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  1. IMO and in the time I have been watching Wednesday Springett (Ron) Megson Fantham Craig (Tommy) Curran Sterland Lyons Pearson Worthington Sheridan Waddle Hirst Nillson Howard Wilkinson Jack Charlton possibly big Ron for 1991 Di Canio no where near for me
  2. Agree with most of the post unfortunately the listening to experienced CEO and/or DOF is the part Mr Chansiri doesn’t seem to be able to do. He needs support from experienced people who care about the club like we do and there aren’t that many about. If only he could get Howard Wilkinson involved at some level (CEO or DOF) perhaps with Gary Megson as coach.
  3. Also said it on BBC news this morning. Disgraceful
  4. The club should rename the north stand in his honour. sorry if it’s been said before in the thread
  5. RIP Jack True legend and hero very sad
  6. Couldn’t agree more. Absolutely useless from top to bottom.
  7. Thought Palmer was outstanding in his new role. Wildsmith looks as though his confidence is back. Saw him a few times in under 23’s and he looked very shaky. Well done to that lad. Great result and display and a great Sheffield double.
  8. Nowt to do with the thread but does remind me of me and two mates on a night down Hillsborough Finished up in Swiggys wine bar totally done it. They lived miles away so stopped at my parents house. Half way through night one of mates is kicking me to wake me up and through his heaving telling me our dog had had a s***. I said we didn’t have a dog. The other mate had done a giant walnut whip at the top of the stairs.
  9. Remember the Sunderland one. Absolute carnage all over the place. The Millwall night match in mid 70’s was also very dodgy. They were firing air rifles at us as we came out at the end. Old Trafford at the semi final was also horrendous as they were attacking anybody including women and kids. Was once on first coach to arrive at Deepdale in early 70’s. Got run all over place for about half an hour before we ran in the park opposite and thousands of Wednesday fans were coming across the park from the train station. What a sight it was.That was the end of us being chased around Preston.
  10. Tony Brown for West Brom at Leppings Lane end. FA Cup 1970. Beat them 2 1 and then lost to Scunthorpe with Kevin Keegan in the side.
  11. Since 1964 Ron Springett Don Megson John Fantham Jim Macalliog Tommy Craig Mel Sterland David Hirst John Sheridan Roland Nillson Chris Waddle
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