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  1. No excuses... That was rubbish... Carlos Out... Anyone in who knows tactics.
  2. I agree!! I honestally think a protest could be in order
  3. Pathetic, Carlos needs to go... So in one breath he says it happens all the time then drops him... Unless he's injured that is terrible, if it's tactics then he should walk now... Club seems a mess at the minute... Eg.. Players... Kit... 1867 membership... No 1 seems to want to play with any passion... Can see us 14th-17th
  4. Chesterfield at home... Think we drew 0-0... Was around 2003
  5. The amount of money spent, we've failed in my eyes... That's a daft post tbh.. We're obvss gonna finish higher with all the investment, before carlos came we were a poor team with no money.. He's the only manager to have a had money... There's top mangers who could get us up who are tactically good.. Who actually use tactics.. Carlos is buying the players and hoping they do the business... A lot of mangers would relish the chance to be our manager when they look at the quality have plus the clubs facilities..
  6. Agree completely pal... One shot off target! Starting to see why carlos has had a shocking career in management... He don't know what he's doing... Throwing money around and hoping for the best...
  7. Well we really put some work in the summer... In how to bore the shyt out of us fans.. Flipping shocking
  8. Well Preston a bunch of lads who don't cost a lot who give everything to win... Wednesday bunch of quality players who just have a kick about and not really arsed what happens... Fookinngg dogshit.
  9. I'm usually positive.. But jesus we play like this... Well be no higher than 12th..
  10. Really poor... Nothing going forward at all.. How can 2-3months lead to that?... Kit is minging.. And Preston will nick this game and carlos will say 'we give good henergy to the game' then... Same again next week... Dreadful
  11. Good god.. Blades winning... And we just look bobbar... Unbelievable how much quality we have but how boring and lacklustre we are...going 2-0 Preston.. Just sat back doing nothing.
  12. I think it's rather nice, no offence but boyd looks like he's been unwell.. If you wore a normal size it would look better.. be grateful... Could be red
  13. Energy drink or the company in Sheffield?
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