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  1. We better hope we get promoted! But knowing our luck they would manage to charge us with something resulting in us missing out on a playoff spot...
  2. Filmed this gem last night...
  3. Only worry I have is if fletcher gets injured, this season he has been very important. Be interesting to see if we have any way of bringing anyone in come January.
  4. Sometimes the team is as good as the effort the players put in... just give them a chance.
  5. Just buy them a size bigger this year... bit baggy but at least next year this one and then next years will fit spot on
  6. Well at least we can concentrate on the league now...
  7. Anyone ask him how much his release clause is?
  8. I want to know where the fûćķ dotty is!
  9. I don't know why I'm here, it's a shîť club and I'm going to take them into relegation and run off with all the money. Muahahahahaaaaaa.. Would that have satisfied you?
  10. We could have just announced nigel Adkins.... that's worse.
  11. If its not one thing its another... I bet Chansiri is blooming sick of it!
  12. Hopefully that would give them the drive to succeed... IF they get the job.
  13. See the council haven't just been investigating us... https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/people/strippers-at-sheffields-spearmint-rhino-broke-rules-with-sex-acts-491737 I also how like how it mentions they will be doing unannounced monthly visits to make sure they are breaking the rules. LOL.
  14. Yeah... take your money before he does, doubt the club will see a penny from it.
  15. Just googled it... 2nd from bottom
  16. Out of interest, how have St Pauli been getting on results wise?
  17. Can we just not limit the number of away supporters we let into the ground... rather than limiting our own supporters?
  18. SAG have banned the stock of socks into the mega store. They have stated with a large supply of socks someone could tie them all together in the club shop causing a health and safety issue.
  19. Right.... that's my mind made up... I'm lumping on.... again...
  20. Hahaha his names so fitting isn't it... John Mothers Ole... he definitely is being a complete MothersOle, things have been perfectly fine for years and years! Is he a Sheffield United fan by any chance, or someone no no interest in football and doesn't understand the idea that football has fans that actually want to go and watch it?
  21. Rather than coming up with a reasonable solution and for police to actually control the situation like they manage all across the country they have settled for the easy option. Ban Wednesday fans from being able to come and watch football sonit makes life easier for them. Unbelievable.. can anyone name any other ground where this happens? Where police can't competently police some football fans? What about all the other rival derby games across the country...
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