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  1. No Bullen either?! That's it then... they have obviously chose to go up in a minibus together then
  2. What a complete fluck up all this is turning out to be... I hope all this gets sorted quickly. Its turning from a season of optimism to a season of here we go again.. Come on Chansiri, get this sorted out so we can just bloody get on with it!
  3. It's not acceptable behaviour... I always thought it was just normal behaviour...
  4. I wish this lot would flipping hurry up and end... it's getting silly now.
  5. Big bonuses..... We have as bonus scheme at work, but it's also discretionary.. it was about 12 months since we last saw one.
  6. I've just heard that's.... it's off!!!!!!! Hes not going, don't shoot the messenger but apparently he just popped out for a pastry of some sort. Hes back in the morning.
  7. By the sounds of it we are only refusing talks because we want a replacement lined up 1st... I cant see the problem with that.
  8. That's it... if Bruce does go a potential replacement maybe enticed into the job knowing he may have a budget and if they manage to offload some players as well... who knows.
  9. Whether Bruce stays or goes.... this is great news! If true....
  10. It's a tough one.... I'd still be happy to have him here regardless. But hopefully by the end of today we should know for certain.
  11. All well and good... but that's peanuts for the prem.
  12. I'd love to know why the accounts are taking so long to sort out... I know we submitted them late but dear me
  13. But has he even sold the ground to himself.... I mean I haven't seen anything concrete... or we still waiting on all this accounts shambles before we see or hear something?
  14. I'm sure I remember Chansiri saying if we didn't get promoted last time around we would still be in the $hît... or am I making that up?
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