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  1. This is what makes the window so exciting IMO. We’ve got options now to shift things about if it’s not going our way. Before we really struggled against organised teams. Now we can be more direct when we need it. Before we struggled to manage games out (how many points did we drop in extra time last season), now we can bring luongo / hutch on and pack the middle. Feels like very astute work to me.
  2. Anyone know who Acura Sports are? They’re claiming Reach to QPR for £5m - must be bullsh*t right?
  3. According to Nixon. Some interest. Great business if so.
  4. Bringing my 7 yr old niece for her first Wednesday game against Reading. Anyone know where I can find kid-friendly versions of the songs to share with her mum in advance. The little one is excited and wants to learn the songs before the big day.
  5. Interesting article in the paper today on the stats behind sacking / not sacking managers. Upshot is most sackings happen when the manager is unlucky vs underperforming and that bringing in a new manager tends not to make the slightest bit of difference http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/sacking-managers-pointless-stats-slaven-bilic-west-ham-premier-league-a8044586.html
  6. Got 2 in the west lower that I can't use. Drop me a message if you're interested
  7. I've got a couple in west lower that I can't use. Drop me a message if you're interested
  8. I'm not so sure it's a question of promotion with Rhodes vs future with Hirst. For me the question should be why sell for (what I'm assuming will be) low 7 figures now when we could sell for low 8 figures in 2/3 years' time? Lets face it if if he delivers on his promise we can't keep him for ever but we can maximise his value. Over the next three years, particularly if we get promotion his value will go up sharply - why sell an appreciating asset. It's like selling your house just before you know a housing boom is on the way. Reckon chansiri can see that.
  9. Looks good according to the "oracle of truth" that is football manager. Also an a list of best left backs available on a free. Stats seem to back up what people are saying here, defensively suspect but a good attacking option.
  10. Realistically LB - Bennett CB - Ekstrand (good mates with Abdi, which owuld help) DM - Gunnarsson (might be unlikely if Norwich thing is true)
  11. Stats-wise he's one of the top 10 defensively minded mids in the championship: Tackles / interceptions per game are all up there, pass completion ratio and key passes as well. https://www.whoscored.com/Players/35734/History/ and that bullet throw? I'd take him.
  12. Lavery just got offered a new deal - if they're moving him out it will only be in loan surely?
  13. He's six foot and less than 12 stone according a couple of stats sites.
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