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  1. No can’t get through I am in Scarborough so can’t just nip down at the moment. Sure I will get it sorted before 7 45 next Monday went to watch Scarborough in there league play off final yesterday. Had no issues with their print at home tickets. And they won 2 1. Pity they play in red and white
  2. Not to me they haven’t ring ticket office Sorry cannot connect your call email. Sorry we are very busy we may not be able to answer your email before the play off games
  3. Spot on But also doesn’t give the ball away . Clever and experienced player. Please keep fit for rest of season.
  4. All those van trips from the coach were memorable, jenks falling out of stand at Mansfield and landing at side of a big copper, Scholey falling out of back of van at Wrexham all had a tale to tell. Orient express coach from Norfolk arms at warren lane another Wimbledon away in early 80s. Stayed in Finsbury Park at Holmes’S flat. Total anarchy that weekend. must be many more great days my old mate
  5. Ron Springett Nillson Lyons Pearson Don Megson Waddle Eustace Macalliog Tommy Craig Hirst Fantham
  6. Also found this centenary edition used to sell em outside wadsley bridge club in early mid 70s BRING IT BACK
  7. Someone had to do it just surprised it wasn’t earlier
  8. It was you’re gunner get what Aston Villa got (outside kop at a night match)
  9. Jesse Malin band at Greystones last night. Absolutely brilliant. Great venue also. Great to see it back up and running
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