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  1. Owlsmac

    hirst to united

    Probably not but wasnt something said about him feeling like we didn't want him because we were blocking his path to the first team by signing Rhodes and winnall? Moving to man U will just move him even further from first team football other than a loan but any club could loan him out so to me just shows his main motivation is money
  2. Owlsmac

    hirst to united

    Mourinho is not exactly known for bringing youth players into the first team is he, as he ever brought one though other than the young lad that has made a few appearances for man u lately? Can't see him getting anywhere near their first team
  3. Maybe done it on purpose to get some fan pressure on dc at the meeting
  4. What I am saying is we are in need of goals and Rhodes looks like his confidence is at rock bottom, George has scored goals at every level he has played at, only say to find out if he can cut it a first team level is to play him
  5. Can he do any worse than Rhodes is
  6. Why can Sean Clare play then, he hasn't signed a new deal
  7. Chants of we wants George Hirst on Saturday????
  8. Feel sorry for all the fans who have travelled today, especially in these conditions. Team can't even be arsed to fight, sounds so easy for Bristol. Players should cover the costs for all those travelling fans today
  9. I wouldn't say our defence is solid, only had 1 clean sheet upto now, hopefully make that 2 though on sunday
  10. Owlsmac

    Cardiff Goal Offside?

    Looked offside when the free kick was taken and for the goal although the angle shown on SSN isn't great so tough one to call
  11. Owlsmac

    Team for Next Season

    I think we need a strong physical CB, Bartley who was on loan at weeds could do a job, thought he did very well for them. With Swansea staying up there is a good chance we could get him and it would wee wee the weeds fans off
  12. So because you won't be in the ground you will no longer support/follow the club. Even if I am not at the match I'm either listening to the radio or watching the goals come in on SSN. When we lose it ruins my weekend!!!!!! Supporting Wednesday is not something you can turn on and off, I'm sure you will still follow
  13. Owlsmac


    How can we miss one player so much? Especially last night It's no coincidence we won 6 on the spin when he was playing
  14. Owlsmac


    Carlos to stay for me, consistency is what we need, just look what Brighton have done this season with hughton they were knocking on the door for a few years
  15. Owlsmac

    First half

    Exactly what I expected