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  1. It may be a long term contract with a clause to terminate depending on finishing positions at the end of the season.
  2. If we get promoted this season I'll get his face on my ass
  3. Maybe I'm tight, I would prefer to buy maybe like a 5 game pass for a discount. Also I dont have a laptop or tablet so it would be on my phone. I feel like forking out 10 quid only to be able to watch it on my phone is abit pricey. Maybe they should get some sort of app deal with sky Q or smart TV so you could just watch it straight on your TV.
  4. But knowing wednesday some other championship team will probably... mussel in and sign him instead of us.. Ok im done... we will just wait until we finally see or hear something more O-fish-al.. Ok.. yeah im done.
  5. I don't even know why it's taking so long... everyone has had plenty of time to....... mullet over
  6. CBA with this now! Surely a player wants to be at whichever club playing football instead of faffing about.. find someone else!
  7. Give it a rest, he may have not have been our best player but he's been with the club for a long time and he gave us all some memories. Some good and some maybe not so good.. but he respected the club and the fans. So for me all i can say is thankyou Atdhe and all the best for the future.
  8. Sure I saw something that said sky were going to show all games.. but im guessing it will be a pay per view set up if so...
  9. Surely if we have more tv coverage then that will make it more attractive to any sponsors? As long as its not a betting company.
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