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  1. MrTacoSWFC

    An Ode To Gary Megson

    Blue and white! Not white and blue!
  2. MrTacoSWFC

    Its got to be done

    Phone him a DC taxi?
  3. Thank you santa! .... I think
  4. MrTacoSWFC

    It's a sign. Literally!

    A sign that he shops at Tesco?
  5. MrTacoSWFC

    FAO all our fans going tonight

    Guaranteed some knobs will spoil it..... Unfortunately not everyone has a brain and that includes Wednesday fans. I'm sure most will though.
  6. I think he means the pressure that comes with such games due to the size of the fan base... I don't think he meant he doesn't think this game isn't important to the fans. Its not easy for someone who's second language isn't the best it could be. I do think he's on thin ice mind.... really need to get something from this game even if it's a draw.
  7. MrTacoSWFC

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Clean sheet today I tell ya!
  8. MrTacoSWFC

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    1st clean sheet today guys....
  9. MrTacoSWFC

    Jordan Rhodes available??

    We have had this convo already.. but we are saying no... no he's not
  10. MrTacoSWFC

    If Jos was to go

    Yes he did... but most fans know it isn't going to happen. I think he's hoping we do in order to avoid the inevitable mass clear out and possibly selling some of our best players to balance the books. But getting rid of the manager is only going to cost more money that we can't afford to spend...
  11. MrTacoSWFC

    If Jos was to go

    His job is primarily to keep us up (in my opinion).... we have no money, we have players who are out injured. We are mid table, and teams above haven't got many points more than us. The season isn't doomed yet... BUT if we are really suffering then yes maybe find someone to motivate the team, other than that it's far to premature to get rid of him at this stage. Everyone wants instant success, all he has had is a season sorting out the poo... this season trying his best with what he's got, he was allowed to make one cheap signing and bring in 2 loans. I think unless we are in trouble he needs to crack on, keep us in the league and given chance to do a bit of a reshape in the summer.