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  1. Tread carefully, you’re not providing enough factual evidence
  2. I didn’t expect anyone to jump on anything. Nor did I ask for anyone to scream Bullen Out. Don’t think I said it myself either. I didn’t talk about his Coaching ability and I didn’t talk about a personal agenda, because I don’t know him. I said that, in my opinion, talking about trying to get in the Play Offs was a delusion and wasn’t helping. You’re questioning me on lots of things I didn’t say which isn’t really how discussion works
  3. Main moderator of website tells you what you can and can’t post, and what you must include for your opinion to be considered valid. Interesting
  4. I’ve just asked a question of someone who replied to me if you’ve like to include that in the full quote. Thanks gents
  5. What’s he doing as part of the senior coaching set up then? What’s his job?
  6. “Alex Miller: Sheffield Wednesday players will head to training today for the first time since March 17. Lee Bullen told me that while it will be tough, the Owls ambition remains a place in the playoffs, should football resume. #SWFC“ Players shielded and too comfortable. Delusions of grandeur like this. We are currently the worst side in the division and every fan wants the season ended. Lee you’ve been a superb servant for the club, but this isn’t helping anyone anymore. Reset button needed.
  7. You have to be a total moron to boo a team 3 and a half games into the season
  8. I wasn't close enough to see the brand sadly - they were clearly already open though.
  9. How often do you see a new manager come in and only bring one or two members of staff? It's a botch job
  10. In December, stood in almost the exact same spot at Brentford, I watched Andy Kalinis sprint down the tunnel and back again during the game to fetch a packet of biscuits for the bench. Yesterday, the man who was Caretaker in December, Bullen, was LAID DOWN with his feet up and back on the advertising boards. Never seen either of those things in my years watching or playing at a poor Sunday league level. Some people down there need their heads wobbling.
  11. Another thing that hits me is how big the pitch appears to be when they play, and how easy it is to by pass them. Its like watching hook-a-duck, they just float around with no control or knowledge of their surroundings
  12. Worst I’ve seen in any team at any level this season. No courage or application to either be on the ball or win the ball back - the core requirement of a central midfielder, in the supposed “engine room”. Jaw dropping and embarrassing considering the level they have played at throughout their careers - and the opposition last night. Manager Dave Jones once said that he had dropped Prutton because “all he does is kind of help the ball on”. I’d have took Prutton in there for either of them last night. Unforgettable and certainly unforgivable
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