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  1. The reason Kane is England captain is not because he is our only World class player. It is because he has demonstrated leadership and aptitude to learn from a very young age. He will probably break every scoring record in the Premier League and at international level and will work even harder to improve as captain. Forestieri is our most gifted player but captain he is not. Not once has he demonstrated a captains leadership quality.
  2. No need for any negativity based on that match. It was like an extra friendly and holds about as much significance as one. If we won then great we have this much talked about momentum but we've lost so now on paper we have a slightly easier route. It was win win in terms of finding a positive but people were divided pre match so there would always be half the forum having a moan!
  3. It does seem a lot of us are divided on this. I don't see it as being black or white and would go somewhere in the middle. Trippier looks really good but is carrying a knock so I'd definitely leave him out, I'd probably also rest Alli a bit longer as I think he's got the odd moment of brilliance in him for the latter stages and there's no need to rush him back for this game. The only players on yellow cards are Walker & Loftus-Cheek, neither of whom are crucial to maintaining momentum IMO and I would drop both of those for this game meaning the likelihood is, barring an injury or sending off (latter unlikely in a dead rubber), we'll have a full squad to chose from going into the knockouts. I'd rest Young because he's the oldest member of the squad covering the most yards at wing back. Keeping Sterling in might be unpopular but leaves one more chance to find his Man City form and his potential long term replacements chomping at the bit. Doing all of this also gives the replacement/s particularly in defence/wingbacks the chance to show they can sure us up a bit. It's also worthwhile keeping momentum and a settled side so the men I'd replace from the last game would be Trippier, Walker, Young & Loftus-Cheek. I wouldn't even consider dropping Kane because he's riding on the crest of a wave and is our Captain, a popular one at that it seems. I'd try and win the game with; Pickford Jones Maguire Stones Alexander Arnold Lingard Henderson Rashford Rose Kane Sterling Trying not to risk anything and playing cautiously would go completely against what seems to have made this squad believe in themselves so win it and back ourselves to beat anyone without risking worsening existing injuries or having suspensions works for me.
  4. OutspokenTom

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    The thing I liked the most about tonight was Southgate uncharacteristically going wild in front of the fans at the end. I reckon the squad like him and will fight hard for him. Too often have England had a manager that is difficult to relate to, be it for their age, nationality or actual tangible success. Southgate has relatively recent first hand experience of modern media pressure, experience of working with a young squad and is therefore well placed to prepare his players mentally. He is a mild mannered likeable bloke and whilst I don't expect us to win the World Cup I expect a much better showing this time round.
  5. OutspokenTom

    Our fire sale

    You are right, he has never sold a key member of the squad. However, this is the first instance he / the club have faced a breach of FFP. So we can't with certainty know what he will do. It would also take a bold man to wager with certainty that he gets it right. This is where Katriene Meire comes in now, as for me she was brought in to help prevent anymore schoolboy errors made in the general management of the club.
  6. OutspokenTom

    Our fire sale

    That is exactly the type of sensational statement you'd expect to find in The Mirror.
  7. OutspokenTom

    Our fire sale

    That is a good number of players you list but only 2 will make a real difference to our wage bill - Abdi and Wallace. Clare, Hirst and Kean will have very minimal impact on that with Loovens probably somewhere in the middle. No one will be taking Winnall off our hands this Summer with an injury that has the potential to ruin players careers if not recovered from.
  8. OutspokenTom

    Would you rather...

    England World Cup just because it is the only chance I'll have of another bank holiday day off work this year. Pretty sure Her Royal Highness would grant it and I bloody hate my job so a no brainer really.
  9. Thanks for this, a good read, love articles like this especially when nothing of note is happening right now.
  10. So The Champonship Fixtures are announcedat 9am on Thursday 21st June. For me that is when the real countdown begins. Who do you want first day of the season? I want someone good away from home and not another Bolton away type fixture. Let us catch one of the more fancied teams cold. Stoke for me. Who do you want Boxing Day? It would be nice for us to repeat history and smash the blunts but there is also the risk of it ruining one of our best songs! I am not brave enough. Rotherham at home please for a festive pumping. What about the final day? Nice home fixture, probably against Norwich or Ipswich. They always seem to visit towards the end of the season. 3 points to grab automatic, Nuhui takes the golden boot and no need to mess around in the play offs. Job done. Well done Jos
  11. OutspokenTom

    The Sam Winnalll situation

    I cannot help thinking that we have all bought a story Winnall is a monster and terrible team man. However, most if not all of the team fractions over last couple of seasons had appeared to involve Forestieri under the man management of Carlos. Plenty of other teams will have more than one football squad equivalent of alpha males, including Derby, it is how you manage them. There is no reason why if he is decent we can't get them all pulling in the same direction under a good man manager. It is the same kind of situation that forced Pietersen out of the England Test cricket squad too early. No one could manage the team or the louder voices within it until it was too late.
  12. If he'd missed the goal he'd have done time for GBH minimum
  13. A goalkeeper from the old school days. Stick the big lump in goal and hope he is decent. He was
  14. OutspokenTom

    Things To Moan About

    If I were being picky the big Old Lady could do with a fresh lick of paint while they sort the sign they pritt sticked to the side of it out.
  15. Whilst I understand where you are coming from I have to disagree. Most of our fans were pitching tents in their pants when we finally signed Rhodes on loan, one of the most prolific strikers in the Championship this century. That is not an overstatement, he actually was / is. We signed him permanently after a half decent start to his Wednesday career during which he showed signs of finding some form after a long spell out at Boro. On the face of it and with his history and age it seemed a safe bet he would come good again. Perhaps not worth an 8 million stake I will give you that. If we had come out and said we could have him but hmm not sure about his character at any point the club would have been slaughtered by many fans. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. We should not write him off. Definitely get him out on loan and perhaps he can get back to what made him the striker most of us were desperate to sign 18 months ago.