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  1. Nothing about IFollow is ever clear I am afraid.
  2. Everything changes eventually. Successful football clubs like successful businesses don’t resist change. They adapt to change and manage it. This is how Brentford became arguably the most successful club in England based on where they were and how much income and resources they had a few years ago. Worth reading. https://talksport.com/football/fa-cup/659667/brentford-data-revolution-england-smartest-club-championship-leicester-fa-cup/
  3. He was a great bloke. A true man of the people. A down to earth Geordie from a mining family with no pretensions and no edge to him. I was a part time steward for a while and once wandered in to the ground as Big Jack was coming out. “MORNING” he boomed at me. I was so amazed that he actually acknowledged me, a humble part time steward, I could only squeak “morning” back in response. Away at West Ham I went with a mate who said he had been promised two match tickets by one of the players. We went to pick them and the man who brought them to us out of the away dressing room was Big Jack himself
  4. Anyone who was there can never forget it. I was in the North stand towards the Lep and got a great view of the second half goals. Still brings a lump to my throat when I watch it. Biggest ever third division attendance demonstrating, if it were needed, what a passionate football city Sheffield is. TC giving it to the Blades after that goal being showered in coins. The disbelief on their faces after their table topping team got a thrashing. My Blades workmates refusal to talk to me for weeks after. 40 years later and I am still grinning.
  5. My condolences to Rita’s family and friends. I remember Rita well from the 80’s when I was involved with the Supporters’ Club organising coaches to away games for one of the branches. Rita was a stalwart of the Supporters’s Cub. A no nonsense lady with a big heart. Rita was one of those true Owls who loved the club and made sure the voice of the Supporters was heard during some of the darkest days of the club. I hope that someone reading these posts will contact the club and ask for a minute’s applause at the next home game in Rita’s memory. She deserves no less. RIP Rita.
  6. If this had been mentioned before then apologies. Having been to both Barnsley and Luton games and exiting quite late from the South stand, Barnsley on to Penistone Road and Luton on to Parkside Road it became apparent that the greatest potential danger is on Penistone Road. If that potential danger remains then I fear the worst at some time in the future. When tragedies at football grounds occur there is a scramble for those responsible to switch the blame on to the victims - the fans. I sense that what is going on now is an attempt to prepare for switching the blame in case anything goes wro
  7. What is certain is that if or when we get in to the PL Hillsborough will need substantial money spending on it to make it safe and suitable for the bigger numbers of both home and away fans who will come to the ground. I feel sure that the club will have already got an idea of just what the cost will be as well the timescales to achieve it. As for the bigger decisions of whether a major redevelopment of Hillsborough or a brand new stadium will go ahead is anybody’s guess. Major redevelopment of Hillsborough will be potentially as expensive as a new stadium and it could easily be more problemat
  8. Preston was my first away match for many years. It reminded me how much I used to love away games. Even when we were dire and got hammered the passion and humour of the fans was always the thing that kept me going. In fact some of my most vivid memories are of dreadful defeats. Like being hammered 4-0 at Palace and all the Wednesdsy fans doing a massive conga on the terraces oblivious to the garbage the team were delivering on the pitch. Countless others and of course some magic moments like Exter when every Wednesday fan ran on the pitch to hoist the players on their shoulders knowing we had
  9. Stayed last night at an airport hotel in Lisbon then got up at 5.00 am to walk to the Airport to board the 07.10 flight to Manchester. Arrived in Manchester at 10.00 am and managed to catch the 10.53 train direct to Sheffield. Arrived about 12.20 and after visiting family I am basically hanging round until I catch a bus to arrive at the ground at about 7.15. Why have I come all this way just to watch a football match? I guess most Owlstalk contributors will understand. I went to the home derby last season and that was when I realised Carlos had definitely lost the plot. The next two at their p
  10. I am flying in to Manchester from Lisbon Monday morning then taking the train to Sheffield and going to the match. A few days in Sheffield then back to Portugal on Friday. After that it will be on IFollow. Unless we get to the playoff final in which case, like last time, I will fly in the day before to London, stay overnight and go to the match the next day. I am retired and have the time and obviously I can afford to do it. There was a time when I had a young family and didn't have a season ticket and couldn’t afford to go to some games. So I understand why some supporters faced with a choice
  11. I realise it may be irrelevant in the context of how good Steve Bruce may be as a manager. But he seems to me to be a decent man. I say this from the only time I ever spoke to him. It was playoff day and well before the start I was walking past a hotel in London and SB was standing outside the front door talking to someone I think was one of his coaching staff. I asked if I was OK to take a photo and he said yes. I took it and said thanks, but I can’t wish you Good luck. I am a Wednesday supporter. He nodded his head and said “I fully understand”. May not seem a lot but I realised he really di
  12. Even though I can only get to a limited number of matches I am a season ticket holder so obviously I won’t be buying membership. My son and his two children who live in Warwickshire have been members. But they will not be renewing. They can only get to 4 or 5 games a year and they are not going to pay a total of £170.00 for a maximum saving of £75.00 on match tickets. I don’t know what possessed the person responsible for this mad decision. There will be a huge drop in the numbers renewing membership and probably a revenue reduction because of this. But worse is the callous disregard for the
  13. I just renewed my 1 year season ticket online. Took me 2 minutes to do so. Even though I am abroad for half the season I still want to be able to go to Hillsborough whenever there is a game when I am back in the U.K. When I am abroad I use Ifollow which this year cost me £130.00. So I get to watch nearly all the matches in a season. This season has been the most depressing I have endured for years. But as a Wednesdayite for over 40 years I have seen much worse seasons than this one. When I had a young family I struggled to afford a season ticket. Some years when I couldn’t afford one I struggl
  14. Watching on IFollow. The only things we lack are skill, commitment, passion, talent, ability, gumption, organisation, leadership, We do however have the ability to pass to players in red shirts. Other than that we are OK. I expect us to keep them down to less than six today.
  15. What the waiting media wanted today was a picture of Carlos being booed or sworn at. That would have made their day and their back page headline. It would also have made a very negative impact on people across the world seeing pictures of a hostile crowd. Thank goodness it didn’t happen. Because having a positive image matters. It matters for sponsorship and widening our fan base and all that eventually means more income for the club. Having a spat between the pro and anti Carlos groups on Owlstalk is fine. But the image of Wednesday fans showing generosity to their former manager is priceless
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