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  1. Let's hope it's 1 goal of many for our club
  2. Come on Wednesday we win it 1 nil and snoots died Saturday after we drew with Swansea, he couldn't believe we were that good against premier league opposition, Lord rest him, he be sadly missed
  3. I really hate this sh-t about how many games we go to and I'm a better fan than cause I went to x amount of games and u haven't, we all love the club and support it regardless no matter how many games you go to
  4. Rochdale look a good side and let's hope they don't sit back on this lead
  5. Let say we beat Swansea

    Rochdale just scored
  6. BBC biased highlights.

    Yea I watched it but let's be fair about it, we aren't in the premier league so that's probably the main reason behind it but who cares, we played well and he have another game to try and beat them and also helps with ffp, I just hope they show the replay so all our fans can watch us make the quarter finals
  7. Let's hope the replay is on bbc so all our fans will be able to watch it
  8. We are definitely the better team so far
  9. Come on Wednesday lets wipe the smug smile off Carlos face
  10. Great again, always have a soft spot for the cup, I suppose it's because it's so unpredictable and anyone can beat anyone so I reckon we win 2-1 and send Carlos back to Wales with his 2nd lose uto
  11. Carlos press conference

    I was 1 of the first to call for Carlos head and I don't regret it whatsoever but I'm not going to boo him or anything like that, he had his time here and he's gone now so get over it and move on, put all our energy into supporting our team and it might make the difference and hope he doesn't go back to Wales with a smile on his face
  12. Well done lads and let's hope this the start of many more wins to come
  13. Come on Wednesday lets do this
  14. Great again snoots think it's going to be a 2-2 draw but as you say it's impossible to predict uto