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  1. Aaaahhhh. The F.A. Cup. I used to love it when winning the F.A. Cup was just about as good as winning the First Division Title. How times have changed...…. FFP FAC FFS
  2. cognacbarnowl

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    Why did they blank out S36Owls face FFP FFS
  3. cognacbarnowl

    How many games...

    It might just be that the draw at the stain was the turning point ???? Just mebbe , like. FFP FFS
  4. cognacbarnowl

    Any new manager

    Cool story bro FFP FFS
  5. cognacbarnowl

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    Trevor Francis. For signing Eric Canto...………………….. Oh hang on …………………………………. FFP FFS
  6. Nah!!! Can't see Fulham hiring CC. He didn't support them as akid . Did he ?? FFP FFS
  7. cognacbarnowl

    Derby game in March

    What'll be different ? We'll be two mid table teams and our victory will take us above them. Normal service resumed FFP FFS
  8. cognacbarnowl

    Its got to be done

    Maybe you could ask for an appointment with him where you could put across your above argument, and in a calm and logical manner you could then proceed to tell him where he has made all his mistakes and what he should do to rectify them. If he then feels that he is unable to put into practice your well worded and reasoned argument I am sure he will give it all up and walk away from his probably highly paid position as head coach. If, on the other hand, your advice actually lifts the veil from his eyes and he sees the light then takes us on a twenty game unbeaten run I think your desire to see the back of him may just wane a little. Or you could just lean across from your seat and shout into the dugout, "FECK OFF JOS". FFP FFS
  9. cognacbarnowl

    The City Is Theirs

    Foook me Bert old chap. Stop reading them Barbara Cartland books will ya FFP FFS
  10. cognacbarnowl

    BCFC U18s 0 v 3 SWFC U18s

    Thanks for the updates John, and well done to the young Owls. Here's hoping they all get their chances in the first team when they're ready. UTO FTB FFP FFS
  11. cognacbarnowl

    The Blavdes best ever chance to avenge BDM

    The gift that never stops giving pmsl. OLDER BIGGER BETTER, and now, thanks to Peppa Mardiola and his vitriolic hatred towards The Wednesday, MORE POWERFUL.!!!!!!!!! FFP FFS
  12. cognacbarnowl

    Fake crowd sounds on sky

    Sty Sports !!!!! What more can you say ? FFP FFS
  13. cognacbarnowl

    Proving his Point...

    Spot on S36. Articulate, saw the match as it was, and not one iota of bitterness towards the "opposition". Hopefully he'll go on to become one of our legends. UTO FTB FFP FFS
  14. cognacbarnowl

    Chris Wilder’s post match interview

    Bitter little tw@ couldn't even bring himself to say Sheffield Wednesday. FFS. But without using the actual words he was confirming that WE ARE A BIGGER, BETTER CLUB THAN HE CAN EVER WISH TO MANAGE. When they finally sack him, and it will come to that one day as it always does, I will laugh my little cotton socks off. UTO FTB FFP FFS
  15. cognacbarnowl

    The City Is Theirs

    I have no words to answer the fred title except one. FECKIN NEVER !!!!!! FFP FFS