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  1. So looking at that I'll start to begin making judgements from around the 18-19 game mark so in 5-6 games time.
  2. Don't agree, why do many feel we have a devine right to be promoted automatically this season? We've spent between £25-30M on transfer fees over three years (we're not even sure Carlos has the ultimate say in who comes in either, we all know this started out as a transfer by committee policy, why do we think that has changed all of a sudden, scouting around for so many centre backs when we all know good one's were available smells to me of the fact that the money to get them here wasn't on offer and we had to move onto the next target until we ended up with van Aken, who although decent and seemingly has bags of potential isn't what we needed). £25-30M over 3 seasons is only £8-10M per season, our rivals trump this almost every transfer window, Boro and Wolves spunked around double that on one player LOL. As frustrating as it is as our hopes have been lifted, we massively overachieve in Carlos' first season taking the league by surprise, then we got found out and had to play quite unattractive compact football which actually got us better results. The play-offs are a complete lottery and I don't see losing in them as an absolute failure. Your tactics and luck have to be in as you've only three games to get it right, it's not as cut throat as many will make it out to be. For me he shouldn't be sacked, we should set the example, get behind them, obviously they are nervous when we get behind them, like at Preston, Bolton, vs United. They seem to be worried that if they make a mistake all these people are going to turn on us and the mindless and noisy idiots do just that. We've not making it an environment for them to think, d'you know what even if we screw up those lot are going to be behind us no matter what. What don't we do that, just go to enjoy the day, be the barmy army of old, it's not like were playing in the league below getting battered without a pot to wee wee in and having player like Jon Beswetherick turn out for us. We all need to get some perspective and just enjoy being a team that WILL win more than it loses and WILL be near the top end of the table come the end of the season. WAWAW!
  3. I am hopefully going to be taking a local under 7's team next season and I couldn't imagine why I would bother if I wasn't allowed to give instructions to my players. To try and help correct bad habits and the like. And if the goalkeeper has the ball the opposition have to retreat to the other half? That's not in line with the pass back rule as the goalkeeper surely needs to learn to play with his feet under pressure. Not with half a field to operate in. Literally it would be once we get the ball back knock it straight to the keeper and start again. Utter nonsense. Also if all players need to play in goal equally then it renders the rule even more counter productive.
  4. Correct! That last bit was indeed patronising, just checking :-) If it were the majority it would be echoing from the stand like it has for many a previous manager, is what I'm trying to say. I think were all concerned about performances and result sure, but I just would like us to try and help fix the situation right now rather than make it worse.
  5. I think there is a third, Carlos sticks with it and it comes good,. I'd have to agree with your initial point, thats my feelings too. But I just think he got the results in the end, albeit not the final few to take us to the promise land. Reading OT a few weeks back we were playing fantastic after a slow start, going to smash United 5-0 and roll on toward promotion, now after two games things have just gone crazy. If we'd have lost badly 4-2 to I don't know Reading or Cardiff, it just wouldn't be the same reaction, all this backlash is because of emotion not logic in my opinion anyway. I just think we all need to stick with it for a bit longer yet without making it harder for the team and specifically Carlos.
  6. I just don't see it happening. I went Birmingham and up until there goal or maybe 5 minutes leading to it also, everyone around me was more than happy with how we were going about our business, kept the ball, used it well, made some chances, we all were wanting more. Only once they scored did everyone included me at the time if I'm being honest, become disgruntled. Another day we score first and we win and we're already back on track. But there weren't even pockets of fans chanting Carlos out. Sure many people talking amongst themselves about things but again only after their goal. At no point did anyone want to chant aloud.
  7. I'm not really defending it, I'm just explaining it further as you thought it was patronising which it wasn't. I feel like theres too many negative posts because as always it the silent majority and the noisy minority. And shall I just not bother then, or am I OK to still continue posting?
