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  1. Just off topic but wife's just bought me a new book for my birthday. Absolutely brill, full of newspaper reports about Weds from 1907 onwards. Some great match reports and a fantastic read. It's called Football history told through newspaper headlines Sheffield Wednesday and published by Historic Newspapers Limited. Not cheap though at about £40 but fabulous memories.
  2. Oh no, so soon after his big mate Gerry. Rest in peace Quinny, a top top bloke who raised a lot for local good causes with his John Quinn's All-stars.
  3. Used to have a newspaper in Hillsborough during the 1980s called The Hillsborough Shopper. I spent a lot of time in Quinnies sports shop chatting to John and Gerry who used to do the trophy side of the business. One year I printed a fixture list and sold ads around it. Got a letter then from Graham Mackerel at Wednesday saying that I'd breached copyright and he wanted me to pay the club the revenue from the ads on that page which was about £150. I told John and Gerry about it and they went to see Graham Mackrel who then changed his mind and let it drop. Both John and Gerry were blokes of the t
  4. If the season had ended as normal then next year's fixtures would have been out end of June. Seeing as the EFL scheduled the hearing for mid July then it seems to me that their original plan was always to make the decision to take effect from next season. So I think if any points are deducted then it was always going to be next season.
  5. It's all well and good saying 70% salary cap on income but what if you're a club that averages gates of around 10,000, how can they be expected to compete with the Leeds , Derbys and Wednesdays. They've no chance of attracting good players because they simply can't offer the wages. A salary cap is all well and good but it's not the be all and end all. Other factors have to come into play, for instance if a small club sold their best player for multi millions would that give them an extra advantage in a salary cap, probably would, but what happens the season after. If that club were to buy a pl
  6. Cheers Alan48. I sorted them all out into seasons. Saw an online site somewhere that said average price for 1960s home programmes was around £2 to £3 each.
  7. I don't think they will print any programmes because it'll just be an added expense that they probably don't want right now. Often wondered though how many matchday programmes never get sold, anybody got any ideas.
  8. Not sure about that but I've got about 1200 Wednesday home and away programmes going back to 1950s if you want to buy any. Seriously though is there anyone that you know that buys old programmes? Got a Chelsea v Owls one from 1953 and a Brentford v Owls from 1951 (bit tatty this one though)
  9. Usede to work at The Star when Hallam started, late 1974. Stuart Linnell was a good reporter, bumped into him a few times at Wednesday games. Hallam took over part of the Star building which was next to the classified advertising department which just happened to consist of about 40 young very attractive ladies. I was in display advertising and the coffee machine was in their department. No need to tell you that most of the lads in our office became addicted to coffee. The machine was at the back of their office and it'd take an age to go and get a cup. Just saying like,
  10. Used to work at The Star in the 70s in advertising. Circulation was 145,000 nightly, now about 40,000. Funny story here was when Big Jack was the manager and we were drawn at Millwall in the league cup, night match. One of our lads rang Millwall and said any chance of four tickets for the match as we were part of United Newspapers at the time. No problem they said. So off we went, afternoon off work, got to the ground and were given 4 tickets in the press box, fantastic. Spoke to the Radio Hallam lad who was if memory serves me right Stuart Linnell. Nice cup of tea and sandwiches b
  11. Hi everybody, new to Owlstalk but read it regularly. Thought I'd sort my old programmes out this week and came across these two. Owls v Tbilisi Dynamo and Werder Bremen. The team who played against Tbilisi in 1960 was, McLaren in goal, Johnson and Megson at fullback, Tommy Mac, Swanny and Tony Kay and up front Griffin, Bobby Craig, Ellis, Fantham and Finney. The Werder Bremen game was in 1965 and they were top of the Bundesliga and the team was Ron in goal, Hill and Megson fullbacks, Eustace, Mobley and Wilf Smith and upfront Finney, Quinn, Hickton, Fantham and Dobson. Great times at Hil
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