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  1. offalyowl

    Wednesday -V Forest OMDT thingy

    Brilliant as always snoots, anyway really think we will win 2-1 and will be in the playoffs this time tomorrow night uto
  2. offalyowl

    Next 6

    If we just take 1 game at a time and not worry about the next one we can easily win them all
  3. offalyowl

    Well this is awkward

    F-ck it, just heard Abdi is out injured for a month with a sore head
  4. offalyowl

    Clean Sheets

    If we really need to get promoted this season then it's obvious that we won't unless Westwood is in goals, he's our best keeper and will win us points which he consistently done for us since he joined us
  5. Good game and happy with the point after the bad start we had, on to next game
  6. offalyowl

    Wednesday U18s 1 v 0 Forest U18s

    Yeah your probably right, loans out to see how they do with the big boys before you can make an assessment, let's hope a few of them do and there no better time to be a youth at our club
  7. offalyowl

    Wednesday U18s 1 v 0 Forest U18s

    Thanks for that, was just wondering how they were getting on so logged on to see, I know you say they need to mature but is there many that have a chance of making it in a few years time
  8. Brilliant post, enjoyed it mr hooper, looking forward to the next 1
  9. Great as always snoots, nice to see you managed to get away from Hargreaves and reading, thank god you would have been badly missed, we will win this 3-1 and predicting reach to score a screamer uto
  10. offalyowl

    What does this achieve

    westwood should be playing while he still contracted to us, best keeper in the division and how we treated him after all he done for us is a joke, I'm all for giving youth a chance but only if they are better than what we have here at the club, if we really need to get promoted this year then we are screwed unless he is in goals
  11. No been watching international football which is probably worse these days
  12. I live in the middle of Ireland and have no connections whatsoever with Sheffield other than the Wednesday, knew nothing about football and if I was asked who was my team I always said Aston villa, in my village everyone supports Liverpool or Man U or arsenal, I seen Wednesday playing arsenal in the league cup and fa cup when I was ten in the early 90s and fell in love with the owls, don't know any other owls apart from whoever on here and at the few matches I can make it to
  13. offalyowl

    Michael Hector...

    Emerson thome