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  1. The last time that happened to me she turned around and gave me a slap, FFS.
  2. Have I ever told you that you shouldn't be saying something?? It's your opinion and as far as I know I have never told you what your opinion should or should not be. However, I think I am allowed my opinion too. If not, just tell me and I won't give my opinion on anything you post. I wouldn't want you to be upset, FFS.
  3. It wouldn't have taken the Gestapo long to recruit here if they had managed to get across the watter, Worksop. FWIW I appreciate freedom of speech, FFS.
  4. Hmmm.. Hands up all those who take their laptop to the bog instead of the Sunday paper, FFS
  5. You wash your dishes in the bog too, Claw, ?? FFS
  6. Barry Bannon in five years?? That thatch took really well di'n't it, FFS
  7. You can see all that in Greno woods on a Friday night. ( a friend told me ), FFS
  8. For , "blue Finn" you have to check out the "streakers" fred, FFS
  9. Puts a new slant on the term, "self Izalating", FFS
  10. There's a good few on here that don't understand humour, Ash. They think that everyone has to inhabit the same grey, damp, miserable world that they live in. FFS
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