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  1. Do we need Forestieri back OR...

    Save the money... don't spend big.. see how the squad does this season and have a major overhaul in the summer.. refresh the squad and if we don't get promoted I think it would definitely be the time for a new manager. New manager and squad overhaul in the summer, don't spaff major cash in January. Oh and yeah just see what happens when fessi is back.
  2. Well... the word tripe springs to mind....
  3. Goooooo on fulham... never thought I'd say that but gooooo onnn.
  4. If we spend nowt in january.

    I think that spending any substantial amount of money in January would be a big mistake, we should stick with the squad and see what happens. Hopefully come summer that's when the money should be spend.. overhaul the squad and have a fresh start, possibly with a new manager too.
  5. Interesting stat

    Promotion nailed on.
  6. Yeah but if it's smart price it still won't cover his wages!
  7. Now how's buying asda tuna going to fund JRs wages....
  8. Away shirts

    Chansiri only bought 2 sewing machines to produce the kit to save money... so it might take a while.
  9. I've said this in a previous thread... let the season ticket holders choose the kit out of selection of designs. The fans get to choose and it doesn't get sabotaged by outsiders.
  10. It just doesn't make business sence to me for a supplier to do that... lose out on a deal and gain a bad reputation. A theory that I can think of.. as I say a THEORY.. is that the supplier we went with came in at the 11th hour and undercut the deal in place and said they could manufacture the kit in time.. But it could be true... only Chansiri knows.
  11. If Hooper gets injured

    Don't worry guys... we are signing Messi in January.
  12. If This Was Next Years Kit?

    I put the extended highlights onto the TV last night... Adam reach blasts that shot into the net.. I say "that's a reyt goal that". My 5 year old daughter says "daddy that's not your football team". So I questioned her.. "what makes you say that? It is my team". "No it isn't daddy, your team plays in a stripey top". I'm like... "well.... ermm they do.. but.. not in that game.. " Just gi stripes back FFS it's not right.. I've brought up the kids knowing we play in blue and white stripes... please show some compassion and do the right thing Mr Chansiri and bring them back.
  13. Sam Hutchinson

    I saw Sam today in Meadowhall too... I didn't see him limping at all but he was pushing a pram with another pram folded up inside....btw that's not a joke but I did find it odd... maybe he was using it as a zimmerframe? Didn't say anything because I'm a chicken and didn't want to be one of those annoying people who acts all pally and inside he's like... pee off I'm shopping.
  14. Thankyou if this was you.

    I'd like to think any fans no matter what club would stop and help.. but praise to all that stopped and showed compassion and was as helpful as they could be. That bit of help and support would have meant alot, so well done.
  15. Rhodes goal video

    I'm glad Rhodes hit it and not bannan otherwise it would have gone over the bar