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  1. Don’t understand the hate reach gets at all. Runs all day, has a great cross and is a danger. Odabajo, on the other hand, is awful... constantly out of position and defensively weak. Will only be good for us if we move to 3 at the back. Also why are we having a go at reach when Murphy is FAR worst. Reach is being made into a scale goat when in reality we lost today because of awful tracking back and defending and winnals abysmal finishing. Odubajo, Murphy and winnal all fat off the pace and simply not good enough
  2. Lineup tomorrow will be, and has to be, in my opinion this. The changes adds strength and legs to the team and creativeness with pace from Murphy to come off the bench if needed. Westood Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer Hutchinson Luongo Bannon Reach Fletcher Harris
  3. Westwood wildsmith hunt new right lees sasso hutchinson* new centre back (possibly 2) new left back pudil wallace new right mid (mcmanaman?) lee bannon hutchinson* abdi jones (possibly get rid of jones and another cm) reach Forestieri* New winger hooper rhodes winnal fletcher forestieri* joao (probably send out on loan again)
  4. Fulham 100%. Reading sit back and frustrate us before hitting us on the counter with their powerful midfielders. Even though Fulham are great going forward... they will leave holes and space at the back for us to exploit
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