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    SWFC of course, skodas... Yes I own a skoda, abit of rock climbing and the gym. Love my kids and the Mrs.

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  1. I take revenge on myself at times... Nothing like a good old fashioned angry w@nk.
  2. MrTacoSWFC

    The Signing of Jordan Rhodes

    Jordan Rhodes... probably..
  3. What.... randomly discuss or is this a proper rumour.. go on... what you heard?
  4. MrTacoSWFC

    New Kit

    I'm slightly concerned as to where you have put that bulge... I think you may need to see a doctor.
  5. MrTacoSWFC

    New Kit

    It's just like watching Brazil.
  6. MrTacoSWFC

    New Kit

    Have you seen it? Saucy?
  7. MrTacoSWFC

    New Kit

    The black one is ok... plain and simple. Not keen on the home version, it's abit... well it's alot not a Wednesday shirt.
  8. MrTacoSWFC

    New Kit

    If it was Adidas originals, retro influenced.. I'd be like...
  9. MrTacoSWFC

    Breaking News

  10. Whaaaaaaaat.... since when can't penguins fly?
  11. MrTacoSWFC

    New Kit

    Well I think that's being stripist if I don't say so myself... in this day and age you would think something like being a stripist would be brought into the public eye. I think it's disgusting if I'm honest.
  12. MrTacoSWFC

    New Kit

    So you liked it.... and now you don't like it? I'm confused.