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  1. Thanks whitechapel, u are some man to keep this going, fair play to u, I'll go with Watford please and best of luck to everyone
  2. Well he cant do any worse than Wilson as an ex player and manager, better than megson and di canio and actually built the team for ranieri to go and win the premiership, anyway all that aside, I go with cook too, dc and him will never work, cook all day long for me, I prefer to remember him as a great captain of our great team in the 90s
  3. Brilliant as always snoots, as I literally nothing better to do as I'm in isolation because my best friend is been tested for covid, I may as well watch the match , just joking about watching it, I always watch every Wednesday match that live on tv, hope my friend comes back negative otherwise I'm confined to my house for 2 weeks, a Wednesday win would definitely lighten the mood, 2 nil win I predict, uto, wawaw, stay safe my fellow owls
  4. Sorry for your loss and I hope he rests in peace
  5. Yeah just goes to show that with a good manager and some good signings from the lower leagues, what u can achieve, brentford have been doing it for years now, are u reading this dc
  6. I'm shocked to see how good Barnsley are doing, I know they are losing today but that against Norwich but I expected them to be battling with us, just shows what youth and lower league signings can do for u
  7. Bannon took it for his next hair transplant
  8. Where Westwood and dunkley, are they injured, good to have reach back
  9. Brilliant as always snoots and hope we have another brilliant performance and beat derby, hate wayne Rooney so really hope we win 2 nil Happy new year to all u fellow owls and hope it's a good one for all of us
  10. Happy new year tinkerbell to you and all your family, really hope it's a good one for all of us Wednesday fans
  11. Brilliant as always snoots, we will win this 2-1 but because of how we are playing lately, I wont be betting on us to win uto
  12. Sheffield Wednesday v Barnsley highlights Watch video here Sheffield Wednesday v Barnsley highlights
  13. Sheffield Wednesday v Barnsley highlights Watch video here Sheffield Wednesday v Barnsley highlights
  14. Brilliant as always snoots and like you said I think the point against reading was a good point and I'd happily take another point here, obviously it would be better coming way with a win but for some reason I think we draw again Uto
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