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  1. I heard he was alright at handling a solid cross...
  2. Is the new kit in? Or is it just the old stock? (If anyone knows).
  3. I'm a big fan of the away shirt, we be one i will buy and i havent bought an away shirt for a very long time.
  4. My birthday 🎂, im going for 3rd as well.
  5. I like the kits, both home and away. Usually im not a massive fan of the away kits but this time they have gone for something different. I think they have tried to target the younger fans with these kits (probably the most likely to want to buy/own the shirts). I prefer it to last seasons green kit and its way better than the IKEA uniform a couple of seasons back. The subtle camo on the blue stripes i like, personally I think they have done a good job.
  6. well.... i suppose thats one positive. No news is good news and all that 🙄
  7. Well an idea when its fookiñ likely would be good! Unbelievable...
  8. I'm really hoping we don't get a points deduction
  9. Woah.... this thread has gone abit balls deep. So we heard owt then or what? 🙄
  10. Whats up with Swansea head coach's eye balls like...
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