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  1. Since the 2 play off defeats we needed strong leadership, on and off the pitch. Steve Bruce was the man and he should have been replaced with similar. The fact Tom Lees is the club captain and Barry Bannan takes the armband is worrying. I love Bannan and I think he's class, hardly a leader though.
  2. Exactly mate, Murphy let the ball run across our own 6 yard box into Brewster and then Reach would rather push his man out of the way than put his head on it. Where a makeshift Swansea defence put their bodies on the line and made some great blocks. When Sam Hutchinson is talking about having men in the dressing room, maybe this is what he means.
  3. I will say again that something happened in December that caused a huge problem in the group. We were playing some superb football and we quite enjoyable to watch before Christmas, what happened? We have re-started the season the way we finished it, we were the better side against Forest, we played the better football against a team in the top 4. The late goal gave me a bit of hope because before the break we weren't doing that. Went into the Bristol City game and we played well again, Bristol were defensively all over the place though and probably why the manager was sacked. But the 3 points again gave me hope that the issues were behind us. We matched West Brom until the penalty. We were the better side today, Swansea were there for the taking in the first half, yet we haven't got the hunger or desire to hurt teams. The fine margins that people talk about are the difference, we aren't a bad side but we don't want it enough, most teams we come up against want it more than we do. We lack real aggression, we give so many soft free kicks away, if we actually went into challenges wanting to win them we might get there first and play the ball. instead, the majority are pushes or leaning on people, it's pathetic. We will miss a good opportunity at one end because we don't attack the ball, we will then concede at the other end because we don't attack the ball. I think the players a coasting at 60/70% and are not willing to do that bit extra, I think that is where the manager comes in, can he motivate the group? Im not talking about on a game day, I am talking about the build up to a game, the week before.
  4. A very good first half just missing a couple of goals, only change at half time, second half we were awful. Without over thinking it, the change was a poor decision.
  5. Have you heard of the term 'transfer window'?
  6. Reach started the season quite well too, you know when we were 3rd. What happened when we started sinking down the league, that's right he disappeared. The guys got no fight in him. Monk's generally done ok where's he's managed and sometimes against the odds, he's played at the highest level and managed there, what makes you think you know better? Going around players can mean something, especially if you are playing on the counter, beating a player in your own half and getting us on the attack his a positive you know, its not all about who plays the final ball. I openly said that he looked to be fatigued towards Christmas and give you a reason why i thought it. I also said that our entire attacking approach failed when Fletcher was out of the side. What more do you want? I would like to see Reach score a 40 yarder very game, what's your point?
  7. Reach is too soft, his worldy strikes covered up his lack of desire, he's now simply been found out. We are a position where we need players to have the right attitude and who don't mind taking a shot in the face or a kick in the bo11ox. Before anyone says you need a bit of quality, of course you do but Reach isn't offering any.
  8. So, could we say that Harris was more effective when Fletcher was available? If he crosses into a dangerous area and no one attacks it, who do we blame? The crosser or the attacker? When crossing a ball, do you think you should actually aim at a player? or space? Interested in your thoughts? Why are strikers runs off the ball so important? Despite all this, I think Harris was fatigued before the break, we abused him. At Cardiff he was an impact player, he was very rarely expected to play 2 games a week.
  9. Not really sure what your issue is with Harris. You are being very, very picky. Its easy and lazy to say his end product isn't great, name me a wing back or wide player that is 100% accurate at any level. A cross is a 50/50 ball, a decent defender should be the favourite. It's not like he's spooning crosses behind the goal every game.
