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  1. Losing phone signal in the second half. All i want to do is see how much my bet is losing by!
  2. G'won, what's yours? 1. When we get a corner on the KOP and everyone slowly starts to sit down, it leaves me standing up wondering if i should sit down as well...can the people behind me see? Should I care? Why did the people infront of me sit down? 2. When i get a random sat next to me and they start talking about their neighbours and work, why are they talking about non football related matters? Why are they here? 3. When you get Mr Negative sat behind you slating every player, "He's sh!t, take him off" "Waste of money, he should be better for what we're paying him"...these sort of people only turn up when we've won a couple in a row, then bugger off when we lose. 4. When you get people moaning when we're 1-0 down and we play a backwards pass...sometimes in football you're allowed to go backwards, calm down!!!
  3. I guess it's not, but you can have bad experiences anywhere. And we all know they get exaggerated to make the situation look worse. The catering company's inside grounds employ young kids who don't really care, they're not massively trained. It's cheap labour. If you want good service, go outside the ground. Or just put up with it.
  4. No one is forcing you to eat in the ground. Loads of options around Hillsborough.
  5. Skybet are clever, put Campbell down to 6/1, people bet because they think they've seen the odds coming down just in time. People lose a tenner.
  6. I've never once gone to buy something from the Megastore, arrived and thought 'wow this needs a new lick of paint' then decided to turn around and not by a shirt. If we had the money and in the BPL, then i'd say yes do it. But it's not a big deal for now.
  7. Why would we want someone who didn't see the appeal of our club in pre-season? Hughton can do one.
  8. Chansiri has always said, Stadium improvements will come once we are in the BPL.
  9. Both, saw an interview with the chairman, apparently Boyd had championship offers for more money, but wanted to go back 'home'.
  10. Erm, well it is if you want to see some 1-1 football players train and fitness work. It also proves a point that he's been training.
  11. Boyd to Peterborough was more of a sentimental thing.
  12. He's been training. Check instagram: mcfarlanetrainingsystems
  13. Hasn't been training with Reading. Was on Holiday until this week, signed onto a fitness camp with a 1-1 personal trainer for sprints, ball drills etc. Would take him back.
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