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  1. Totally agree.... why should he bow down to some inferior payment. Ashley wants to steal our manager and fúćķ up our pre season... just pay up and both pi§ off.
  2. I really wish that Ashley would just pay the fûćķïńģ money and get this over and done with... if you want Bruce, pay up, get it done with so we can just move on. Really getting on my balls now...
  3. Bring on the.... can he do a job for us threads.. cant wait.
  4. Well if he goes we need a manager... to them we will be a step up and we will need a manager ASAP. Only problem is, we wont have the pulling power like we have with Bruce. I'd like a manager with similar profile but where do you find one?
  5. I'm not saying it is... it's just that if Bruce leaves who can we entice to swfc. Will be a very interesting week indeed.
  6. Well... the premiership calls for Bruce... so do we call for a top league 1 manager? And hope for the best....
  7. Nice to see some of the youth team getting a chance to show what they can do...
  8. I'd also like to think he would stay as professional as possible and do the best he can.
  9. Probably not... it's always alright behind a screen for those types.
  10. If he does stay i wouldnt be expecting anything in depth... just a short... I was asked but wasnt interested. End of.
  11. Yeah I do... slap him up with a giant tuna and say.. Oi Brucie baby, sort it out.. you come or going or what. I've given you 2 millions pounds, don't disrespect me... ok thanks.
  12. FFS it's just getting more ridiculous as it goes on..
  13. No Bullen either?! That's it then... they have obviously chose to go up in a minibus together then
  14. What a complete fluck up all this is turning out to be... I hope all this gets sorted quickly. Its turning from a season of optimism to a season of here we go again.. Come on Chansiri, get this sorted out so we can just bloody get on with it!
  15. It's not acceptable behaviour... I always thought it was just normal behaviour...
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