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  1. Any chance the 16GB is still available Jowl? Sent you a PM...
  2. Slotted in well, tidy player, allowed Reda to get forward (not that it stopped Reda when he came off). Puts his foot on the ball and offers some composure - which no one else did in the first half. Pleased with his signing, really.
  3. Lita was absolute quality. A cut above everything else on the pitch when he came on. We suddenly (for a brief period anyway) gained some shape, and I think his introduction loosened the shackles on Antonio and JJ a bit - especially JJ who was anonymous up to that point. Pugh played well, very tidy, in the Lee mould of a wide midfielder I'd say. Thought he was unlucky to come off and not one of the two in the middle with him pushing inside.
  4. Madine worked his testicles off when he came on today, put himself about, and made some really nice touches and passes. Was clearly looking for Lita and I was thinking much the same - they could work really well together.
  5. Yes, barriers will force you to. I say retox Senwar, retox. You might well need it come 5pm...
  6. This way you don't have to do loads of changes, it's proper reliable, not as many people use it so you won't be squeezed on with all the Saturday shoppers. MOST IMPORTANTLY Since you won't be on the Tube - you CAN drink
  7. Wouldn't be my choice from Kings Cross to be honest. If you're coming on the train down from Doncaster, you'll come into King's Cross. I'd walk across to St. Pancras (where the train from Sheffield terminates anyway). You can go downstairs there, and there's the Thameslink train to London Bridge, which runs every 15 minutes and takes 17 minutes to get there. Think it's the train to Brighton or somewhere. If you have an Oyster card or are getting one, you can still use it on this journey and the entire journey to Charlton.
  8. I felt today's formation was as much about containing the wide men of their 3-5-2 and exploiting space around and behind the three at the back as it was about controlling the game in the centre, which we didn't do a great deal. It was clear that we were using width within our own half, and then getting balls into channels or trying to get 4 forward to overwhelm their three, and make runs between them. I imagine it was a formation developed in order to manage their width at first, before seeing the opportunities with our pace and movement, as you've outlined above, to make strides through t
  9. I said in the Matchday Thread half way through the first half that it was some excellent tactical ingenuity. Defensively we went 6-4-1-1 effectively neutralising their wide men, and attacking we were 3-3-4/3-3-3-1 finding all kinds of gaps in their quite static 3-5-2. Must be a one off to counter the 3-5-2 Hull play, to be honest, but was very effective today, and the roles filled to perfection by the players.
  10. Watched this the other day on the basis of this post and a review... Absolutely brilliant. One of the most interesting films I've seen in ages, really enjoyed it, and one of my top films of the year now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  11. Got back to you this morning. Others - assume this has now gone.
  12. Actually, having received it today, it just says Adult ticket. So anyone that wants an Adult ticket at Student prices, let me know, more than happy to help you out!
  13. It's actually in a really un-obvious place, I've just noticed, so I thought I'd post it for you. It's the link at the bottom of this page. Will open a PDF.
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