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  1. Well, I have proof that they are our best players from performances/stats and watching them, Can you prove that they are disruptive ones?
  2. All the best managers go to clubs and freeze out the best players. Yeah you're probably right.
  3. Why? Because it points out that Monk has done this before? Or because you can't argue against it? Monk needs the boot. He's not up the scratch and is a stubborn ****.
  4. Class player, footballing brain, perfect first touch. I remember playing against Paul Sturrock's son, Paul came to watch the game. Had a chat with him after the match and he said Burton was the most talented player he'd ever worked with and could quite easily cut it in the premier league.
  5. Ryan Lowe? - Plays attacking football, up and coming, already has a connection with the club. Worked wonders at Bury. Doing very well at Plymouth. Fans all rate him. Bury 15 January 2018[27] 5 June 2019 75 32 21 22 42.67 Plymouth Argyle 5 June 2019[33] present 41 21 9 11 51.22
  6. Always play your best team. I still think the side below would win games. Westwood Palmer Iorfa Borner Odubajo (I know people are Fox fans now, but prefer an attacking fullback) Murphy Luongo Bannan Harris Fletcher Forestieri Even with the injuries we have you can still put in Hutchinson, Lee, Lees, Reach, Wickham, Fox - who are all capable.
  7. It's very worrying. The worst thing is, because we have no director of football etc in place, no senior stakeholder is here to see the awful performances/tactics and atmosphere at Hillsborough. So nothing is going to change.
  8. I haven't decided yet... It's funny looking back at how much abuse i got for this though?
  9. Yeah true, I wish Nando thought outside the box and said "F*CK THIS, I'M NOT PLAYING LWB, I'M OFF UPFRONT"
  10. Football fans are strange, and you make some good points OP. Obviously the players are to blame to a certain extent, but our fans have really blown up at the wrong ones. Bannan - He's getting so much stick right now, people seem to forget he's playing CDM and hasn't really had anyone to link up with lately. Good players play well with good players. Imagine looking up for a pass or a one two and seeing Winnall/Nuhiu. His performance picking up when Nando came on against Millwall. It's a shame that Monk then decided to play Nando at LWB. I'm giving the manager 90% of the blame for what's currently happening on the pitch. OF COURSE, we can blame the chairman for his decisions and some of the players below par performances. But let's not look past the stupid decisions Monk is making. - Playing players in the wrong positions. - Messing around with formations - Dropping and falling out with our best players - Calling the players out for being 'embarrassing' but then not changing the 11 - Telling the media the play offs were never a possibility All this could be managed ALOT better. If a manager picks and sticks with a gameplan, picks the best players, try's the play attacking football, has some charisma and engages with the club and crowd, WE WOULD BACK THEM! If you turn up to a match and agree with the starting 11 and can see we have a clear style of player and plan, even if we lose, it's hard to knock the manager. Monk is really messing it up here, and he's also doing a great job at turning the fans on our better players.
  11. Football is about opinions, but I have to disagree. I don't rate the guy, true that you don't become a bad manager overnight, but he was never a good manager in the first place! No track record of any promotion or longevity at a club. He's publicly slated the players (Which has back fired) Looks like a falling out with senior players, which is won't tell the media about, which just fuels speculation. His tactics and decision making are worrying. I mean, even the biggest Monk fan surely can't stick up for putting Nando at LWB? I mean cum'on, that's just silly. His interviews are boring and repetitive. I'm all for giving managers time (Ie Carlos, should have been given longer after the success he brought, but that's another story) But he's not showing any positive signs.
  12. Well, it'd be nice to know if anyone wants to change their opinion in this thread now...
  13. I'm finding it funny that the 'snowflakes' who get offended by everything are now in our fanbase. I've seen season ticket holder's make jokes about everyone turning up for the big matches (which is true, happens at every club, an old joke, it's nothing new) But now we have loads of 'upset' people tweeting about how unfair it is, that they get ridiculed by season ticket holders on their 'high horses'. Twitter is a funny place.
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