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  1. It's just such a shame we are in the predicament we are in... a few weeks ago we were on a high, decent manager, a few signings. Now we have no manager or coach, we seem to be struggling to find someone of any excitement, feels like we are in similar shoes to Newcastle as in we are going to end up with the 11th choice on the list. I just hope that whoever it ends up being fans give them a chance and don't put blame onto Mr Chansiri. This is by no means his fault, we are just trying to make the best of a really poor situation.
  2. Look.... HS2 will be with us in a few years.. 30 minutes to capital innit.
  3. Cant see how it cant been seen in our favour... we've been śhíť on so we just have to lie down and take it... how can that be fair. We have the right to bring someone in as we are left with no coach or manager.
  4. I guess our only argument would be that we have a right to have a manager regardless the situation.
  5. Probably... either way. Even if they put it in the centre... still shíț anyway compared to ours haha.
  6. Even IF we get Chansiri across the front... just look at it... that sash of pure vile advertising is atrocious. How that got through as the final design for a shirt... jesus. Makes me love our shirt even more, simple and gorgeous with a touch of something different. That's if it's not a wind up by paddy power...
  7. OFFICIAL STATEMENT Steve Bruce as you know has pissed off to Newcastle after handing in his resignation whilst coming to an agreement with NUFC for a satisfactory settlement for his departure from SWFC. We would like to thank him for the small contribution whilst he was here and wish him no luck at all in the future. We would like to also stress we are working around the clock to bring in a replacement for the fat arsehole so we can get them with the team as soon as possible. Thanks, kiss kiss. Mr Chansiri.
  8. I know many say we should sell rhodes... and I know it's only pre season against some inferior opposition.. but hes finding the net at the moment and taking that momentum into the 1st few games could be a real advantage.
  9. I didn't know it was common knowledge, I asked in an other thread if he was going to be staying or not but no reply. I'm glad hes stopping, think he will prove to be really important.
  10. Are we still keeping the new sports science guy Tony Strudwick? Or is he going too?
  11. Not sure about that.... might cover a weeks wages though.
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