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  1. Brilliant as always snoots but I thought it not very wise to bring politics into football but as I'm not British I won't comment on the vote so I predict a 2-1 win and cement our place in the playoffs Uto
  2. Never heard of him until now but as he's a fellow owl, rip Jim and condolences to his family and friends
  3. Yeah I watched on tv too but I use mobdro which I have on an amazon firestick so can watch most games, better than playing a fortune 4 sky
  4. Brilliant fletcher and another 3 points and back in the playoffs great
  5. I'm watching it on sport klub 3, thanks A12 because bein 8 wouldn't work for me either
  6. Brilliantas always snoots and let's hope stubbs gets him before the boosters are turned on, actually don't bother logging on here after matches anymore because sometimes it's depressing some of the things u see posted on here anyway hope we win tomorrow to lighten the mood uto
  7. Classic omdt snoots again snoots, glad stubbs is back and let's hope it gives us a bit of luck and we come away with 3 points, reckon we win 2 nil
  8. Brilliant as always snoots and it's good that you put it up early as there wasn't much to talk about this week apart from the cowboys that are in the efl, anyway it's great we have a fully fit team and let's hope we come away with 3 points and close the gap to the playoffs. Uto
  9. Definitely the dark horses this year and Alex Neil doing a brilliant job there
  10. Brilliant as always snoots and also think with bannan back we could beat these so I'm predicting a 2-1 win and back in the playoffs tomorrow evening uto
  11. Brilliantas always snoots and I'm predicting a 2 nil win to cheer me up because I'm lying in bed sick with flu so 3 points would be nice uto
  12. We deserve to win this game , we are the better team
  13. What the point bringing ff on for 5 minutes
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