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  1. Great as always snoots and I'm predicting a first win under our new boss with a 2-1 win uto
  2. He finished in 7th with leeds the only year he managed them so I'd say that's pretty close to the playoffs u clown
  3. By the sounds of it he be a good player and let's hope he doing well for us but if he ever decides to play for Ireland we need a good striker or 2, anyway let's hope he gets that far and thanks for updates because I like to hear how brennan and grant are doing
  4. Well that's true but if Scotland not even picking fletcher or bannan they are hardly that stuck
  5. Hi Jon love all the updates you do but honest question, is your son irish because by the way things are going we could do with him
  6. Ye can neg me all ye like but I just can't understand this fascination with megson, if it's because he an ex player grand but he wasn't a great manager for us
  7. Your not on your own there pal, sitting in my local drinking since half 10 this morning, it's a great life
  8. How can they call bannan a dirty sh-t and never even mention pearson, hope bannan sees that and destroy them tomorrow
  9. Brilliant as always snoots and like most on here I reckon we get the 3 points tonight, 2-1 win will do uto
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