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  1. Just now, owls79 said:

    Not really just an opinion and I think the statistics would prove it.

    Give it a rest, he may have not have been our best player but he's been with the club for a long time and he gave us all some memories. Some good and some maybe not so good.. but he respected the club and the fans.

    So for me all i can say is thankyou Atdhe and all the best for the future. 


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  2. 1 hour ago, WalthamOwl said:

    would you have been happy if we kept Fletcher? A player 2 years older than Martin and probably on more money? Fletcher was one of our better players the last couple of years imo and did a very good job. I think we need someone to come in and replace Fletcher. Martin imo would have done a good job. 

    I'm glad we didn't keep fletcher.. kept breaking down, getting on and probably expensive. Glad he didn't stay on his terms.


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  3. 3 hours ago, HOOTIE AND THE poo TU said:

    They do the proper tests there mate


    Not the type where you just insert the swab up the nostril


    The swab has to all the way back, it's difficult to do, and very uncomfortable

    Is it more uncomfortable than a swab down the pee pee hole though? That's the real question 🤔 

  4. 1 hour ago, Manwë said:

    Can we sign some players that Yorkshiremen have got a hope of pronouncing please Wednesday?

    Imagine all the old gits on their 5th pint arguing whether he had a good game or not.


    A bloke at work still says Brannan... instead of Bannan and when we had Carlos it was such a joy hearing "cavalio" every week. 

    Its a joy listening to the mispronounced names, makes me chuckle.

  5. 6 hours ago, Weshallovercome said:


    I was just about to ask if anyone actually likes that away shirt..........must admit I'm knocking on, to me it's a shocker, beating the grey/silver/purpley thing yonks ago into 1st place of my least favourable away shirt ever.


    Out of interest how old is your son?


    *not keen on the home shirt either, don't like the collar, a collar needs to be a collar imo*

    I like the kits, both home and away. Usually im not a massive fan of the away kits but this time they have gone for something different. 

    I think they have tried to target the younger fans with these kits (probably the most likely to want to buy/own the shirts).

    I prefer it to last seasons green kit and its way better than the IKEA uniform a couple of seasons back. 

    The subtle camo on the blue stripes i like, personally I think they have done a good job. 


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