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  1. That's what that bird said on the kop last Satday FFS
  2. YAY ..…………………….. we can say "snatch" again without it being censored
  3. My gord !!! If Fox's playing so well he has made Matias want to cream himself it must be some display he's putting on FFS
  4. Could we yet see Jos make another player come good ?? FFS
  5. Ju s'perm any randy couple from 25,000 spectators and you're bound to cum up lucky at some point FFS
  6. I wonder how many on here who are slating Fox were also slating Nuhiu and Matias not so many months ago. And look what Jos did for them .…. FFS
  7. cognacbarnowl

    Well this is awkward

    OH BUGGER!!!! I didn't know you could get a dose from a handjob . FFS
  8. cognacbarnowl

    Standing ovation for Rob Staton

    IIRC from Pauli's OMDT a couple of years ago there's a lot of old settees that he can kip down on if he ain't sorted his accommodation yet. I did hear that some were being used for Airb'n'b these days though FFS (Hull???)
  9. cognacbarnowl


    Best way to ring the ticket office dude, is either use a telephone of some description or get a lot of mates and surround it FFS
  10. cognacbarnowl


    Go on Sherlock dude. Tie him in knots and let's get the truth out of him FFS
  11. cognacbarnowl

    My epic story

    It'd be more newsworthy if Santana remembered and sent you one of his guitars dude Oh !!! Hang on a minute FFS
  12. cognacbarnowl

    My epic story

    I played against Ron at the Riviera Lido holiday club once. Staff v punters. I insisted he couldn't be in goal for them as we wouldn't have a chance of scoring and Ron agreed. So he then went on to smash six goals past us ffs ..And that was after he'd retired IIRC. FFS
  13. cognacbarnowl

    19 years ago today...

    teckin her to Newcastle for an honeymoon might be one of the reasons for your singularity Flat Owl ? I suppose it coulda been classed as exotic 'n' romantic if ye were living in Middlesborough though FFS
  14. cognacbarnowl


    I don't think that just because CC said last night that he is back on the market for a job in England that it would put Jos under any pressure at all. Quite the opposite I reckon, as Jos would be hoping CC gets a championship club and we get six easy points from them Just saying like FFS
  15. I can just imagine the conversation if those two turn up tonight . "Ooo doo yoo sink vill score tonight mein liebe ?" "Oh, Reach for anuzzer hunny ." "Ok you insatiable leetle devil. But only eef zat nosey beetch isn't sitting near uss." COME ON THE OWLS SHOOT ON SIGHT !!!!! FFS