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  1. Do you know anyone who does guttering? I need some replacing?
  2. Wonder no more my friend.... wonder no more. Your time spent wondering can now come to an end, and I feel honoured that I was the man to do it. Nothing worse than being sat... wondering when and if something may or may not happen. Especially as important as this!
  3. This part of your comment slightly gets my goat.. he's been to court and been proven innocent, yet you are still trying to taint it with that part of your comment. Maybe in the heat of the moment he claimed that Fessi had racially abused him, maybe he continued to claim this in order to show he hadn't fabricated it. He may have had a vendetta against him and wanted to see Fessi punished. Your comment reads that even though he's been found innocent you still assume that Fessi must have said something racist.
  4. Haha I'm half Argentinian and that phrase was used in certain situations... like for example... trapping your finger in the cupboard door.
  5. It might not have been because they didn't see it... I think Bruce's profile had a massive impact in getting those signings.
  6. I could possible believe it if it was a promotion bonus..... Not just to get into playoffs.
  7. Omg..... you don't even know! Give over.... It's bloomin John Terry duhhh.
  8. I would have avoided leppings lane completely know those scrubbers where going to be pouring out of it..
  9. Another one playing for a bloomin contract... as soon as he signs it will be back to tripe... . Ok in said it... only joking though. He definitely deserves it, been fantastic. Keep it up Liam.
  10. Steak.... all the meat on the fire please. Medium rare.... just how I like it. I want it juicy.
  11. I know what you mean, doesn't necessarily have to be that design or orange.. could be yellow, silver and purple, just something more exciting and interesting.
  12. Our away kits are always a bit... boring. The bruised banana, the current one... boring. I'd rather something a bit more eye catching with a retro edge.
  13. I wouldn't mind seeing an away kit along the lines of this... maybe in orange like the old tango kit!
  14. Ok I've just googled it.... damn Americans!
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