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  1. I know we played Lincoln but if this build up play and goal doesn't give you a sense of confidence for this season then I don't know what will. Quick exchanges and great finish. Great football.
  2. MrTacoSWFC

    Team vs Lincoln

    He would have had to aim for his knee to get hold of lachmans.
  3. MrTacoSWFC

    Team vs Lincoln

    Willy feelers
  4. MrTacoSWFC

    Blue and White Stripes and...

    White shorts... Hmmm doesn't look too bad
  5. Hahaha... oh right... I was going to say, I'm sure it would be a 5 sheet spread in the sheffield star if we were under an embargo and I haven't heard nowt.
  6. So have we become embargoed? What's the crack..
  7. Yeah fpp may have been relevant when it first came into action... but with the rate at which players prices have gone up along with a wage over the years that the contracts are for just doesn't see fpp fit for purpose anymore. It needs reviewing.
  8. So.... We have smart on a trail... Annnd, that's all so far. Anyone got a fast forward button to the start of the season.
  9. I think this could be a SMART move.... Right thread?
  10. He's going to score 25+ goals... everyone will be crying and saying I can't believe we let him go... Norwich will have a loan to buy deal 2 million and he will be worth 15... guarenteed.
  11. What was the average gate price to watch Wednesday in 66.. compared to today's money?
  12. Probably where the rumour came from then..
  13. I would drag the car with a rope attached to my balls....