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  1. offalyowl

    Forcing high earners out?

    It's a joke how this club run, how could you have Westwood sitting at home when we cant even keep a clean sheet for 10 games, how are we going to attract players to play for us when we are treating the players we have like the way we treating them, it's a complete joke
  2. A classic thread snoots, let's hope this game will also be a classic and we come away with 3 points, honestly don't care if we get beat if our boys show up and give a good account of themselves and fight for every ball till the very last minute, we should sneak a 2-1 win hopefully uto
  3. I'm working till 6 and have to drive home for half an hour and then shower and eat dinner and go to the local which means drinking and then get up at 6 Saturday morning for work and hope I'm not stopped and breathalyzed and all that would be worth it if we beat them but it don't look so good
  4. Honestly it don't bother me because like what is already said, it not looking good for us so don't even think I'll even bother watching it
  5. offalyowl

    Megson v mick

    Been Irish I've had the pleasure of having both as manager of 1 of my football teams and honestly wouldn't mind having any of them as our next manager but if I had to choose then it has to be big Mick just because of what he has achieved before and think he can get us going in the right direction but the football is not going to be entertaining by any means
  6. offalyowl

    Today's The Day!

    I really like your optimism and I really do hope your right and that the zero isn't what we scored
  7. offalyowl

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Brilliant as always snoots think we will win this by the skin of our teeth with a nervy 2-1 win
  8. offalyowl

    Eyad Hammoud

    The thing about playing young lads is we will never know how they will do unless you give them the chance so I'm all for anything that might get us out of this slump
  9. A classic as always snoots definitely worth staying up for, predict a 2-1 win and another 3 points after everything that gone on the last few days, might just brighten us all up again
  10. offalyowl

    Biggs - Good Point?

    Pulis was happy to spend the money that he gets from the match been on sky, reminds me of carlos making excuses before the match is even played
  11. Always enjoy these snoots so keep it up and hopefully a win tomorrow night will cheer you up and I think we are good enough to do it so predicting a 1 nil win for us uto
  12. offalyowl

    The invisible giant.

    I honestly think we will be there or thereabouts by the end of the season but that depends on injuries and stuff like that, hopefully we kick on now and show them that we are good enough and we still go under the radar but that won't happen, teams are starting to take notice of us now which isn't a good thing
  13. Totally agree, every time he scored, he was dropped for the next game, let's hope he plays well
  14. offalyowl

    I wonder if DC...

    Yeah but we also have to remember that our academy want great at that time so we had to buy players instead of promoting youth like jos is doing now
  15. Yeah your right even some of our fans had us beat yesterday before a ball was even kicked