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  1. Hi New Barrack Tavern/Park Hotel running coaches, stopping at Stanmore then have the option of jumping on tube into London or stay in Stanmore for a beer then onto Stamford Bridge.
  2. Coach from New Barrack Tavern, calling @ Chorley.
  3. If anyone got U18 standing ticket available please contact. Thanks
  4. Got spare ticket if you still need one and space on minibus for anyone interested.
  5. New Barrack Tavern, Penistone Rd 10 min walk
  6. Minibus running from New Barrack Tavern for Cardiff away for anyone interested, leaving approx 2pm. Pick up in town can be arranged.
  7. My Dad, Derrick Godley first took me to Hillsborough mid 70's, think we were playing Bolton and had to win to stay up. Remember Ken Knighton scoring late on to win 1-0. That memory will stay with me for ever, that was it I was hooked at the age of 9! We took him to 93 semi against Utd, had the time of hid life. He passed away 5yrs yesterday, miss him so much, he'd have been buzzing today, hope we can do it for him today! RIP dad, love you.
  8. Coach load from New Barrack Tavern into Brighton for 3 pm. BUZZIN!😊
  9. Around 15 seats left, still waiting on how many got match tickets
  10. Seats available on coach for 2nd leg play off. Leaving Hillsborough 10.00am straight to Brighton for approx 3pm, then picking up 6pm on to ground. First come first served £35. Call me on 07930683027, thanks
  11. Was out last night with a couple of my partners friends in The Midlands last night, both Villa fans. 'Does Barry Bannan still play for you?' Started telling em wot a player etc,both looked at me gob smacked. Apparently Martin O Neil told hum when he was Villa manager to go and learn another profession as he'd never be a footballer!!! Just shows what Martin O Neil knows about football!
  12. Hi, trying to get enough bodies to fill 16 seater minibus to Brighton if anyone interested then contact me please, looking to leave around 12ish. Thanks
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