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  1. Brilliant as always snoots and I couldn't care less who the f is playing for derby tomorrow, all I care about is the result and praying we win and start climbing the league but very good post all the same, 2-1 to us. uto
  2. Love that celebration, lets hope we see plenty more of them
  3. Great as always snoots and think we will win this by 2-1, if anyone knows of a stream or foreign channel it is on, please post please and be greatly appreciated, I don't have sky red button thanks
  4. Sorry lads just in from work how are we playing
  5. Didn't get to read your post so I'm so sorry snoots, I'm working flat out and not finished till 9 tonight so hoping ye fill me in with the score and hope we play well anyway I reckon we will win 2 nil uto
  6. Brilliant as always snoots and I totally agree with you that we need a win at all costs, hopefully our team will be a different team tonight now that we are playing away from home, 2 nil win I reckon uto
  7. Brilliant as always snoots and I have to agree with you on the point of everyone was saying that Bruce needs time to fix the team but monk isn't afforded the same opportunity, sometimes I think some of our fans are happy to see us lose just so they could say I told you so, anyway I think we will win 3-1 uto
  8. No problem, don't think anyone else understands what you meant by that unless they have been to Ireland or know it well
  9. It taking u 48 hours to drink 1 can of beer, would hate that hangover
  10. Brilliant as always snoots and never had a headbag, when I was playing football I would carry my boots I'm plastic bag, didn't have money to afford anything like that but anyway reckon we win 2-1
  11. Predicting a 2 nil win to the mighty owls uto
  12. Thanks pal will definitely be checking that out cheers
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