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  1. CBA with this now! Surely a player wants to be at whichever club playing football instead of faffing about.. find someone else!
  2. Give it a rest, he may have not have been our best player but he's been with the club for a long time and he gave us all some memories. Some good and some maybe not so good.. but he respected the club and the fans. So for me all i can say is thankyou Atdhe and all the best for the future.
  3. Sure I saw something that said sky were going to show all games.. but im guessing it will be a pay per view set up if so...
  4. Surely if we have more tv coverage then that will make it more attractive to any sponsors? As long as its not a betting company.
  5. I'm glad we didn't keep fletcher.. kept breaking down, getting on and probably expensive. Glad he didn't stay on his terms.
  6. Is it more uncomfortable than a swab down the pee pee hole though? That's the real question 🤔
  7. We haven't finished yet you say? How many more? 🤔🤯
  8. Considering what position we are in with the -12 I think its a decent signing. I think so far we have done ok considering our situation.
  9. Quality player when fit... but unfortunately he's held together with elastic bands and cellotape.
  10. A bloke at work still says Brannan... instead of Bannan and when we had Carlos it was such a joy hearing "cavalio" every week. Its a joy listening to the mispronounced names, makes me chuckle.
  11. Is anyone wondering about the whole Fessi situation giving him the 6 match ban even though in court they didn't have the evidence to charge him and cleared him. Yet the EFL still punished us? All seems to be adding up now.
  12. I heard he was alright at handling a solid cross...
  13. Is the new kit in? Or is it just the old stock? (If anyone knows).
  14. I'm a big fan of the away shirt, we be one i will buy and i havent bought an away shirt for a very long time.
  15. My birthday 🎂, im going for 3rd as well.
  16. I like the kits, both home and away. Usually im not a massive fan of the away kits but this time they have gone for something different. I think they have tried to target the younger fans with these kits (probably the most likely to want to buy/own the shirts). I prefer it to last seasons green kit and its way better than the IKEA uniform a couple of seasons back. The subtle camo on the blue stripes i like, personally I think they have done a good job.
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