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    He wud know about a sheffield derby if either had billions to spend.
  2. Caption This

    "no, i am serious Neil, we paid 4 million for Abdi""
  3. i think Football managers are over rated anyway, i mean how hard can it be? All this UEFA badges cods wallop makes me laugh.... its a game trying to put a ball in a net for crying out loud!! I feel that most managers either get lucky or not with the players they have at their disposal and 90% of the job is all about managing people and 10% tactics. Folks will scoff at this but most fans can see whats wrong or right and what players are doing well, it dont take a genius to see that. Tin hat?
  4. Almen Abdi

    Over compensating..... doing what exactly?
  5. serious question not particularly related to the owls but... Anyone know if all 6 local teams have won on the same weekend? Thats sheff wed, sheff utd, chessie, barnsley, roth and Dony.
  6. draw 0-1 1-1 boyd 23.300
  7. Bedwetters of the world unite....

    damn right... cant take the ale well at all.
  8. Fernando who ??

    i think the training ground will be a happier place without FF. know one likes a pain in the rear end, regardless of what work place you are in. I can see us going on a good run now.
  9. If you had to pick one...

    29.... seriously, just what were they thinking?
  10. or performs directions?
  11. Best player? Lots think otherwise. So would you let someone do what they want just because you think he is our best player? Where does it stop? Win at all costs? I dont think FFs most adoring fans would dispute he is a pain sometimes, lots of us, including me just dont think hes either that good, or worth the trouble anymore. I highly doubt there would be cheering if, and i say IF, he is actually going under the surgeons knife.
  12. Let me see pictures of that and i will apologize for thinking it maybe a load of cods wallop.
  13. to all those poo pooing the conspiracy theory ask yer sen this question.. If you had to guess which player would be now injured until January, who seriously would NOT have said FF?