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  1. Sir, i salute your maths! Clearly I was assuming the £4 mill player was so delighted with his signing fee he offered to do a love job
  2. Well someone has to keep up the pedantry on here... it should be 1.92 players.
  3. What will we do on Owlstalk if there are no rumours?! "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything" - Mark Twain
  4. Apparently Wednesday fans don't have eyes!
  5. Lest we forget

    Bit embarrassing when you're called out for spreading a lie based on a lie that was called out in the news.
  6. Why not... according to Sky Sports our keeper Jack Wildsmith stopped a shot on Saturday http://www.skysports.com/football/bolton-vs-sheff-wed/374753
  7. Paul Aldridge

    That's a different cattle of fish...
  8. I'm not superstitious but seeing as I thought we'd stuff the pigs and get hammered by Leeds... I reckon Bolton are gonna end their losing run.
  9. Sky tip us and weeds top 2

    Can't beat statistics and a reyt flipping expensive computer for a good laugh! Which button do you click to fast forward time? What's the keyboard shortcut for human error?
  10. Dave's a dab hand with a needle and thread.
  11. I like to imagine that there are only 18 prototype shirts and after every game one of the players (on a rota system) has to collect everyone's shirts and take them home for some Daz/Persil action. Look closely and you'll see the player numbers are actually velcroed on so Carlos can change the squad without needing extra shirts. Genius bit of money saving that must be doing wonders for our FFP situation.
  12. Wow, Player of the Year 2017 has a few poor games (possibly due to an injury) and he's past his best? Bit trigger happy aren't we?!