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  1. It’s his nephew Jake Clemons. went with Windsor and Sue to see him at O2 academy (old top rank) last year. Reyt good
  2. Think this settles any discussion my old mate
  3. Did you or fresh fish see Dury at the top rank. Think it was about 79 or 80. He had Wilco Johnson as guest guitarist. Incredible concert load of us went from the coach and ended up in limit to finish the night off. Remember it was a Monday night so don’t know what happened about work Tuesday. Great days
  4. My sentiments exactly. Been going since 1964 and now I have totally given up on them. I was going to send my grandson in America a shirt for his birthday in March but not giving Mr Chansiri any more of my money. The sooner he goes the better. why would any decent player, manager or even adviser want to work for the man.
  5. RIP Ray I will raise a pint in the Acorn to you as soon as I can. condolences to all family and friends
  6. That was Phil He is looking at the camera on left hand side in the photo of people getting in the van
  7. Year remember parking at your house if I remember correctly we used to go to speedway at owlerton a few times with jenks (god bless him) still see chocka and big al now and again at Hillsborough great memories
  8. Didn’t manage Broadway but did see the last two nights at the old Giants Stadium in 2009 with some time in Asbury Park. The tin cans still explode in Chapeltown but it’s not usually due to 90 degree heat. And there’s not much sitting on the hood of a dodge drinking warm beer I’m sad to say.
  9. Will do Daryl. I will see him next week for a walk with him and Bob Bailey. Still see Windsor and sue, Dave hall (ted) Phil and Helen (Kirk). I take it fresh fish is from laurel and hardy. We all loved them. Are you still a Springsteen fan. Mrs (Judith) and me have been al over watching them with Windsor and Sue and with all our three kids good to hear from you after all these years tek care mate
  10. The last time I saw him was jenks funeral he lives at stocksbridge and still sees Biffer now and again. I still see Biffer quite regularly for walks and beer before all this started
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