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  1. Steady Decline

    Nice guys don't do well in this division and certainly doesn't get you promoted from 1 of the toughest leagues in the world so for that reason alone he should have the decency to walk before it really does become unbearable that fans just couldn't be bothered to go to matches to support our great club
  2. The Loovens challenge.

    Yea so I hear but by that time I had to stop watching the game so didn't see it
  3. The Loovens challenge.

    We were lucky he wasn't sent off and imagine what the score would have been then, it also would have been another 4 minute sending off in 10 games or something like that
  4. Honestly think that a good shout but anything would be better than what we have at the moment, young and ambitious and had an eye for talent but doubt he leave a team doing well in Europe to come here

    Yeah definitely a number 1 hit in the making with that once people don't mistake Neil for Neil warnock

    Another positive is we will win tonight 2 nil because Neil had a dream last night that we will
  7. I had a dream..

    Only joking Neil, would just be happy with the 3 points and a good preformance from the team, especially that it's on Sky so we can send out a message to the rest of the division
  8. I had a dream..

    Going to put a tenner on it now and if it don't come through Neil, il be sending you a bill but if it does I'm not giving you half
  9. Well done snoots as always, honestly think we will win this 3-1 and another 3 points which we desperately need if we are challenge for the playoffs uto
  10. Who would you have as captain

    Hooper as I think he is the only player that plays consistent enough to justify been captain
  11. Stop been our manager and go home
  12. He plays for the Republic of Ireland and yea he a good young player and he the kind of players we should be after instead of old players with no resale value and there manager is very good and he the type of manager we should be replacing cc with whenever he goes
  13. PATRICE EVRA!!!...

    Another that in his thirties so yea he definitely fit right in here with our squad
  14. We set up not to lose a game simple
  15. Well done my lord for making it through 2 weeks of hell, great again and like you said there will be plenty of goals in this game so I'm predicting a win and 3 points to us by a scoreline of 3-2 uto