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  1. Klatslwo

    Just an idea

    The Leicester/Leuven Method
  2. Klatslwo

    Part timer

    We've now got Bruce + Banner? Get in there! Just the midfield beast we need!
  3. That one in the background I guess?
  4. Alex Neil: "I thought it was very quick for the red card to come out, I'm not convinced there was any malice in it "The lad pops up and plays for the rest of the game so I think that shows you how bad a tackle it was." Because in order to be a red you have to destroy a man's leg and leave him crippled for life apparently.
  5. Klatslwo

    Jos in/out and Chansiri in/out

    For that matter, how do we get Jos out?
  6. Klatslwo

    JOS OUT!

    Yeah, but who would we get?
  7. Klatslwo


    I'll tell you what, honestly, I'll love it if we beat them. In Keegan We Trust.
  8. Klatslwo

    Half Season Tickets

    "Record levels of interest" "Almost all sold out in 24 hours"
  9. Ah, @Lord Snooty, in tumultuous tomes your OMDTs really are mana from heaven! 1-1 draw though. Everyone out.
  10. Klatslwo

    Forestieri starts

    I'm putting a few quid on 14-11 to the owls
  11. Amazing! Turn that frown upside down!
  12. Didn't realise Kieren had gone in to the overseas property game.