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  1. cognacbarnowl

    FFP: Break or Be Broken

    It's all part of the illuminati's plan for the NWO . "Keep them pesky Wednesdayites distracted or they'll stop us tekkin over t'world, ffs. and give 'em summat cute to look at too
  2. cognacbarnowl

    Just an idea

    Quite a pleasant surprise when I opened and read this fred. I thought it was going to be another of soli's songs Then my head exploded ffs
  3. Now, now acquie. Post, not poster, remember ?? Sorry SiJ, couldn't resist it
  4. cognacbarnowl

    FAO Mus

    What with this and Farrell's mankini stint on the Kop it's going to be an interesting end to the season
  5. FFS !!!! I've got to stop smoking mary Joanna. Thought it was the matchday fred and instead it's an old junk food advert
  6. Did some Wednesdayites kidnap you ?? You've been here since last feckin Friday FFS
  7. Behave yersen ffs !!!! There's a dedicated fred for that
  8. cognacbarnowl

    Referee for Luton game on Tuesday

    I'm all for full time professional referees and linesmen. It's been needed for decades, ffs. They should also be subject to promotion and relegation too, with differing pay grades for each division. Give them a league table same as the clubs with every bad decision scoring negative points. They start the match with 5 points and every bad call gets 1 point deducted from that. Go all game without a mistake and get a bonus point. Make more than five mistakes a game and get another minus point. We'd soon see who is really up to the job with just a simple glance at the referees' league table.
  9. cognacbarnowl

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    Is it worth listening to ?? FFS I need cheering up somehow
  10. cognacbarnowl

    Efe ambrose

    I once lived up in Effin in a lovely Effin house, The only other living there was a little Effin mouse. He ate my Effin cornflakes and my Effin cheddar too, And I used to find his sh!t in my little Effin loo. So I went to Effin rentokill and told 'em my sad tale, But Effin rentokill were kak, 'twas all to no avail. Then a great big Effin copper came to visit me one day, Told me not to worry, there might be an Effin way. His great big Effin boot came down and made the mouse all gory, And put an Effin end to my little Effin story. UTO
  11. cognacbarnowl

    Efe ambrose

    6'3" tall and built like a brick thunderbox dude. That's a lot Efe , ffs