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  1. One thing I’ve noticed this week

    Absolutely It's funny what football can do to people
  2. One thing I’ve noticed this week

    No accusation there, it was a question. I was using your own measure that if Sheffield Wednesday are doing well, Carlos is doing well and you are happy.... I said; Are Sheffield Wednesday doing well? If you don't think they are doing well, that means Carlos isn't doing very well and you are unhappy right?
  3. One thing I’ve noticed this week

    I will retract my statement, I just remember a heated debate with lots of accusations of others not being supporters and plenty of 'jog ons' No name calling there. Apologies.
  4. One thing I’ve noticed this week

    So then the question is are Sheffield Wednesday doing well? I and most of the reactions on here, the league position, say no and by your very logic that means that Carlos isn't doing well. It was only this week that you were calling people names for thinking that a Wednesday loss tomorrow might be a good thing for the club in the long run if it closed the door on Carlos as manager. My point is, you can't have it both ways to suit yourself.
  5. One thing I’ve noticed this week

    In my view, only an ignorant idiot would say a poll of 700 was an insignificant reflection of the mood of the fans. Are we to ignore every other Owlstalk poll about anything on here? Does no one know what they are talking about on here with the exception of you? In your opinion, are people who go on a forum or vote in a poll more likely to be idiots? Besides, the question the OP is asking is; What are your reasons for still backing Carlos? Not to pick holes in the evidence that suggests there aren't a great deal of Carlos backers left, not just the poll, the league position and form. Let's hear why you want to keep Carlos.....
  6. It's absolutely certain to happen...

    I can understand both schools of thought here. I get what you mean about never wanting Wednesday to lose and why you strongly believe that. I dont think the 3 you have a problem with want Wednesday to lose either. Their 'win' is a better league position at the end of the season if a loss followed by carlos being sacked took place on Friday. In contrast you are looking at only one game in isolation, nothing before and nothing afterwards. I get what you are all saying, just a shame the shambles of this season has got everyone falling out and petty name calling.
  7. Pulis n Meggo anyone?

    What really grates me is that I've felt like this was happening for most of 2017. In that time, we could have had Bruce, Monk or Rowett, all of which have been free during this time. They have got jobs at good clubs like ours and are all there or there abouts. There were arguments at the time that sacking Carlos would set us back years when arguably we appear to have blown our chance by keeping him. I'm not going to Hillsborough while he remains. Whilst we get some good soundbites from our chairman there is nothing actually happening to back the positivity of his words up. Not a jot.
  8. Sooooo Excited ....

    DaveTheRavingLooney would be more appropriate
  9. Carlos on Radio Sheffield

    I look forward to the day those first two words are swapped. You had me excited for a moment
  10. What would you buy Carlos for Christmas?

    A Christmas cocktail of prescription happy pills, hopefully the newfound positivity will spill out onto the pitch
  11. I had a dream last night....

    I would have any of them with the exception of McClaren, Karanka, Strachan and Jackett. I would rather have Dean Smith than any of them too.
  12. Prove Carlos wrong then

    If we create a massive atmosphere and the players play attacking football and we win with ease, who gets the credit Carlos? Not that I want credit, I just think we the fans cannot be held accountable for the performance of the team. I suspect we win because of the tactics and players and lose because of the fans or ref or lack of rest or bad luck or injuries. FFS get a grip or leave.
  13. SWFC press conference live

    Quitting on the season is saying Carlos gets til the end of the season. His race is run, ours is not if we make a change now.
  14. Yep the fireworks will be about a month late as well, standard.
  15. You forgot January, February, March, May, June, July, August, September and October. April is the only decent month our team had in 2017. Ever dog has its day