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  1. I think in some sports there is a salary cap for clubs. It could be a sensible move to force this on football clubs but the real problem is the EPL with it's obscene wage structure and parachute payments. A 20 million figure was suggested to be placed on Championship Clubs re wages, that was before the present crisis, now it could be less.
  2. We're fortunate that so many are out of contract this summer. Under the current circumstances I'd also be looking at holding off offering any new contracts. Dawson must be very relieved he got his deal done.
  3. Maybe in future the basic wage should be less and more emphasis put on appearance money. That would lessen the burden on clubs in the present situation and be more tolerable when players such as Abdi get signed or when players get suspended for making stupid comments or collecting too many yellow cards.
  4. No, that's why I basically flagged up the comments made by the Southampton Chief Executive. It's money driven. I do wonder if he appreciates how much less concern there is re football ATM compared to more important considerations for ordinary folk, however.
  5. I see that Southampton's Chief Executive is suggesting that the EPL games could be resumed before restrictions are ended and would be televised for all those forced to stay at home. I wonder how much this is down to each PL team losing 38.1 million if the season is aborted rather than for the benefit of the socially isolated.
  6. I suppose the point is ATM they are not doing their job, through no fault of their own to be fair, but that their employers are taking a huge financial hit also through no fault of their own, so cuts need to be made.
  7. I think fans ought not be demanding immediate refunds, if the season is declared void or remaining matches are played behind closed doors, but clubs should adjust future pricing to take into account matches 'lost ' to supporters this season. For those not wishing to renew a ST they could be given match ticket vouchers to be used at a future date. One immediate impact upon football might be that players have to accept reduced wages as clubs struggle with finances, especially when negotiating new contracts.
  8. If required to play JR would so how is he robbing us blind? He would have gone on loan but DC in effect stopped a move to Celtic. Now Abdi on the other hand, he was a case of taking money for nothing.
  9. Hull sold their best two players in January, they deserve to go down. Horrible owners!
  10. Did you buy a Cameron Dawson shirt at Xmas by any chance?
  11. FF used to be my favourite player, and I still like to see him on the team sheet. However, he has not been worth his wage over the last two years and anyone who can incur a six match suspension for making stupid comments, allegedly, in a far-from-friendly match with Mansfield really is a liability. If offered a new contract, it's got to be on vastly reduced terms IMO and short-term.
  12. Take the punishment now and there is no risk of being relegated, it will be a certainty. Should have taken the hit last season when even 12 points would not have affected our status. Worse case scenario we start -21 next season, then the season is dead before it's started. It's not impossible we will be starting with that type of deduction in L1 either, given the shocking results since Christmas. Absolute shambolic management!
  13. Think he would have gone by now under ordinary circumstances but this EFL business makes it very difficult to appoint any decent alternative. I think there is a case for the EFL to pay Monk's wages, however, he has Wednesday more points than we'll receive as a punishment with his poor tactics, team selection and man-mismanagement skills!
  14. I would rather take any points deduction this year, rather than start at -15 or -21 next, always assuming we are found guilty. DC's handling of financial affairs has screwed up this season for me, I just hope it won't screw up next season as well.
  15. Well one was at home the other away, so at least he's got has a well balanced squad!
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