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  1. All seater stadiums is the problem. Not just at Hillsborough but at football grounds across the country. Bring back standing areas and the singers would gravitate towards that and create a good atmosphere again. Not a chance in hell that it'll happen though, FFS.
  2. They seem to be on the same wavelength when they play together, that's for sure. It'd be nice to see them get a run of games.
  3. Keep at it A12. If the team were as persistent as you we'd win every feckin match FFS
  4. Or as chief sitting vulva might say, "Be true t' wounded chut knee" . FFS will somebody help me
  5. Got to agree with this 100% Snoots. I used to love going to watch a reserve match if I couldn't get to the away game with the first team. Quite a few of those lads made it to the first team too. They would often get to play against some quality opposition when they were up against good players coming back from injury or others who had been "dropped" and were trying their damnedest to get back into their first team. They also got to play alongside our own good players who were in the same position too. Nostalgia just ain't what it used to be , is it. BRING BACK THE STIFFS !!! FFS.
  6. You need to get that dog of yours down to see the vet, OG. Summat terribly wrong with his stomach by the looks of that, FFS. ( no idea what that emo thing is either, FFS )
  7. Vulva might have a couple of incontinence thingies spare now, FFS
  8. FAKE NEWS ALERT !!!!!! This dog has no white stick FFS
  9. Ohhh, that's a pearler. Zero comment to come back at ya too, FFS UTO PFO14
  10. Nah, but they'll spot a yellow submarine from feckin miles away, FFS
  11. You started all this chutney nonsense feckin months ago, FFS. And it got a lot more than 5 pages
  12. Reight footy fan was oldfart Pickles, FFS. Always remember him shouting, "Take him down!!" pmsl.
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