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  1. We may have asked for 7... but Norwich may have only offered 2...
  2. I have a feeling those on the other side will be voting...
  3. We are in the lead! Come on! So when does this vote close ffs. Shut it now.
  4. And not to mention McShin shinned it.... fluke.
  5. Come folks.... get him in front! When does it close? What's betting the pigs are getting involved...
  6. 40 a piece now... come on Wednesday get voting!
  7. Stop being so PC.... I don't care if it was the better goal. We should still vote for our man, and also Fessi goal was better anyway.
  8. In the lead now... 38 fessi, 37 mc chin. When does the vote close?
  9. Don't get Gayle.... spend they money we have wisely. Have some us already forgotten the financial shït we are already in?
  10. Now that would definitely give me a borner!
  11. No that's a breville... as I found out in Barnsley. He was going to make himself a breville he said.. I said what? A breville he said... To which he pointed at a toasty maker to which I then said... so your making a toasty? He said no... a breville. I just looked at him strangely and decided to let him carry on and get back in my lorry and drive off.
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