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  1. Needs to put on some weight before he can compete in this league.
  2. They'll have been playing Fortnite together. Simples.
  3. People are more aware of him now. He gets closed down as soon as he has the ball on the edge of the box, comes with territory unfortunately. His goals were broadcast everywhere last season, so every team is aware of what he can do.
  4. Damn that Carlos, i bet he wishes people Happy Birthday on their Birthday's as well!!!!
  5. Reach with his back to goal would be scary. He runs in straight lines, so he'd end up charging at Westwood.
  6. Erm, not really. I'm impressed with Harris because it's nice to see some pace out wide. He'll have ups and downs, as all wingers do. I've seen people claim Borner is better than Hector, after less than 10 games. Madness.
  7. Not necessarily. They've had 3/4 years of success, their rep won't be broken after one bad run. There's examples of managers bouncing back from sackings etc and going on to have good careers. Look at Brendan Rodgers, he left Watford and Reading after bad runs, bounced back with Swansea/Liverpool/Celtic/Leicester. Even Poch was fired in his first job in Spain, he got his career back on track big style. Grant McCann was sacked from Peterborough and now manages in the Championship. It's always easy to focus on the managers who have failed and then faded off down the leagues, but there are also plenty of success stories and plenty of managers who have bounced back after set backs. Not that Cowley would need to bounce back, he'll take us up
  8. Still unsure on him. (I realise i'm the only one) I think the hype went abit far and in 10 games time we'll be wondering why he isn't playing like a world beater. Really hope i'm proven wrong though.
  9. Losing phone signal in the second half. All i want to do is see how much my bet is losing by!
  10. G'won, what's yours? 1. When we get a corner on the KOP and everyone slowly starts to sit down, it leaves me standing up wondering if i should sit down as well...can the people behind me see? Should I care? Why did the people infront of me sit down? 2. When i get a random sat next to me and they start talking about their neighbours and work, why are they talking about non football related matters? Why are they here? 3. When you get Mr Negative sat behind you slating every player, "He's sh!t, take him off" "Waste of money, he should be better for what we're paying him"...these sort of people only turn up when we've won a couple in a row, then bugger off when we lose. 4. When you get people moaning when we're 1-0 down and we play a backwards pass...sometimes in football you're allowed to go backwards, calm down!!!
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