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  1. Sorry I honestly thought 2soon won because I thought we picked Norwich and didn't realise he changed it, anyway I'll pick Middlesbrough this week please
  2. My apologies I didn't realise you changed from Norwich, yeah we all lost so yeah we are all still in it then sorry everyone
  3. Looking at this thread and I have read every single response, I cant figure out why people haven't mentioned stuart gray, I know DC sacked him but he could be learning from his mistakes and get him back, he the only ex manager I have back, he built our team promotion team on a shoestring so I try and get back but I'll be honest monk still has my support for the next few games
  4. Hi @2soon congrats on winning last man standing, u deserved it, always nice to win any game by a late goal just a pity our team has lost that ability of late, fair play and you are the last man standing so enjoy it pal and have to say thanks @Whitechapel Owl for running such a competition and been there every two times a week at times to let us know we have to pick and by what time and If we picked them already, you are a special man to that, till next time fellow owls, let's see who will come out on top, there alot worse things we could be doing, best of luck next time @The Chiefand @wiltono
  5. How anyone would want megson back who failed us before is a joke, if we really were to get an ex manager back and I haven't heard him mentioned lately is gray, he basically gave us the backbone of our team which nearly got us promoted but would he come back is another matter but definitely the only reasonable answer to take back an an ex manager is gray
  6. Yeah brilliant as always snoots and like your post I think we be brilliant tomorrow so I reckon we will win well, 3 nil sounds right uto
  7. I'll go for Nottingham forest this time please whitechapel thanks
  8. Well before her I was used to the right hand so it be nice to get acquainted again ,look Wednesday comes first and I'm sure I'm not the only 1 here that feels that way, have a feeling we could win this fresh owl
  9. Because I live in Ireland and the country is going back into lockdown, the woman wants to meet up tonight for a last hooray for 6 weeks, all I said was Wednesday playing tonight, so yeah she not happy but Wednesday comes first , anyway snoots brilliant as always and reckon we win 2- 1 but would be happy with a draw, uto
  10. Thanks again whitechapel, u really are a special man to go this, anyway I'm going for reading this week thanks
  11. Hi tinkerbell hope u are ok and just want to say that we all go through our own problems but getting over them is what makes us stronger, I had a stroke at 29 and was nearly dead but I got through it and was on alot of drugs after but that doesn't matter now, just get yourself well and we are all here for u, we are all the 1 family x
  12. Brilliant as always snoots, like the covid restrictions part, guess its the times we live in now. Anyway reckon we win 2 - 1 tomorrow, uto
  13. Sorry whitechapel I completely forgot about this because I usually don't make it past the first 2 rounds, I actually forget who I have picked before so I'll go with brentford and hope I didn't pick them, thanks again for taking the time to run this again whitechapel
  14. Great as always snoots, 2 -1 win for us uto
  15. Whitechapel you are running a great tournament so fair play to you, I cant believe I'm still in it but anyway I'm going with Luton this week, could be a mistake but I have full confidence in my fellow Irishman james Collins to win it for me
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