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  1. Yes, this is true. But he was unproven at the time and offered more than any others at the club at his level. . Also if he stayed and developed he could have commanded more money in the future, instead I think the move ended up slowing his progress and potentially the amount he could be earning. I may be wrong but that's what I think anyway.
  2. Potentially though... for those 2 going to Celtic and having next to no 1st team football with them may have done us a favour aslo. Maybe a blessing in disguise.
  3. Or maybe the kid wasn't as greedy as Hirst?
  4. Yeah because they were both identical apart from the colour
  5. Sell him and get someone who has more chance of regular football because they aren't injured then win win... as long as they are better than Kamberi .
  6. He has moments of magic, but I think he was just too light weight. For the physicality of league 1 he got pushed off the ball too easily for me, struggled under pressure. I think it was the right move.. he will probably do the whole 'has a great season with someone else' thing, ultimately for me... the right decision.
  7. Nothing to really comment on us.. we haven't done anything yet
  8. Thanks! Will have a look! I might even... subscribe
  9. Has anyone considered the environmental impact of all these inflatables? I hope everyone... men and women alike are planning to use these bananas, sex dolls etc after the game and beyond and not just during the game.
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