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  1. Bloody hell @Lord Snooty, I don't know how you keep coming up with them! Love the 4000 holes and 3210 references! Excellent, excellent work as ever. The finest OMDTs in the football world!
  2. That vindaloo's rearing its head I'm off for a Mark Bright.
  3. Looks a bit light down the left wing, Westwood's bound to get caught out and what are Fernando and Fletch doing with the corner flag?
  4. Couldn't believe it when they replayed the play and the commentators didn't even mention the cross! It was flippin perfect!
  5. Rebowl enjoys throwing coins at players. Brill.
  6. Love an early OMDT! "He looks like an acccidental splicing of political comedian Jonathan Pie and Grange Hill schemer Gonch Gardener"
  7. not a very good one given how he spells break! Whoosh!
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