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  1. Beauchief Owl


    When you do not send players forward in numbers, as United do, it is relatively easy to read the passes and cut them out. We had a defensive mindset last night as we had in January and there were very few out balls to relieve the constant pressure. Fortunately for us, United were poor in front of goal.
  2. Beauchief Owl


    It's not just a question of personnel. We're still approaching games with no coherent team as the line ups are constantly changing as are the formations. Last night we battled hard but with no identifiable team plan other than to defend. The offensive threat was based around getting a few corners. We also have players that could be used but for whatever reason are not selected. Wilder has made the best use of his resources, we haven't. Even if we have the same players, by now I would expect better performances than we have been getting under a good coach.
  3. Beauchief Owl


    You have to ask the question, have we progressed since Jos's first game in charge? Same result, same defensive outlook and same sighs of relief because we weren't beaten badly. All in all I think we have stood still. United have, however, progressed from last January. Last night they were much better than us, last January not so when indeed they failed to beat a team down to ten men for thirty minutes or so. Could be a long hard winter.
  4. Beauchief Owl

    The 'pen'

    Soft but you have to question why Fox is running round the back of a player when he ought to be goal side of him. He could also have given a second penalty away for holding at corners, but then so could others.
  5. Beauchief Owl

    I feel sorry for Dawson.

    Dawson was not to blame for the first three goals and saved a penalty. However, his distribution was awful. Many kicks went straight out of play and playing a pass on the ground out through the centre of the penalty area was a shocking and costly decision that led to the fourth goal. I hope he learns from that mistake.
  6. Beauchief Owl

    Penney Signs New Deal

    Thought he should have been given a two-year deal but at least he's staying for now. Perhaps he's noticed that Clare has not made a good start at Hearts and that the grass is not always greener elsewhere.
  7. Beauchief Owl

    Villa want Bannan

    In the likely scenario that come January we look destined for mid table mediocrity, I think DC may well think about the financial situation and sell a valued asset such as Bannan for that sort of money. Sad, but probably necessary to sell somebody if not Barry.
  8. Beauchief Owl

    U23s v Burnley (h)

    So Wildsmiths distribution, dealing with crosses and shot-stopping (or not as the case may be) all called into question today. Very good job he wasn't playing for first team, for his sake. Do we need a new goalkeeping coach?
  9. Beauchief Owl

    Jos you've failed.

    Two goals conceded yet again after the 80th minute, as with WBA and one at QPR, does not seem to suggest we've got the fitness levels right either.
  10. Beauchief Owl

    Shambles from top to bottom

    Don't agree we're a shambles at the bottom. the U18's won 6-0 away at Barnsley!
  11. Beauchief Owl

    Jos you've failed.

    Yes, but Jos was managing in the German leagues.
  12. Beauchief Owl

    Birmingham -V- Wednesday 18 OMDT

    Palmer hasn't scored in seven year's, apart from one in a friendly, and I'm not the least bit surprised by that.
  13. Beauchief Owl

    Birmingham -V- Wednesday 18 OMDT

    So long as you don't give them room to shoot which seems to be our problem.
  14. DC has wasted money, no doubt. He has also been very, very unlucky in having high quality players injured for very long periods of time. If only Hooper. Lee and Winnall had come back as expected we would have a squad capable of challenging for a top six finish.
  15. Beauchief Owl

    Lees why...

    The most abject piece of defending I've witnessed in years. TL is not a ball playing CB and his distribution is poor. He's a decent old school CB when he is allowed to be.