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  1. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    Brilliant again snoots, really didn't think I'd enjoy these since Pauli stopped but you proved me wrong, think we will win 3-1 for some reason and hopefully overtake the pigs, wouldn't that be a good weeks work come on Wednesday, let's do this
  2. Clare

    It's good he out getting games and goals on loan, we should have done the same with hirst
  3. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Brilliant Lord, keep it up and let's hope Wednesday keep it up by playing well from the start and get another 3 points on the board, the bees might be second last but they won't be there for long so better not underestimate them, think a 2 nil win will suffice and climbing the league uto
  4. Frederik Fisker

    Maybe cc going to try play 3 at the back for a change and would like to see him try it as we are so predictable at the moment, if it doesn't work then he could easily change it back
  5. Just A Hunch

    Fernando is the best player we have and can win us a match out of nothing and definitely the most skilful and talented we have in the squad, he was our top scorer last season and that was even playing half injured, he might be a bit of trouble but sometimes in life you have to take the good with the bad
  6. Fair play Fletcher

    i didn't want Rhodes as I wanted that money to be spent on our defence and midfield but he's ours now and I'd like to see him do well and bang in the goals but at the moment, he will find it hard to get ahead of fletcher and hooper but if he keeps scoring and working hard for the team then it be hard not to give him a starting berth
  7. In the absence of the Carlos haters......

    It's about time that Eastleigh got off his high horse and realise that some people do have different views than him and that he's not always right either with his, we all want Sheffield Wednesday in the premiership just don't see Carlos doing it for us unfortunately and what's more, I think after a good preformance yesterday that Carlos will do what he usually does and start rotating the team again, if your looking for Carlos outers maybe next time try the Carlos out thread or did you try to ignore it so it would suit your argument
  8. You can run

    You obviously missed the Carlos out thread tonight either by drink or you just ignored it but we are still here and not getting carried away after 1 good preformance but can't slag the team either so let's not get our hopes up and see how we do Tuesday night
  9. How the mood changes

    Maybe you should read the Carlos out thread pal
  10. Carlos Out...?

    It was a great preformance today and glad we finally got our first home win but iv been cc out for nearly a year and 1 win not going to change that but let's hope we kick on and gain promotion than he will have changed my mind but just can't see it
  11. We should play them off the field if we play like that, actually should win most games if we can keep the players fit and cc doesn't start rotating again
  12. We going to send a message to the championship with a 3 nil win in front of the sky cameras, let's hope it's the start of a run we go on and keep climbing the league
  13. It be great if he was banned for the season then we might actually start playing some good football
  14. I'd say Kieran Westwood just by the way he's always organising the defence and always shouting at players so can see him going into management
  15. Ryan Kent

    I think mcgugan has a better chance of game time than Kent and that saying a lot about our manager