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  1. Vote of confidence

    All due respect, it's been the following; Inconsistency and Awful form in Feb/March 2017 - 'Give him until the end of the league season' Awful play-off campaign after returning to type following a winning league run - 50/50 split on giving him another season Awful pre-season and start to campaign - Give him 1st 10 games Floundering after 12 games in midtable - Give him another 3 games My question is, when does this stop? We might get one resounding win a draw and defeat in next 3 games and it will be - 'Give him until Christmas' and then more inconsistency - 'Give him until end of season'. The only obvious thing is that we aren't showing any signs of improvement for the whole of 2017 and we are burying our heads in the sand if we think things will change no matter how much longer we give him.
  2. Okay, so, who next?

    They've got worse squads than Carlos though.
  3. Unfinished Business

    Give Carlos the squad we had in league one and meggo the squad we have now and one team would be in the premier and the other in the conference.
  4. He won't be sacked

    Not in football there isn't and if you can't beat them, join them
  5. Okay, so, who next?

    What are you basing that on? They've got more championship experience and are better known than Carlos was when he came here 2 and a half years ago.
  6. Fans falling out today

    Have you fallen and bumped your head? Why would we go for any of them? Giggs is about as inspirational as a wet lettuce, Neville's managerial career was short lived cos he's dogger and Keane is an absolute psycho, can't see him being told what to do by DC. They were good footballers granted but managers they are not.
  7. The SWFC Chairman

    If that is true, there is almost zero logic in it and I'd say it's more of a risk than sacking him now. Whatever it costs to pay him off now could well be recouped under a new man to fire us up the league where we should be. Keeping him to run his contract down is tantamount to saying we're writing this season off. DC - Good luck continuing to get people paying large prices on the gate, renewing season tickets en masse if this continues for the rest of the season.
  8. Hooper is our best player by a country mile, if he can just stay fit for a full season there's a good chance he could notch 25+ league goals. It's not just those goals, he's as professional as they come along with the best movement, link up play and awareness of all of our players. If I could only keep one man from the current squad it would be him.
  9. Meh - Those tickets will actually cost me +£50 each if I sign up! Oh well I suppose it's for a good cause!
  10. Rhodes will never score till SWFC supply crosses

    Think people are too keen to drive Rhodes out with a pitchfork to be fair. What's that advert about nicer problems to have? Rhodes is a proven Championship quality and a luxury to have as back up on the bench while our two current strikers are making hay. He is Wednesday and I reckon he'll take his chances when he gets a run of games which is inevitable with Hooper and Fletcher injury histories.
  11. Picture the scene, Bombarded by The Star, pro-blunts, newspaper reports in the build up to the 'one billion dollar' game, chief pig Chris Wilderbeast is charming the nation with his rags to riches story and the bogroll prince is already counting the money and marketing his gold leaf offering to the masses. In the pre-match conference Carlos is comparing bog standard pork to lobster, confusing the flip out of all and sundry, including many of his own starting XI. Match day comes, Wednesday line up with Carlos' preferred flat 4-4-2 that has worked superbly in at least 1 out of every 10 games it has been tried. Throughout the course of the first half, the blue and white wizards appear to believe that the side whose keeper has more touches will win the game before the rounduns sneak an early lead and Nuhui begins to warm up. At half time, United are reduced to 8 men for fielding a convicted rapist, an illegible Argentinian player and Leon 'Griezmann' Clarke who found the pie stand on the way back from the half time team talk. Things are now looking up for the owls as Nuhui pulls a hammy in the warm up and George Hirst is introduced for his first appearance of the season. Meanwhile, Lewis McGugan and Almen Abdi have joined the owls cheerleaders, precisely what they'd been signed for expensively years before. Owls make a fast start in the second half before Wallace cuts in onto his left foot and finds Jordan Rhodes on the subs bench with a somewhat miscued cross aimed at Barry Bannan. The equaliser wouldn't come as the owls appeared to be worried what the 8 men of S2 might do to them. Then it happened, Nuhui taped up to the hilter is brought to the edge of the managers box by none other than Mr Sheffield Wednesday, Gary Megson. Carvalhal had received his marching orders with 18 minutes and 67 seconds left until the final whistle. On 88 minutes Wednesday get a corner and Kiran Lee is the man to take it. He whips it in to the box before a bullet header from Caolan Lavery albeit misdirected squares it up at 1-1. The blue and white of Sheffield are bouncing for roughly 90 seconds when the red and white two hats go down the other end and score a winner through Billy the Pig himself. After the match a special Sky Sports guest Colin W*nker gives his views on the game taking about what a good side Sheffield Wednesday are. NO THANK YOU OP
  12. Next 4 games - 9 points MINIMUM

    Frustrating that we have to wait 2 weeks for the next game after our best performance in quite some time. It's simple enough, if I were Carlos I'd have the video of today's game on a continuous loop in the team dressing room. This is exactly what I want from you, you've shown you can do it now go again!
  13. To all those who abused Carlos..

    Christ, here we go again. We were immense today and I'd rather talk about the team. I don't know what to think now but one incredible performance doesn't make for promotion. Hopefully we can kick on. All some people come on here for is to have a pop at fellow fans. OP seems happier to do that than talk about why we were so good today.
  14. Wednesday 3 : 0 L**ds United OMDT

    So bloody annoying we now have two weeks to wait and potentially lose some momentum from that performance
  15. Wednesday 3 : 0 L**ds United OMDT

    Best I've seen us play for ages, f**k knows what to think now