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  1. New SWFC stadium wishlist

    Can't be, there is no netting
  2. Rearranged Sunderland match?

    The league was based off who is the best and ending teams bad runs then we would most definitely be top of the league.
  3. Just heard Sunderland have requested to move their home match with us ASAP as they haven't won at home this year and desperately need three points.
  4. Just heard Sunderland have requested to move their home match with us ASAP as they haven't won at home this year and desperately need three points.
  5. Time to Start Being Vocal?

    As above but the reason we are at the bottom end of the table is because we play Defensive football, the weakest part of the team is the defence due to poor recruitment during the pre season which you have mentioned. We are a great attacking team which was proven in the first season. Carlos has cracked under the pressure and expectation of the fans and it is not time for him to go and to get someone in who can make the team play to their strengths and play some exciting, attack8ng football.
  6. Time to Start Being Vocal?

    That is the same team that got us to the play off final 2 seasons ago and to fourth place last season as has been highlighted by people exposing our poor recruitment so the team can't be that bad. The league is in my opinion less competitive than the previous two seasons as is proven by the fact sheff utd are top of the league. The team is there, Carlos just no longer knows how to use it as he us too scared to play the attacking football which suits our team best.
  7. Time to Start Being Vocal?

    The only way to make him change is to not go to the match. Just boycott the matches until he is sacked as this team should be near the top of the table, not one point above Millwall.
  8. Disappointed with his commitment here. He agrees to do the interview then gets his Netherlands under 21 cap to finish the interview off for him.
  9. Ryan Giggs

    Can see your reasoning but I'd rather take on someone who has proven themselves, even in the lower leagues.
  10. Dad remembers going Spurs Notts Forest FA Cup semi final 1961 when he was three, his first Wednesday game he can remember is losing at home to Arsenal 5-0. So he's been following wednesday for 56 years and been to 65 out the 92 football league grounds.
  11. #boycottthekit

    I personally would prefer a kit with stripes, but my Dad gave me a photo of him as a kid in his first Wednesday kit which is the same as the one going on sale on Monday. Can understand the upset with the price as it was supposed to be done in house for a cheaper kit, but as long as it is blue and white I don't care
  12. Don't give them another penny!!!

    Exactly, it is not fair how people are being priced out of football. Chansiri is lucky to have the fan Base that we have and personally I think he is exploiting how loyal the fans are. The only way to effect Chansiri is to effect him commercially and walking out of the game at a set time will force his hand, boycotting the kit as well would be another way to effect him too.
  13. Don't give them another penny!!!

    Totally agree with what you have said, everyone is fed up with the performances of the team, Carlos has to go. We know what this team can play like and we should be near the top of the league with the team that we have - Bolton, Burton, Birmingham and Sunderland - NO wins. Nothing seems to be happening with the management situation. One way of showing our disgust with the state of the club at the moment is to pick a minute in the match and get up and leave the stadium (like the Liverpool fans did when their ticket prices went up). Something like the 75th minute, whether we are winning or losing, to show our dismay at what is going on with our club at the moment. Don't forget we are the club - we will still be here long after Chansiri and Carlos have gone.
  14. David Jones

    I still believe that we appeared much more open defensively when hutch isn't there, although I accept as he drops deep he may effect us in attack. So it really depends on which style Carlos plays. If he plays like the first season we need Jones and if we play like we did last season we need Hutch.