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  1. Of course its true, common knowledge! Cant believe you didn't know, have you been living under a rock?
  2. Just shown a picture of Hidalgo to the wife... she says can't Wednesday sign anyone good looking, I might not mind watching it more if they were good looking. She says they dont have to be good at football just good looking.. Anyone know how I can get in contact with Garry so I can put in a request for the wife.. not bothered about skill just wants some eye candy...
  3. He will want to play games and want to stay in the 1st team, if hes fit and he's playing well he should play. Simple as that for me. The coaching team and monk will be keeping an eye on him... so for me.. if hes fit, playing well he gets played.
  4. https://youtu.be/Lap2A1F8Xq4 Might be a load of bollacks but who knows... its counting down..
  5. So... does that mean if I want to go to the match I can sit in the North stand now?
  6. Can't you just chant that they are shít and just leave it at that?
  7. It's a joke isn't it.... which other football club has to deal with such a ridiculous situation as this. Joke.
  8. Extend his bloody contract! And give him and extra 10k a week!
  9. Is it on any channels so I may find it on mobdro or summat?
  10. Nuhiu offered nothing today for me, when Rhodes came on it really changed things. I'm glad he got some decent minutes in, but I'd be surprised if he is still here come the end of January.
  11. Fessi starting 11 for today! Let's see what he can do and see if it's what we have been needing like some suggest. Good luck nando
  12. We better hope we get promoted! But knowing our luck they would manage to charge us with something resulting in us missing out on a playoff spot...
  13. Only worry I have is if fletcher gets injured, this season he has been very important. Be interesting to see if we have any way of bringing anyone in come January.
  14. Sometimes the team is as good as the effort the players put in... just give them a chance.
  15. Just buy them a size bigger this year... bit baggy but at least next year this one and then next years will fit spot on
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