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  1. cognacbarnowl

    Big Lad Up Front For Russia

    Are you somekinda feckin pessimist or summat ??? Oh. Hang on FFS
  2. cognacbarnowl

    This is hell.

    Wier chef healed when's day. We Ron are whey Bach Hoar sum at Lyke dat !! FFS OK. I give up.
  3. cognacbarnowl

    This is hell.

    earwig, oh. earwig oh, earwigoh FFS
  4. cognacbarnowl

    Was the person who made this drunk?

    That'd be Helmut Rooster mate.He feckin loves 'em FFS
  5. cognacbarnowl

    Carabao Cup and Fixtures List

    I just ate half a packet of TUC, ( other salty biscuits may be available), spread all over with some kinda luke warm stilton that I'd left out in the kitchen. So June hasn't been a total washout FFS
  6. cognacbarnowl

    Our fire sale

    If we sell Rhodes will we have to give back the Elgin Marbles FFS
  7. cognacbarnowl

    Owls to host Dutch opponents

    Daz Omo Lux Domestos. See........ I can speak latin FFS
  8. cognacbarnowl


    I think I wanted to say something, but I forgot what it was. Am I in the wrong fred ????? FFS
  9. cognacbarnowl


    Aaahhhh, Prunes in semolina ( insert chundering emoji thingy ) FFS
  10. cognacbarnowl

    What’s happening here then?

    Will we be packed in like sardines then ??? PMSL FFS
  11. cognacbarnowl


    Dunt mind sloppy seconds. As long as it were me that med it sloppy FFS
  12. cognacbarnowl

    how much is Westwood suddenly worth?

    Calm down mate ; calm down. CALM FECKIN DOWN FFS
  13. cognacbarnowl

    Rhodes to Rangers

    Twohats musta picked up my drinking money for last week which I dropped FFS
  14. I gotta stop smoking this sheeite FFS. I think it's making me dyslexic cos this reads to me like a right load o' crap pmsl FFS
  15. cognacbarnowl

    Charity match tomorrow

    Are you gonna stalk 'em FFS