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  1. You cannot be serious, Abdi will not be missed and many will be rejoicing when he's gone. Possibly the biggest waste of money ever for the club.
  2. We may have no choice if we are under a transfer embargo. Anyway, let's see how things go the rest of the season before rushing to buy a player that, by all accounts, has performed without distinction at his previous loan clubs. He's made a good start but that's all.
  3. Of course selling players would have helped, not to mention the reduction in wages. Getting big earners off the books this summer will also help, a damn site more than charging exorbitant ticket prices or the 1867 scheme.
  4. I call it irresponsible when you collect a squad of about 36 players and refuse to sell hardly anybody because they're like family. Most clubs sell a few players over three years, we've hardly sold any. Plus we've paid top wages for players that have no resale value. We've got millions of pounds in wages wasted on players that have made no meaningful contribution to the side this season.
  5. Whether we've wasted money on transfer fees or wages is fairly irrelevant, we are where we are because of irresponsible spending.
  6. The penalties ought to be made crystal clear before the start of the season. Who actually predicted their nine point deduction. Some thought twelve others thought fine or transfer embargo. It is only in the last week points deductions have been talked of regarding us. I do agree, however, that DC ought to have been more responsible re spending.
  7. Could be they are fearful of the legal consequences of their ruling should Brum be relegated and pursue it through the courts. IMO if they are going to deduct points it ought to be crystal clear how the points relate to the losses incurred by publishing the scale they are using.
  8. To think Carlos said he'd looked at 200 defenders before signing VA, just can't believe at least 190 of them weren't better.
  9. Yet he didn't take him on loan again at Villa, did he? If he thought he was that influential I think he would have done. Can't justify another year based on what I've seen of him so far. A luxury player IMO.
  10. Doesn't look great in these terms, but playing Bristol, Villa and Forest at home gives us a real chance to peg them back. Derby appear to have the easiest run-in but recently they dropped five points at home to us and more surprisingly, Millwall. Those teams at the bottom often pick up points near the end of the season when survival is at stake. Even Ipswich have taken points off Bristol and Forest recently (also WBA!).
  11. My take on the contract situation. Sad to lose Lee, glad to lose Abdi and mad to lose Westwood.
  12. You can add Onomah to that list of midfield non-scoring players. Even Reach's goals are for the most part long range efforts, all of which suggests we don't get enough players forward.
  13. I'd like us to adopt the 'go for a win' approach in all matches, it's the sort of approach that has brought success across the city.
  14. Yes, the saga over GH was painful but I like the fact that both David and George feel some attachment to the club in spite of George being frozen out. It can't be easy turning up to watch a game knowing that you'll probably get slated for what's happened and the lack of progress in George's career.
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