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  1. Fernando has to be the best player outside the premier league, without him this season is going to be a struggle
  2. Can someone please tell me if Wallis can make the step up as from what I know he still with us
  3. offalyowl

    Fraser Preston & Alex Hunt

    Thanks Ethel, I'm Irish and over here I can't get to see the youth teams but have heard a lot about him and heard he could be a good one so your input on the him means a lot as I have no other way of knowing
  4. How could we pick a kid over the best keeper in the championship, Westwood
  5. offalyowl

    Fraser Preston & Alex Hunt

    It's great that we have plenty of young lads coming on and hopefully they do make the step up, anyone know anything about a young Brennan lad playing for the u18s
  6. As a neutral ye were beat by the better team so get over it and I was hoping for ye to win
  7. I hope this match goes to extra time and penalties
  8. England are all over the place now
  9. Doesn't bother me who wins but I'd like to see a France v England final but can see Croatia winning this 2-1
  10. offalyowl

    Would you prefer

    Wednesday all the way from me, it be nice to win our first few games of the season for a change
  11. By far our best player in the team when he's fit, we would be mad to sell him
  12. I hope ye don't take this in a bad way but I'm literally sick to the teeth of hearing about him and George hirst, let them off as far as I'm concerned
  13. offalyowl

    Robert Huth

    Yea why don't we sign Damien Delaney along wit him and have them play together, very experienced and getting older, just what we need just so we can keep thornily And Nielsen out of the team
  14. offalyowl

    George Hirst

    Unless he's signing a new contract with us, I really couldn't care less, sick of hearing about it tbh
  15. offalyowl

    R I P mum and fly high

    Really sorry to hear that tinks, may your mother rest in peace