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  1. Honestly wouldn't mind him getting the job because he is Sheffield wednesday through and through
  2. If we appoint megson we can forget about any playoff hopes that we have
  3. Trust me blue and white I wasn't blind to the poo football we played under him and that's why he won't get the job hopefully
  4. Honestly don't get it with the whole megson thing, yes he got us promoted from the pub league but we had the best team in it so wasn't hard and has done nothing since
  5. Yeah playing poor, thought we play better than that, commentator said that brennan is out with illness which is a shame because was hoping to see him or grant play
  6. Are u watching the match malek, it's just about to kick off
  7. Different humor but where I'm from if a lad posts a picture of a lad sticking a finger up to u while a sign for a pr!ck and hes one for doing it
  8. I'm from Ireland so can't see how that's possible but reading some of the comments on here to your fans makes me sick at times. Can we all not be civil and just agree that we all have our teams best interests at heart so if I'm a pr!ck for that then grand just relax, we still be there or abouts next year
  9. Right I'm after watching this threads for the last few months and haven't posted or made a comment because I know nothing what's going on at our club so please relax until a club releases a statement or something because it's gone crazy lately on here When the club decides it's the right time to tell us all us this then we will all know so have bit of patience and relax, it will all come good in the end and we all will too
  10. Steve Gibson is a tool, enough said
  11. Goodplayer forwhat I seen of him but that is very little but reminds me of bannan
  12. Heard he a Wednesday fan so let's hope he takes a pay cut and come to us
  13. Well done lads and special thanks to John and ethel for the undates
  14. But it's more than likely be with someone else, just hope it doesn't turn out like a vardy situation but hope he does well wherever he goes
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