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  1. I would probably agree, except for DC's track record of making crazy decisions that have actually put us in our present financial predicament.
  2. Can't see how letting a striker, on around 40k a week, go on loan for six months can actually make our FFP position worse, however you look at it. IMO just another one of DCs rather eccentric decisions, that goes alongside refusing to sell Hirst for nigh on 2 million and then freezing him out of the U23s and losing him for a pittance. Bonkers!
  3. For a player who should be in his prime, he's going backwards. He's never been good on the ball but now he's not even winning key challenges. Definitely not leadership material.
  4. How often has this been down to dropping back and trying to defend. For goodness sake if you're in front keep playing the way that got you there rather than pass the initiative to the opposition.
  5. We've only twice come from behind to win in well over fifty games, that's not the mentality of winners.
  6. Absolutely no mental toughness, nor on-field leadership.
  7. Interesting stat we've scored 29 goals away from home. We've scored 14 at home.
  8. This team selection seems to me to be an object lesson in how to aim for the sack and get a pay-off from DC. Hope I'm pleasantly surprised.
  9. What concerns me is that Monk has brought in four new faces and none of them are automatic starters, Even the lad, Hidalgo, brought in for the U23s was dropped to the bench against Barnsley. Does not augur well for a summer rebuild.
  10. If it doesn't get sorted soon, it'll be screwing up another season. The punishment last season would have been a maximum 12 points and it would not have affected our status. DC has been ill-advised IMO.
  11. Oh yes, that will give all the other clubs the chance to call out the 'myth' that the Owls have a fabulous fan base for years to come. Leaving early if the performance is dire, is an effective protest if you must, and is understandable.
  12. Whereas at the moment we have a team that has not got the right attitude, is not easy to manage and is costing an absolute fortune in wages.
  13. I have sympathy re Monk if certain senior players have once again caused problems behind the scene. However, he has been well-backed by DC in the January window and neither performances nor results have been impressive which IMO casts considerable doubt on his managerial skills. As for interviews, totally uninspiring and repetitive. I have found it hard to listen to any all the way through.
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