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  1. If it gets rescinded, what's to stop defenders "accidentally" tripping and bringing down the attacker in future?
  2. Was from behind and you can get cards for arguing. Ask David Jones
  3. It's football, all relative. Seen some folk kick off cos they can't get an iPhone where there's also folk struggling to find money to eat. Spoke to a mate who was moaning that he's not been to Florida this year, I pointed out he'd had 3 weeks in Oz, didn't make much difference. We as football fans need to realise the modern game has changed from what we grew up with and forget what they earn and the off field stuff. It's what they do on the pitch that matters.
  4. We used to, Orchard Sq. Also had stands in Co-op Hillsborough and in town, before that the tardis outside co-op/ hole in road
  5. Our best player by far and should be the highest paid IMO
  6. Already turned 2 draws into 2 wins. So we're 4 points up on the possible 2 lost
  7. Take away the points he earnt us last season. Some need to get over it, these same folk are the ones that said he'd be gone by the close of the window, now it's the next window. He's still here, he'll only go if CC doesn't feel he's good for the team and on DC's terms. If DC is happy with the deal to keep him or let him go then I think we will be also
  8. The length of the flag poles on the North are too short. Heard from a mate who works at the club they were due to be longer but DC pulled the plug as he wanted them a set length and by making them shorter he could have an extra one for the price. It's getting near to the point where I call it a day and sack it off from going. It wasn't like this under Culley
  9. It's the sucking off hatch for the 3yr ST's
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