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  1. Brilliant as always snoots and predicting a 2 nil win today so com on the Wednesday
  2. Brilliant as always snoots but I'm a little disappointed about the pool team captain bit as was my local pub team captain and when I retired, it all went wrong now there is no team at all, anyway we will win this 2-1, was thinking we get a clean sheet but then remembered that will buckleys and mark beevers play for them so surely 1 of them will score against us. Uto
  3. Brilliant as always snoots and really do think we can win this match so I'm predicting a 2-1 win for us, off to sleep now for work so let's hope we can all sleep well tomorrow night with another 3 points, uto
  4. Did dowell get booked, I went to the toilet and missed it
  5. Vipbox is what I usually use to get the game
  6. This does look good for fletcher when only nuhiu on the bench
  7. Rip Claire and my condolences to all her family and friends, let's hope our lads go out and preform and get the 3 points for you
  8. Vipbox is the 1 I usually use too but there is also first row sports
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