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  1. Yeah OG. Sometimes it's hard to tell talk from mutter
  2. 'kin 'ell dude. Do you know if he's still got it. I've been trying to find out where it landed for ages . 'sno good trying to play 501 with only two arrers FFS
  3. Didn't know Chelsea had a snooker/pool team FFS. Learn summat new every day, huh
  4. If we can't beat Stoke then we can forget about winning the match FFS
  5. And that shallot now wiv der onion jokes !!! OK!!!! FFS
  6. I'd love to see Carlton explaining THIS one to his missus
  7. Awwww c'mon A12, who dafuck is going to pay £10 to watch an empty screen for two hours. Mind you, the producer's cut with an extra 20 minutes of edited scenes might make it worthwhile, FFS
  8. I wouldn't think the chances of him bursting into a lung busting rendition of 2"Nessun Dormo" in the centre circle is TOO unrealistic. But if the rest of the lads join in I may get a little twitchy
  9. OWLS KILL THINGS THAT SQUEAK , DON'T THEY ?? we'll murder this one. one wat or 'tother
  10. Happy Birthday to ya Ron. Hoping you'll enjoy many more of 'em. Fancy coming back to work with Brucie to stop you getting bored these days ??
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