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  1. Beauchief Owl

    Ashley Baker

    Defensively we're weaker than last season, though it will be interesting to see Hector play a full game. Our FBs are simply not good enough for us to be considered a team chasing a play-off place, though I accept Baker and Penney could develop into good players.
  2. Fox at LB, not a cunning move IMO.
  3. Somebody actually saw Abdi, and furthermore he ran? Got to be worth an entry into one of the old 'I Spy' books.
  4. Beauchief Owl

    Championship team of the week

    Totally agree, to lose yet another promising youngster would be hard to take. The trouble is there are many Championship clubs that can afford more than us ATM, knowing that his contract will be up this season.
  5. Beauchief Owl

    Is it just me

    Had three shots today, all of which were awful. He tries hard but has no creativity and gave away several free kicks after tackles from behind. We need better as a central midfielder. Onomah could provide the answer as he looks more forward thinking and more of a physical presence.
  6. Beauchief Owl

    Sean Clare Signing for

    Hearts averaged 18k last season, so no he won't. As for SPL, 7 out of 12 teams had an average attendance of less than 6k. Hardly comparable to the Championship. All this plus Clare is not guaranteed to play, when I'm sure he would have been in Jos's plans.
  7. Beauchief Owl

    The Championship just got all serious

    TBH, the relegated teams ought to get back up with their parachute payments. These probably will only get bigger as the PL seek to protect their own interests. after all turkeys wouldn't vote for Christmas would they? Is the PL all that interesting anyway? It's a fight between six teams for the top four places and fourteen trying to stay there.
  8. Beauchief Owl

    The Championship just got all serious

    What on earth is a 'soft' embargo. Either a club has a transfer embargo or it hasn't. A very unhelpful term IMO.
  9. Beauchief Owl

    U18 Crystal Palace Highlights

    O'Brien scored three and looks the part. Good goal from Hagan coming in from the RW.
  10. Jos seems very slow to react to situations, I hope this doesn't cost us. Get Fessy on, or Fletcher, or both.
  11. That's more chance of being an England test match score when batting.
  12. Beauchief Owl

    Hector Signs

    With a name like that, he's got to be up for the battle.
  13. Beauchief Owl


    Interesting to see Zach Clough ending up at Rochdale on loan, thought he was better than that TBH. Surprised Bolton didn't go for him.
  14. Beauchief Owl


    Probably done more to improve positions that needed strengthening in the last 2 hours than we've managed in the last 2 years.
  15. Beauchief Owl


    If anyone has doubts about Onamah, ask yourself 'Is he likely to be better than Butterfield as a loan option, and is he more incisive than Jones or Joey going forward?' IMO strengthens our midfield compared to last season.