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  1. The Sheffield D Taxis Stadium
  2. t'owl

    FFP and all that.

    Friends sent you that as a text?! Do they know they used their entire monthly allowance?
  3. t'owl

    John Terry

    Not a patch on his cousin, General Pin
  4. Welcome back to OT, Snooty Stubbs! We've heard a lot about you from that skiving master of yours.
  5. t'owl

    Wednesday - V - Preston OMDT

    Don't ever leave me again.
  6. t'owl

    Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    What's involved in this Jack The Ripper tour? 90 minutes of intense cardio and the giving and receiving of tackles?!
  7. Is that George Boyd?!
  8. t'owl

    Sports Psychologist

    This jumped out at me too. I think it should be a priority.
  9. t'owl

    Joao and who.

    Who's injured. Out for the season.
  10. I bet stats could be arrived at that ended up with a team which none of those players were in. Pretty pointless really.
  11. t'owl

    Announce the stripes!!!

    Satire. Whoooooooosh!