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  1. Not sure why Fred McKiver hasn’t had a few mention. Truly the worst footballer I have ever seen in a Wednesday shirt
  2. Thought I would have my morning cuppa in this today Great day, great times, great team
  3. Mine was also Man Utd away 1964. We did lose 1 0 and David Herd scored it and they had this young skinny kid on wing who wasn’t bad
  4. Well done Sternlad. Can’t believe it took three pages for Don Megson to get a mention.
  5. Should we go back to playing our midweek home games on Wednesday instead of Tuesday We seem to have done okay after we played Birmingham and Derby on Wednesday evenings. Or will sky red button dictate when we play
  6. Great player but if only we had had a centre forward he could pass to. Like Malcolm Macdonald when he was at Newcastle. Has to be close to any all time Wednesday team.
  7. Perhaps if the stewards kept the walkways clear so there was a passage through it would help. Or people could even use their own common sense and not just stand in the middle of the walkways whilst having a smoke drink or just chatting. This happens all the time rain or no rain, big crowd or not.
  8. Chris Bart Williams or Tommy Craig Tommy Craig was last game of season v Spurs I think in 1969. What a player he was.
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