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  1. That's easy: 11Hoopers win at 17 under par. 11Foxes not in the game at 2 over par.
  2. So you can pick up the ball, give it to your team mate and if there are two passes before the goal then it sticks???
  3. Had a lot of E but never really fancied playing games.
  4. Makes a change from D-Viagra and Elev8-Viagra.... hang on, I think I'm on to something there
  5. Surely there must be 100,000,000 of us on Owlstalk who would throw a quid in the pot? Only if the sale included the stadium though... "The Owlstalk Hillsborough Stadium" has a nice ring.
  6. Jeez, the bbc had a shocker that day with the on screen graphics: consistently call Nuhiu "Nuhui" and then suggest he was subbed on for Lavery even though he scored in the first half
  7. Is there a small bunch of people in suits walking back and forth holding EFL clipboards?
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