. He still has two years left on his contract, assuming wiki have got that right, and would cost a fee.
  12. According to wiki played one match last season in Swiss league. No thanks.
  13. I'm actually pleased that DC is showing a little more sense here and not just throwing shedloads of money at recruitment. Powell's a good player but can't be relied upon to play a full season, move on.
  14. Grealish is able to acquire numerous free kicks as he has a tendency to fall very easily, very useful if you've got some dead ball specialists.
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