  8. I know and I probably agree but before the match Wilder was saying very similar things and to be honest I didn't feel like they ran there legs off, or battled for everything, I just think we were extremely poor. When we did play albeit only for 20 mins they literally couldn't get the ball off us. I've not seen us dominate a team like that for a long long time. I know to us the fans it's not just another game, for what it's worth I personally feel like the players couldn't handle the pressure. It was the first derby for just about all of them if not all of them and I do think this group of players is close knit to each other and the fan base. But in the cold light of day it is only one game.
  9. Do you think? I get the feeling Carlos is going nowhere, theres aren't any blazing chants of Carlos out on the terraces, maybe on social media sure but like Carlos said and I agree it's too easy to swing an opinion online. Look at 'trolling' for example, it's an environment where people seem to be happy with and can get away with saying what they want to who they want regardless of circumstances or consequences. I think we're all a little disappointed were not right up there from the off but I do think as a fan base (albeit the noisy minority) are making things worse, much worse in fact that they need to be. Why can't the manager and team who are falling ever so short of expectations be given unwavering support (for now at least) and then all the negative press, attitudes and therefore added pressure can do one and the team can get on with it as best they can.
  10. It's hardly patronising is it? I've expressed my opinion that I think we're going to have a better chance of success if we all just close ranks and pull in the same direction, not trying to oust currently one of our own. I'm not telling you to do anything, try not to be so precious about a post on an online fans forum.
  11. It's a significant one but still only 1 result. Only 3 points. Don't get me wrong I've had the stick ever since and I fight the urge to smack the smile off their faces but that's banter. That's football. But as I say it's a single result in a season of 46. Are we going to chop and change from the plan just because of it? It wasn't a massacre it was a victory of two goals, and that is always all it will be remembered for.
  12. I've read loads and loads on here over the past coupe of years and I'm quite shocked at how fickle many have become. Win one week and we're going to wee wee the league, lose a game and were going backwards, over and over and over, and this isn't isolated to Owlstalk it's an attitude I've seen amongst my fellow Owls in a number of places. I personally as I'm sure everyone else, preferred out style of play in Carlos' first year as opposed to last and so far this, BUT! Changing how we played obtained better results and overall standing. No-one can argue with the facts. We all have an opinion on style of play, tactics, transfers and what not but its all about results (the facts). And right now however hurt we all are about the shambles of last Sunday, we are quite correctly only a point behind our position this time last season and one in-front on the first season. Until we start to truly fall behind the well trodden path of previous campaign in terms of points tally should we really be having these knee jerk reactions? We're not exactly helping, it's now fuelling nationwide negative press about Carlos and our club, and as we all know situations can snow ball very easily. I'd like to call on the Wednesday family to put the hurt of the Sheffield derby behind us and stuck stick with what we have which so far is proven to be successful (albeit not as successful as we would all have hoped for). Let's back the boys, back the chairman, back the coaching team (including Carlos) and lets just see how far we can go TOGETHER! If at a later date it's obvious we've fallen too far behind or are in serious danger of doing so, then maybe start voicing our opinions but are we really in that position now? I don't think so. If we win 3 of our next 5 which is achievable we're back in a fantastic position, anything more and we're flying, anything less and maybe we get closer to panic stations. #backtheboys #backcarlos #backtheteam #wawaw
  13. 80's Child

    Carlos Views on Tonight

    You break a compact team down by utilising the width, stretching the play and pulling them out of formation. That would mean playing wingers. Birmingham were that intent on defending Butterfield and Bannan were playing almost unmarked all game yet they were constantly on the centre backs toes. We didn't want to break them down, we play tactically petrified of conceding goal. We played to keep the ball and nick a goal against a dreadfully bad opponent. I like Carlos and we have improved year in year (statically speaking), better finish last season from two seasons ago and our start before the United match his best so far. But it watching the games, I personally think we've rode a massive wave of luck and it's just run out. Dont nut know what he answer is but it's not to keep trying the same thing hats for sure.
  14. 80's Child

    Role call for Birmingham

    Not been to any so far this season (away games that is) but when the team and our manager are at their lowest, seeing us all still give our backing will hopefully remind them why we regard our support as being so special. Me me and my Dad will be there cheering us onto victory! UTO WAWAW CHAD