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  1. Last season we only won 8 points from losing positions (which was 21st in the league). However, we did beat Brentford 2-1 after going behind. We lost 28 points from winning positions! All in all it does point to a lack of mental strength within the squad. Can't blame Monk entirely, as before the Brentford match we'd only won once from a losing position in about fifty matches.
  2. TBH I think Sunderland were in for him and offered around 200k. At that point he had had two poor seasons. It was only during the last half a season or so he looked a decent player.
  3. Totally agree with Odubajo on this. Criticism can be justifiable, personal abuse can not.
  4. DC's heart in the right place, just a pity his thinking is a bit muddled re other aspects of running the club. Needs to learn from his mistakes. He still seems willing to invest heavily into the club, to his credit, in spite of all the criticism he receives.
  5. Maybe it's down to the players not willing to take a significant cut in salary. It's early days yet. TBF they need to consider their options, if this is the case.
  6. With 35k or so a week freed up, we should be able to replace him and save money.
  7. I see Charlton are considering a legal challenge and want the points deduction applied to this season. I think the key word here is considering. If they are serious they'd better get on with it. Doubt they'll splash the cash in their present predicament. If Wigan are successful in their appeal it won't matter to them anyway, so it'll be more likely another episode of Barnsley threatening to do so.
  8. Well we still have Westwood on the books and quite frankly he might as well be earning his large wage. Both Wildsmith and Dawson have had the chance to impress and haven't been totally convincing.
  9. No fee probably results in higher wages. Don't know what he's on at Wigan but apparently their wage bill is surprisingly high. We need to be sensible in this respect.
  10. As I see it, we essentially got the same deduction as we would have got had DC not sold the ground to himself. It has however, cost him a fortune in legal fees and has tarnished the club's reputation in the interim. In addition we are now consigned to playing out a season where we have little chance of promotion from the outset. What a shambles!
  11. We also got money from a sell-on clause, which added up to an extra million or so, I believe.
  12. That will change if Wigan win their appeal and Barnsley get relegated. Unlikely to happen, however.
  13. I can't really see the club being able to conduct transfers until we get the EFL charge sorted, or at least until we know what division we're in. Even if we remain in the Championship a minus start of 9, 12 or 21 points may well alter the transfer options.
  14. He made two mistakes in the home match with Swansea alone.
  15. I was happy to see Monk appointed, but he ought to have gone at the start of lockdown IMO. The results and performances since the restart have not given me much confidence in his man-management, tactical awareness, team selections and use of substitutes. Listening to him, doesn't inspire me either. Very lucky to still be in a job.
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