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  1. Could they get him in as part of the team.... IF Bullen gets the full time gig.
  2. Just appoint Rowett FFS I lumped on you know!
  3. True.... hope Ashley has put a clause in his contract stating if he isn't at a certain position by Christmas and gets sacked for it he doesn't get any compensation.
  4. I have also wondered... nothing stopping them chucking a name is to squeeze out some more cash out of folk.
  5. I don't think it matters really, football is business and as long as you go about things in the correct way then I cant see it being a problem. If PNE have a value, and we meet it and they are happy and he is happy to come here then fair enough. Now if we did it the dirty way like Newcastle, get a him to resign and force it through then it doesn't look great. Ultimately its business, and if we want to succeed then sometimes some decisions that aren't so pretty need to be taken.
  6. It's nice to watch him fail after what he did to us... but also let's just enjoy our season as well.
  7. Yeah... I lumped on Thierry Henry when another thread popped up. Watch this space it said... I've since been living off the morrisons ruduced section, the kids hated last nights tea of hummus with smoked kipper.
  8. All part of the ride... some make it and put up a good fight, others like you say, unravel.
  9. I cant see it myself... and IF they did I can see him probably being named as our head coach. I just hope he gets to bring in some staff to help him if he gets the job.
  10. Usually the next day... after the extended highlights are posted on YouTube and what not.
  11. How about instead of blocking home fans stop away fans... let the complaints come in from all the other teams in the league about how their incompetence stops them from coming to follow their teams.
  12. Wednesday have the best start in years... fans want to get behind the team but the fans are being penalised do to incompetent safety officials. Unbelievable... absolutely unbelievable.
  13. Let's play..... what's Michael Wilson lost. I'm going for... passport.
  14. Hahaha... I like how this thread has gone to a which way round you should poo, shave and shower... Which is my preference btw.. defo get the poo out before the shower at least.
  15. Problem I have is that IF we don't win our next 2 games and we still haven't brought anyone in and bullen is in charge.. what will that do to the confidence of the team and Bullen. If we win against Barnsley will it be likely Bullen gets the job... if he does I want nothing more than him to succeed. Also if we did somehow manage to get promoted with Bullen, what happens next season. Would you trust him with preparation into the premier league? I know it's not likely but would you?
  16. If we do stick with bullen does he have the right staff around him? Bruce had a team with him.. will bullen get to bring any more staff in or does he just carry on with who he has around him? (If he gets the head coach role).
  17. Do you risk potentially losing momentum we could gain with this revamped squad with Bullen and risk the opportunity of really pushing on... not that Bullen would fail but it would be a huge risk. Or do you get someone in with experience who you would expect to be able to get the potential out of the new signings.. Bullen seems fantastic with the players and is a real Wednesday man.. but is that enough? Is it worth the risk?
  18. Who gives a shïť we now have the ginger Ramos! All will be forgotten after we see him play.
  19. I don't want to praise fat cabbage head for anything... but I wonder how much influence he had whilst at Wednesday in bringing in any of the signings? Were some targets before he left or is this all down to Chansiri/bullen/advisors? I guess we may not really ever know.
  20. Now we have some pacey wingers he just needs to be in and around that box and start smashing them in... come on Jordan. Be our hero!
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