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  1. well done, a simple, structured membership deal. I think I might even buy one this year.
  2. Depends how much money they offer us for him to go to Newcastle... sure we could pull someone in. Would be disappointing though.
  3. Rumours started to potentially destabilise potential player deals? Who knows.
  4. Macauley Bonne apparently agreed terms with Charlton Athletic, 200k. Supposedly was/is a target for us.
  5. Other than what your saying being right... have I missed something? Has he been linked or you just stating fact?
  6. And he was cheap considering transfer prices these days.
  7. Are we waiting for accounts to clear before we announce we've signed anyone?
  8. 4 year deal and and extra year to trigger on top it is then .
  9. Hahaha.... I did want to edit that post after I had written it saying we wont get any players announced until the end of September until the new kit is released for the photos.
  10. Guy at work who's a Wednesday fan always calls Bannan by the name of Brannan.. winds me up everytime and always make the effort to say his name properly. Everytime I see the guy he says Brannan... is this guy just a tard? All I can see is thank fizz Carlos left, the amount of times I had to hear about Carvalio.
  11. And they have to be wearing the new shirt for the photos of course.
  12. But I'm not a she...... and I've never heard your voice?
  13. Hmmm.... who knows... I'm giving it till 5pm then I'm going to start kicking off.
  14. So what time are these 3 players getting announced then?
  15. Pfffft... don't tell me you have never had that fantasy..
  16. More chance of me suckling on the queens nipples whilst getting bummed with an electricity pylon.
  17. If you don't like it stay at home on setee.
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