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  1. well.... i suppose thats one positive. No news is good news and all that 🙄
  2. Well an idea when its fookiñ likely would be good! Unbelievable...
  3. I'm really hoping we don't get a points deduction
  4. Woah.... this thread has gone abit balls deep. So we heard owt then or what? 🙄
  5. Whats up with Swansea head coach's eye balls like...
  6. So players who haven't agreed contract extensions till the end of the season im guessing... that's my bet. Probably a kiss my ass scenario. You're not finishing the season but I've paid your wages whilst not playing.. so you're not getting your full wages.
  7. Not whats needed, we have 2 decent and capable keepers. Use money for wages on players we need.
  8. Yes EFL.... Had morning brain on.. not FA
  9. What about the point deduction? Because we all know it's coming.... cant see us winning against the FA.
  10. Of course its true, common knowledge! Cant believe you didn't know, have you been living under a rock?
  11. He will want to play games and want to stay in the 1st team, if hes fit and he's playing well he should play. Simple as that for me. The coaching team and monk will be keeping an eye on him... so for me.. if hes fit, playing well he gets played.
  12. https://youtu.be/Lap2A1F8Xq4 Might be a load of bollacks but who knows... its counting down..
  13. So... does that mean if I want to go to the match I can sit in the North stand now?
  14. Can't you just chant that they are shít and just leave it at that?
  15. It's a joke isn't it.... which other football club has to deal with such a ridiculous situation as this. Joke.
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