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  1. Bad Language in family stand

    I think they'd still hear swearing at the stain , dude
  2. Something about the pope is niggling away at the back of my brain
  3. Was this a penalty?

    Possibly probarbably may have been FFS
  4. Done with it all

    There may have been nothing artificial about it,
  5. Is he bringing Keyring Lee on
  6. Thought we were going with a 442 not 433. FFS
  7. No score in Fulham v Derby yet
  8. So does anyone know how we are playing ??
  9. One that's going to earn millions of £££££££££££s whether he keeps 'em up or not ?????? FFS
  10. Mein Gott man. You vant everyvan to be atheists ????
  11. E-cash

    Me mammy allus taught us not to p!ss on our hands,
  12. A Bristol City view

    Yeah. But ours is in capitals cos we're MASSIVE FFS
  13. It's getting close to Matchday

    FFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFS
  14. SWFC Flag/Screensaver

    You spelled CONLISIO wrong