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  1. Spare a thought for the Millers, they conceded like us in 96th minute last game and gave away a stoppage time decisive penalty to lose today.
  2. But then when you've played six, you'd still have another six nerve-wracking minutes to go.
  3. I didn't write poo but it rhymed with sit and seemed most appropriate.
  4. Why is everybody talking about stoppage time, we've got another ten minutes to sit out or should that be to poo it out.
  5. ATM we're five points off safety with a mere 41 games to go. If we can hold on a big boost psycholigically.
  6. Jack Hunt has equalised for Brizzle at Barnsley. Did he ever score for us?
  7. Good news indeed , I was considering it a good bet that he would score but I couldn't spell his name.
  8. Are we going to play with an overlapping CB like dem Blades? Interesting!
  9. Have to agree that Moses anywhere near the area is a penalty waiting to happen. JVA also liable to do same. Who is their penalty taker , might be worth lumping money on him to score today.
  10. By which time many would have left after an uninspiring first 94 minutes against a team as poor as they come in the Championship.
  11. It annoys me when people refer to the fans as moaners creating a toxic atmosphere. As far as I am aware we enter the ground and pay good money to support the team, which happens when the team give us something to get behind. That fans end up moaning and groaning is a result of poor on-pitch performances, poor tactics and lack of effort. It's over a year since we scored two goals in the first half at home, enough said.
  12. Very disappointed that Dunkley isn't fit yet. I got the impression he was weeks away from playing for us when we signed him not months. I'll be more interested in listening to him when he's 'walking the walk, not just 'talking the talk'.
  13. Really surprised he ended up at Millwall, even until Jan. I wonder if Albion dropped their demands late in the day when we'd gone elsewhere.
  14. Is that why you posted it twice, hoping they wouldn't notice?
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