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  1. Now you've got my cheeks Aken from laughing, trevdi
  2. Erm .…………………….. button "A" to let the money into the box and connect thecal, and, button "B" to get your money back if not connected. We used to push a bit of bogroll up the button "B" chute to stop the money coming out and then collect it later in the evening. Didn't take the adults long to suss that one out though, FFS.
  3. Yeah, I'm beginning to doubt my memory on this. Not about the big win, cashwise, which was huge back in those days, but about the oppo's. It would have been around that time too. I will find it.
  4. I do believe we were away to Notts County. I'll try to find the year.
  5. So who's going to tell me how to do that incognito thing so I can get voting for FF for goal of the season on Sky?????????
  6. You should cover your keyboard with clingfilm when you go on THOSE sites , steely. A friend told me, FFS
  7. I think the first signing will be before the transfer window closes
  8. Gone for FF. Best one of all for me. FF on 33% McGinn on 41%. Someone tell me how to multi vote please.
  9. Can we multi vote it? And how do you do it ?
  10. You should apply for the position as commercial executive to the club, Arfur. I'm certain they would welcome your knowledge and expertise within the game . And I've no idea why my keyboard has suddenly jumped to italics, FFS
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