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  1. The most cowardly player I have even seen play, if he had guts, he be playing in the premiership ages ago, good riddance, we need players that will fight for every ball, not someone that is terrified to make a challenge, I'm happy he gone
  2. Really would love to have play for us tomorrow
  3. Now Sally how can he play over borner, he not a defender, this is probably the most ridiculous statement u ever, pelupessy played well lately and deserves credit for that, shaw hasn't but I still think he should be in the team for derby, he a wednesnite and will put his heart and soul into it
  4. Isnt 30 million what he bought our club for and let's call a spade a spade here, we are in worse condition than he bought us then
  5. If that true then why didn't he sell to Eric Alonso when the offer was there before he bought derby
  6. Darren moore will know the league and who to target so I'm sure he get the right players in if it comes to that
  7. Well klopp lost 3 games in a row but I don't think anyone would turn their nose up at him if he came here, let's give him a chance because I will, another thing is that he lost a few of his better players in January and every team have a slump so lets give the man a chance, hes a good manager and I will support him as long as hes our manager
  8. Is it where Salford city play by any chance
  9. Classic tread as always snoots, well truth be told, my woman been in the shed the last 2 weeks , think I may let her out this weekend with this snowstorm that coming, anyway think we will win 2-1 uto Ps I never treat a woman like that, she lying beside me in the shed
  10. Well my defense of my title is over after stoke let me down, tried to be too clever and save Norwich for another day but hey hoo, best of luck to the rest of ye that are still in and hope ye enjoy this as much as I do, thanks whitechapel owl for taking the time out to di it and look forward to the next 1
  11. I'm going to go with stoke this week thanks whitechapel
  12. Sorry whitechapel I cant pick a team yet, I'll send on 1 tomorrow when I have a clearer head, it's not an easy choice either
  13. Well I am the defending champion so I have to make a good defense of my cup like and trust me you need luck to win it just like football
  14. I was actually going to go for Bournemouth but forgot how to spell it and was to lazy to Google it so went for Watford instead, how lucky was I
  15. Thanks whitechapel, u are some man to keep this going, fair play to u, I'll go with Watford please and best of luck to everyone
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