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  1. If we stay up, new contract. If we go down, adios amigos.
  2. Let's hope we don't fall to bits with injuries, going to be a really tough month. Make or break....
  3. No wonder the club has no money with your dodgy firestick!
  4. So we have no link with him? Yet me have a thread...
  5. So is it safe to say we can... LUMP ON!!!!!!
  6. I was thinking the exact same thing earlier... Surely he will have found out by know that he's chatting to fan's. So if he stops replying all of a sudden...
  7. Sam Hutchinson is not what we need... he's made of biscuits, he would end up being out injured after a few games.
  8. Well all know he will be good for about 3-4 games before he's injured or suspended.
  9. May as well try and bring back Fessi as well whilst we are at it... whats Abdi and Urby upto these days?
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