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    The more I watch him play the more I am convinced he is the third best keeper at the club
  2. Bobster01


    Goalkeeper is not a position that you can allow someone to grow into, no other play is going to be able to mop up mistakes like if Baker or Penney make a mistake. Nothing he did tonight put confidence in the defence, looked certain to fumble and makes wrong decisions such as punching a floating ball right to a player on the penalty spot. He will be a first team regular in the future but currently he isn't ready to be a starting championship goalkeeper. Everything he does installs a shoot on sight attitude to attackers minds and this is causing shots to be taken like tonight that turn into goals. If he had looked steady on handling,short stopping and distribution you could argue their goal tonight the shot may not have been taken if he hasent looked so obviously out of his depth and lacking the ability to be assured in his work in goal.
  3. Bobster01

    Favourite Away Grounds...

    My dad used to go on the intercity owl. He remembers the Newcastle ratrun through the streets. The worst day out he can remember was going to West Ham, being marched through the streets miles away from Upton Park. Police either side of all the fans while all the pubs were closed to stop the West Ham fans from coming out (scariest ever away day) but favourite away day was Chelsea when the intercity owl was sent into Paddington station then onto our own underground tube to Fulham Boradway to be met by loads of Chelsea fans on the platform. When the doors opened it was like in the wild West with a mass fight across the whole platform/station. Great days out.
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    We need a new ticket category

    I'm guessing your not the tallest person then
  5. Bobster01

    Someones gunna get sued

    I think the rules are that two cities can have two stadiums and then after that there can only be one stadium per city. That is the only reason why Hillsborough in my opinion would be used in the 2030 bid due to the location of stadiums around England.
  6. Bobster01

    V A R

    Just a roumer, but I heard Swarbrick is secretly doing VAR tonight under a cover name
  7. I thought you meant the side where he played football
  8. Bobster01

    You know what to do guys...

    Premishership level voting, then Bristol win
  9. Bobster01

    Swansea Fans Views

    Be careful though they've been in the prem for 7years
  10. Bobster01

    Swansea Fans Views

    The fact they go on about playing and beating Arsenal and Liverpool regulary
  11. Bobster01

    We will be relegated

    Fact is though that teams near the bottom don't win very often, that's why they are at the bottom.
  12. Injured, back in two weeks
  13. Bobster01

    Jordan Thorniley : Success story

    He did well and didn't look a weaklink apart from he got caught on the ball twice in the first half. Decent performance but I don't think he is ready to be a first team regular yet but one for next season and possible bench role for the rest of this season.
  14. Bobster01

    Not all doom and gloom re FFP

    Only Purim should get an extension then if that is true. His experience and character are still valuable for us, even if it is only a year extension.
  15. Bobster01

    Friday - Paying on the gate

    To be fair it might enable more under 11s to go as it's on a Friday instead of a Tuesday and against a team in our league so you would expect a better turn out.
  16. Bobster01

    Friday - Paying on the gate

    A real chance to show that if he lowers the prices than more people will come.
  17. Bobster01

    Gary Madine : Cash Machine

    With how much players at this level cost these days I really think that the league need to consider FFP and increase the amount clubs can lose as the price of players are rising dramatically at the moment due to the larger clubs paying 200mil for some players. Otherwise all FFP will do is make the already near impossible jump from the championship to the prem even more difficult.
  18. Bobster01


    My point was, although very poorly worded was I didn't think he covered the defence like Hutch has for example over the last few years. His role is to protect the defence and I don't think he did a good enough job of that and that may be as you say due to the fact he is no spring chicken and may be feeling the strain of what is a very demanding role.
  19. Bobster01


    Been an absolute liability this half, can't tackle, pass or control the ball. A liability in defence and offers nothing in attack. This new Dutch midfielder who's name I won't even try to spell should walk into the side in his place. Am I being harsh or is he usually better than this?
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    That makes literally no difference in my opinion. The fact he supports us will not make me change my opinion on his performance. Although I accept it is great to see someone who supports the club play for it, it shouldn't be a factor to make someome change their opinion on them as a player
  21. Bobster01


    I don't sit there. At least it will be a fresh start for you next season. A rejuvenated team and a new seat on the kop. I don't just about abuse at people. I want the team to play well but I just personally didn't think Jones played well in the first half.
  22. Bobster01

    Home dugout

    It would make sense for Jos to be in the stands like in rugby. He dosent seem to say much stood on the touchline so have him watching the game on TV and with the view from the stand you could have someone on the touchline to relay instructions and motivate the team.
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    He reads the game really well and although he can't do the running of a full back anymore he still is a much better cb than Looverens. We can drop Looverns and still have the experience and character of Purim to guide the other less experienced cb that are alongside him.