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  1. Did you go to the match? The stats don't tell the full story. Fair enough if you did, but it very much is the style of play that is part of the problem. We win the ball in midfield and have no outball, we need two upfront to work off each other. Fletch isn't a lone striker, he'll tell you that himself.
  2. Would love to see the stats behind this, most of our bad form last season came when these 3 weren't playing. When they play, we win more, it's simple. We're almost falling back into that now, when you drop even 2 of these players our form just dips. They're winners and get us results. I could start bashing Monk for his selection and tactics, but i'll leave that for now... This is more a shout to the players, we need more players to step up and become winners. Players like Bannan, Reach, Lees, Fox, Luongo, and Harris they need to take more responsibility and get us the points. I do understand it would be easier for the midfielders if we had two strikers on the pitch to pass too, but still.
  3. Leave the guy alone. Class player and likes to feel loved. I don't think you get that from Monk.
  4. BuT NuHiU iS reaLLY bIg aNd CaN DO tHAT tHinG wHEN HE TuRns A mAN In The CoRNER.
  5. Westwood Odubajo Iorfa Borner Reach Lee Luongo Bannan Harris Forestieri Fletcher If Westwood fit, i'd say this could be our strongest team. Would like to see it in action.
  6. Thought Monk came across a little sour. Keep it behind closed doors if you want to get the players pumped for the match. Setting himself up for a loss here.
  7. I just don't know how we can have more flair in our team. We need a little tricky player who can play off the striker or cause some problems on the wing. Someone with an eye for goal and can get the crowd on their feet. It's a shame we don't have one in the team, because he could be the difference Wednesday.
  8. Good/Solid player for a mid table team. I don't want to be too harsh, because he is a good bloke, but if we're ever wanting to challenge for promotion then Liam Palmer won't be playing right back. (Not first choice anyway)
  9. A little harsh, and maybe somewhat uneducated. He wasn't great on Saturday, but he still looked OK. He was out for over a year, realistically he'll need to be playing football as long as he was out before he's back to the player he was. We won't start seeing the best of Lee until the later stages on this season IMO.
  10. He's made more mistakes than usual this season, but he's still a very good goalkeeper. We've just been lucky that's he's been so good for so long now, we're not used to an error. Look at the top keepers in the Premier League, they all go through patches and all make mistakes. De Gea went through a spell last season, Lloris this season. It happens. When he starts letting in long range shots and not getting down to the low shots fast enough, that's when you'll know hes past it, but for now he's just fine. Class keeper, make the most of him while you can. We also can't just get rid of all the big characters at the club, we'll be left with such a generic passionless squad. Westwood brings alot more to the club than he goalkeeping ability. He's a leader, he cares about the club and really has a connection to the fans.
  11. Loads of factors, but you're right, the atmosphere right now if terrible if you take into account where we are in the league. It doesn't help that Monk isn't the biggest character either. Carlos got the crowd going with his charisma and style of play. (first season) And Bruce really got the crowd going at the end of last season, the chants 'Steve Bruce's barmy army' were as loud as I've heard.
  12. Jack Stobbs used to score goals for the under 23's. Rhodes just isn't the player he once was. He can't run, and for someone with 200+ goals to his name, he doesn't seem to be able to shoot, which is strange. He's ran out of chances.
  13. This, Harris is giving his all, if he was a 9./10 rating every match he'd be playing for a Premier League team. But he's not, which is why we've got him. He's having a good season, let's not expect too much from him. The last thing we want is another Adam Reach syndrome.
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