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  1. Portugal Owl

    Bruce motivation and commitment

    I realise it may be irrelevant in the context of how good Steve Bruce may be as a manager. But he seems to me to be a decent man. I say this from the only time I ever spoke to him. It was playoff day and well before the start I was walking past a hotel in London and SB was standing outside the front door talking to someone I think was one of his coaching staff. I asked if I was OK to take a photo and he said yes. I took it and said thanks, but I can’t wish you Good luck. I am a Wednesday supporter. He nodded his head and said “I fully understand”. May not seem a lot but I realised he really did understand what it means to be a supporter. Whether he comes to Hillsborough or not I have respect for him as a human being. We are all passionate about our club. But resorting to personal abuse and showing no respect for others is reprehensible. Fortunately as this post shows it is only a tiny minority who behave like that.
  2. Even though I can only get to a limited number of matches I am a season ticket holder so obviously I won’t be buying membership. My son and his two children who live in Warwickshire have been members. But they will not be renewing. They can only get to 4 or 5 games a year and they are not going to pay a total of £170.00 for a maximum saving of £75.00 on match tickets. I don’t know what possessed the person responsible for this mad decision. There will be a huge drop in the numbers renewing membership and probably a revenue reduction because of this. But worse is the callous disregard for the fans who want to support their team through thick and thin but are being priced out of doing it. I am beginning to despair about the people running our club.
  3. Portugal Owl

    Last 24 hours for season tickets

    I just renewed my 1 year season ticket online. Took me 2 minutes to do so. Even though I am abroad for half the season I still want to be able to go to Hillsborough whenever there is a game when I am back in the U.K. When I am abroad I use Ifollow which this year cost me £130.00. So I get to watch nearly all the matches in a season. This season has been the most depressing I have endured for years. But as a Wednesdayite for over 40 years I have seen much worse seasons than this one. When I had a young family I struggled to afford a season ticket. Some years when I couldn’t afford one I struggled to even afford to pay on the turnstiles. But now my outgoings are less and I have a steady income so I don’t mind paying for a season ticket. Being a Wednesdayite is always about enduring an awful lot of lows and enjoying an occasional high. To this day the very act of approaching the stadium on match day and watching and hearing the buzz from the crowd still makes me feel emotional. I moved around the country as a young man and I regularly watched quite a number of teams wherever I lived. But being a Wednesdayite and being at Hillsborough is special. I can’t explain it. A lot of Owlstalkers will know what I mean. Maybe they can explain it. Those who don’t. Well maybe you will in time.
  4. Watching on IFollow. The only things we lack are skill, commitment, passion, talent, ability, gumption, organisation, leadership, We do however have the ability to pass to players in red shirts. Other than that we are OK. I expect us to keep them down to less than six today.
  5. What the waiting media wanted today was a picture of Carlos being booed or sworn at. That would have made their day and their back page headline. It would also have made a very negative impact on people across the world seeing pictures of a hostile crowd. Thank goodness it didn’t happen. Because having a positive image matters. It matters for sponsorship and widening our fan base and all that eventually means more income for the club. Having a spat between the pro and anti Carlos groups on Owlstalk is fine. But the image of Wednesday fans showing generosity to their former manager is priceless. So today the anti Carlos group by refraining from abuse were just as important as the pro Carlos group applauding him.
  6. At a personal level I am sad to see Carlos go. But it was seeming ever more inevitable as we went on our current winless streak that he would have to go. But if he ever reads Owlstalk I would like thank Carlos for restoring my belief in the Owls after nearly 20 years of watching far more turgid football than we have had to endure this season. As for his replacement I hope there is someone out there currently coaching in the Bundesliga who can take us up and keep us up. Muito Obrigado Carlos, Boas Festas.
  7. Couldn't watch the game on I-Follow and don't have Sky so I followed it on Owlstalk. What a depressing experience that was. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But to be unhappy because we didn't lose because you hate the manager is madness. I neither love nor hate Carlos. I won't weep or cheer if he goes or stays. I support Wednesday not a manager or a Chairman. Quite a few of them have upset me in my 40 plus years of watching the Owls. But I have never wanted the team to lose because I was upset and I never will.
  8. Never forget that day. In the North towards the Lep and expected us to lose. 90 minutes later and totally euphoric. The best Christmas present ever. There have been some amazing moments watching Wednesday over the past 45 years. Some times of near despair and others of absolute magic. The BDM for me remains top of those magic ones. I flew in last night from Lisbon and am taking three of my grandsons to their first ever Sheffield derby. Then back to Portugal on Monday. Love Sheffield. But OMG the weather is awful!!
  9. Portugal Owl

    OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    Great result. Listened to second half On I Follow. Sounded like we deserved it and second half performance was very good. But all that negative stuff from some of the Owlstalkers takes a bit of the shine off the victory. Winning away at Fulham is not down to good luck. It is down to good play and good management. Well done team and well done Coach.
  10. Portugal Owl

    Huge improvement

    Well after 2 league games the Carlos Out brigade are licking their chops at the prospect of getting rid of him. As I am one of the few Owls talk contributors who has never coached at football league level I bow down to the 95% of Owlstalkers who have enjoyed major success in their lengthy careers. Their amazing knowledge of the beautiful game has convinced me. I am wrong. CC should pack his bags now. DC should also go and take his money with him. What we need is a good old fashioned manager who picks a team of honest hard working cloggers every week. And a return to a board of directors from the ranks of senior Sheffield industrialists and manufacturers. That'll sort it out sithee.
  11. Portugal Owl


    Signed up for the season to enable me to watch matches while in Portugal. Downloaded the app on to my IPad. Tried watching videos and worked perfectly. Now counting down to Preston game. So hopefully all will be well and I will consider it money well spent. If not will be seriously annoyed.
  12. I love the home shirt and I like the away shirt. I will definitely be buying a home shirt but I never buy an away shirt so this year won't be any different. Just to get an outside perspective on the shirts as well as our chances of promotion here is something from a Brentord fan blog. "Instead, Sheffield Wednesday are the team that will finally come good and take the second spot. Celebrating their 150th year with some cracking new kits, to boot (in my opinion, and not including our own, the best shirts in the Championship ) they’ll go up after knocking on the door for so long." https://nickbruzonslastword.wordpress.com/2017/08/03/who-will-win-the-championship-who-will-go-down-what-about-the-bees-who-has-the-best-new-kit/
  13. Well at least other lot have turned up.
  14. Saw the Chinese but going for a Thai instead. Love that Singha beer. Also paying homage to DC's fellow countrymen and women,
  15. Sometimes it's tough being a Wednesdayite. Half an hour more and we will setting off to the match. Need a beer first though.