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  1. The question is.... as much as Hector is a fan favourite, do we really need him now?
  2. He is In the process... hence why he will be gone by thursday. Saving his junk for dessert Wednesday night.
  3. So what is it for a straight red these days? 3 match ban or just 1?
  4. At the end of the day this should be an open and shut case.. whether Fessi said something racist or not it cant be proven. He said he did, he said he didn't. No evidence, no video, no audio... how can any organisation with a disciplinary process accuse and punish someone with lack of evidence. It opens up a can of worms, crazy.
  5. You just couldn't make it up could you... like many have said. For this decision to be made 12 months after it happened on top of FF case in court leading to nothing due to lack of evidence... I just cant believe it. Like no footballer has ever called another one a ćúńť before.. so if he said it in English as opposed to Spanish would he have got away with it?
  6. I think the only way he will be committed to the shirt is if he got an opportunity to get in the team, score goals and the fans get behind him. After all... he arrived, didn't have the service and then was barely used and since has been on loan. We haven't really ever given him the opportunity. I'd like to see him have one last crack, especially if it's a loan we are looking at to move him on.
  7. For the love of the lord jesus christ... just make it end...
  8. So he's holding out until Christmas when one of the clubs in the premier league are sacking managers when the are around the bottom of the table.
  9. Thanks... I can use that to try and win my money back!
  10. Well I've bet all my life savings on this... so best be true FFS.
  11. Quiiiick lump on so sky can rob us of our cash when it turns out to be a big hoax
  12. Hahaha... yeah because of the old has beens. They will almost be getting paid the same as Jones too no doubt.
  13. Player/manager... I'm sure he could still bang a few in.
  14. Great contacts... just hope it wouldn't be bringing in old has beens if he were ever to get the job that is.
  15. Damn... if only I had thought of starting a Holloway thread..
  16. It's just such a shame we are in the predicament we are in... a few weeks ago we were on a high, decent manager, a few signings. Now we have no manager or coach, we seem to be struggling to find someone of any excitement, feels like we are in similar shoes to Newcastle as in we are going to end up with the 11th choice on the list. I just hope that whoever it ends up being fans give them a chance and don't put blame onto Mr Chansiri. This is by no means his fault, we are just trying to make the best of a really poor situation.
  17. Look.... HS2 will be with us in a few years.. 30 minutes to capital innit.
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