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  1. Let's play..... what's Michael Wilson lost. I'm going for... passport.
  2. Hahaha... I like how this thread has gone to a which way round you should poo, shave and shower... Which is my preference btw.. defo get the poo out before the shower at least.
  3. Problem I have is that IF we don't win our next 2 games and we still haven't brought anyone in and bullen is in charge.. what will that do to the confidence of the team and Bullen. If we win against Barnsley will it be likely Bullen gets the job... if he does I want nothing more than him to succeed. Also if we did somehow manage to get promoted with Bullen, what happens next season. Would you trust him with preparation into the premier league? I know it's not likely but would you?
  4. If we do stick with bullen does he have the right staff around him? Bruce had a team with him.. will bullen get to bring any more staff in or does he just carry on with who he has around him? (If he gets the head coach role).
  5. Do you risk potentially losing momentum we could gain with this revamped squad with Bullen and risk the opportunity of really pushing on... not that Bullen would fail but it would be a huge risk. Or do you get someone in with experience who you would expect to be able to get the potential out of the new signings.. Bullen seems fantastic with the players and is a real Wednesday man.. but is that enough? Is it worth the risk?
  6. Who gives a shïť we now have the ginger Ramos! All will be forgotten after we see him play.
  7. I don't want to praise fat cabbage head for anything... but I wonder how much influence he had whilst at Wednesday in bringing in any of the signings? Were some targets before he left or is this all down to Chansiri/bullen/advisors? I guess we may not really ever know.
  8. Now we have some pacey wingers he just needs to be in and around that box and start smashing them in... come on Jordan. Be our hero!
  9. We have 2 hours to complete the transfer after 5pm... as long as you can prove the transfer will go ahead.
  10. SSN... Murphy travelling down to Yorkshire for a medical... still travelling down? Hows he coming down? Via foooooookin snail back?
  11. As a holder of the Ramos surname... I want the ginger Ramos in our team. If Hector price is too much get Ramos in!
  12. Haha... well. To give abit more background to the story. She had just started a new school and a boy had said he was a Rotherham supporter. She was scared that this boy wouldn't like her if she didn't say she supported Rotherham too. So I then went on to say you don't change who you are, what you like, and how you are as a person to try and impress or please anyone else...... and never to say she's a Rotherham fan again otherwise I'll sell her to the circus people.
  13. My daughter came home about a year and a half ago and randomly said she supported Rotherham... (she was 6 at the time)... all hell broke loose. So all I can say is, she now knows what is and is not acceptable in my house. She now knows that she is a Wednesday fan and she has no choice but to be put up for adoption if she ever comes out with shíté like that again.
  14. Move movement on the pitch... is what I was getting at.
  15. Looks like he could give Fessi a run for his money...
  16. Jesus.... SSN on Wayne Rooney. All that we are going to hear about for the next 2 days.
  17. I know it's crazy, I use a recycled condom for my cucumber. Just give it a rinse after pumping your missus and boom, slide it onto your cucumber.
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