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  1. Your OMDTs will be missed Snoots! Maybe we could all come and join you in Neil's villa and flood OT with pictures of us generally wrecking it. A dirty protest even?
  2. Maybe it's like those charity gift things you can buy (like a goat for an African village) so they're actually funding one air freshener for Madine's Vauxhall Nova
  3. The site has those popups telling you that someone has just bought something. Someone in Liverpool just bought a Blades Car Air Freshener. They could have bought the whole team for that.
  4. I assumed those phone cases would be iPhone only but there's practically every option on there. Theres probably one for a Nokia 3210!
  5. Probably the greatest gif of all time. Fact.
  6. I do hope he's buoyed by this praise.
  7. Always someone spouting off.
  8. You really should keep at least one hand on the steering wheel!
  9. A fraction of what footballers earn.
  10. Thought this was gonna be a thread about the relative sizes of our players members. Disappointed.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.scotsman.com/sport/football/liam-palmer-on-the-gran-who-ties-him-to-scotland-and-that-carlton-wiki-tale-1-4892282/amp I never knew Carlton had become a painter and decorator after retiring from football!
  12. Bloody hell @Lord Snooty, I don't know how you keep coming up with them! Love the 4000 holes and 3210 references! Excellent, excellent work as ever. The finest OMDTs in the football world!
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