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  1. Just shown a picture of Hidalgo to the wife... she says can't Wednesday sign anyone good looking, I might not mind watching it more if they were good looking. She says they dont have to be good at football just good looking..

    Anyone know how I can get in contact with Garry so I can put in a request for the wife.. not bothered about skill just wants some eye candy...

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  2. He will want to play games and want to stay in the 1st team, if hes fit and he's playing well he should play. Simple as that for me. The coaching team and monk will be keeping an eye on him... so for me.. if hes fit, playing well he gets played.

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  3. 33 minutes ago, SiJ said:

    Just reading an article on this. 


    Couple of interesting things: 


    Took over 4 years for the charges against QPR to be resolved. In the end, they were fined £42 million. 

    Bournemouth had a wage bill which was 236% in excess of their turnover. Ours is 126% of turnover...


    The difference is Bournemouth managed to get themselves promoted and have stayed up there. I wonder if the EFL would bring charges against them should they ever get relegated or is it all forgotten? 

    We better hope we get promoted! But knowing our luck they would manage to charge us with something resulting in us missing out on a playoff spot... 

  4. 13 minutes ago, northeastowl said:

    If true then that’s stupid. I’m guessing a lot of people would take up this offer to by their kids kits for Christmas. If you then can’t use the vouchers next year to get them another one then what’s the point?

    Just buy them a size bigger this year... bit baggy but at least next year this one and then next years will fit spot on :ph34r:

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