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  1. Maybe if the club would get some of the revenue from viewers.. I suggested away games as I think it would be a bad idea to discourage home support by having all home games watchable via some form of subscription. But if other clubs had a similar policy then away fans could benefit and the hosting club gets a slice of the cake too...
  2. Good by my lover.... Hahaha oh dear. Think this was made by his stalker :p.
  3. Ok.... So who we planning to sign next. Im used to feeling anxious and on edge these last few days checking owls talk every 2 seconds.. But now.. I still don't know what to do with myself! Or am I just being greedy Haha.
  4. Until he's in that pin stripe shirt in not going to get my tackle out.
  5. So is this definitely going to happen? I don't want to get my hopes up!
  6. Everyone's expectations maybe were set far too high with us getting to the playoffs last season, new owner, talk of big money. Fletcher signing was probably our big striker signing without the massive transfer fee, we will probably get pudil back and maybe Lopez or something similar and take our chances. Maybe chansiri doesn't want to gamble his money and wants to do things his way, doesn't matter how much money you have its not good business sense to blow your money. Will just have to trust his plan, he is our owner after all. Who knows we might have a nice surprise before the season starts.
  7. How much are these fines if fpp is breached?
  8. Hahaha not bad... He's always been good at making sure the ball doesn't go in the net :p. Takes him an age to get back up off the floor though!
  9. So a question I'd like to add.. Do you think with the current squad we have on the books that it's strong enough to get promotion?
  10. Chansiri needs the cash for the million pound players we've signed.
  11. I will stay optimistic and after last season how can you not be, I suppose after last season I want the team to do better like everyone other fan. I think the lack of signings is starting to make me nervous, mainly because of the performance against benfica. Fessi was fantastic, great goal and matias played well... But when they came off it just went flat. Im just going keep hopeful that we make the vital signings we need for this season.
  12. I would imagine that indeed DC would get the best price for them BUT with current rumoured targets seemingly opting for other clubs would we struggle to entice the players needed to the club. That's why I hope we can aquire what's needed this season whilst we have the momentum from last. Or maybe we will just have to rely on our lucky pin stripe shirt ;).
  13. Just been thinking about this and thought I'd see what everyone else thinks. So if we manage to keep hold of our top players this season and we don't manage to secure promotion, I think we are in great danger of losing our best players. Such as fessi, Lee, Bannan and so on. Would they want to stay at hillsborough for another season when the new relegated teams from the premiership or premiership teams will more than likely want to sign them. That's why I really hope we recruit well this season and really go for it as i fear our best players will really consider other options if we don't go up.
  14. Saw him play last night, think this will be his make or break season. Think if he has a poor season he will be heading off back to Portugal. From what I saw of him last season and I know it's not fair to judge him yet this season, he didn't seem to be displaying anything to get excited about. Some nice runs at times but not much else..
  15. We need to acknowledge that the stripe is on the shirt, even if it is only as thick as a pin. Surely we cant have a Wednesday shirt with no stripes!
  16. SCANDLE! Get Massimo Cellino in... Fed up of it all now.
  17. Just pop your tail in the hoover and turn it on full power... Just think.. It could be one of those.. Can you remember when we got promoted, yeah that year we had the pin stripe shirt. Yeah it's abit different, the white stripes are abit thin and i admit it's not the best. But dear me, it's just one season and it could be a great deal worse. If we are near the top of the table mid year you would be proud wearing OUR teams shirt.
  18. Could you bare to listen to the bloomin geordie accent for 3 years or more... Because I couldn't..
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