  10. It's clear that Monk wants a mobile back 3. Iorfa is perfect for the middle of the 3. Your left and right sided CB's need to be able to defend like a CB and defend like a fullback, there is a subtle difference. Palmer was a surprise last week but did well and looks comfortable. Borner can do it, clearly. Tom Lees is slowly going backwards, maybe he needs a fresh start, also looks ropey defending in wide areas. Thats why Fox was the preferred option. Reach is a show pony, neat and tidy in possession, not what you want if you are in a scrap, does nothing out of possession, running around a lot isn't enough. Sadly, we can't carry this sort of player and I am glad the manager sees it. Hopefully, we can get a fee for both of them, I'd take 1m for Lees, a defender in his prime, could be a good bit of business for a mid table champ team. I would hope we can get a decent fee for Reach, in the region of 2.5m, would have got double that last season.
  11. Nuhiu needs to go, never going to be more than a big lump to fire crosses at. We could find one in non league for less than 100k. You never know, they might attack the ball. Kieran Lee looked a lot fitter against Forest, hopefully he stays fit and earns another year.
  12. Fox was awful for a long time, yes, he had a decent end to last season and he's been ok but part of a poor team this season. His hard work fools people, he's terrible in possession. Penney will come good. Forestieri will be remembered by me for a fantastic season when he first signed, since then he's not been bothered, all about himself, see ya. Fletcher would be a big loss if he was just hitting 30, however, he's in the decline, let someone else over pay him. Young and hungry players with a potential resale from now please. Winnall is gash and Hutch broken.
  13. Playing 3 at the back, both of these could become valuable. Van Aken with a bit of strength work could be the perfect left sided CB. There is no reason Penney can't be the perfect left wing back.
  14. I rate Windass, I would be happy if we can do a cheapish deal with Wigan. He needs to play in the 10 behind the Striker, that's where you get the best out of him. He could be useful at the point of a midfield 3. Could probably play from one of the sides if required.
  15. Rhodes, Winnall and Nuhiu are also out of contract in the summer aren't they. Add in Nando and we are left with ...............
  16. We have had a few world class players at Wednesday, Chris Waddle was one, technically excellent, what a player.
  17. They either want a change in the dressing room, that would explain a lot after a decent start to the season, Monk just simply can't motivate them. or They have given up on the season, from being in a decent 3rd place seems a bit strange. This is when I think maybe the off field issues have affected them mentally without realising it. The performance against Man City wasn't bad, they are one of the best teams in Europe, easy to say but if you can turn up for that one then why not Brentford away. Simply, Brentford wanted it more and they were willing to run further and faster, that happens a lot to us.
  18. I can accept players being played at a level they aren't ready for, most notably the younger players. I can accept players being out of form. With the 2 scenarios above you would expect a manager/coach to be fully aware of it and try to work through it. What I will never accept are players who are happy to lose, you will lose games, the best teams in the world lose games but we have to have a reaction. Both coaches and fans need a reaction from the players, Monk isn't getting one, we aren't getting one, the players are doing the bare minimum.
  19. It's very difficult for a fan to look at this and see these players for what they are. Many of them are getting paid very well to play a sport, but to them it's a job. A couple of poor seasons to them is nothing, they still get paid and more often than not there's another club ready to give them another contract. It's like with anything, when things get too easy you stop working for it, human nature. Hats off to all the lads at the highest level, delivering the goods every week.
  20. Reaching the play off final is a pretty successful season, you don't have to agree. After dropping into league 1 and then scrapping for survival for so long the 2 seasons in the top 6 were great. Again, you don't have to agree. Our signings after the play off final were poor and we are still paying for it. That's manager business though, is it not? Signing of players and tactics are not Chansiri's fault. In terms of manager support Chansiri's done his best and all the managers we have had have been supported, some too long. I can't hate Chansiri because he doesn't sack a manager every time we hit a poor run of form. Some of the off field issues, ie ticket prices haven't helped and is why the fanbase are turning. imo. He's still being blamed for many mistakes the managers have made, thats just a bit simple.
  21. Chansiri is trying, he's just struggling, he is genuine and wants what's best for SWFC. bought the club and invested heavily on the player budget. had our 2 best seasons under Carlos only to fail to gain promotion. Carlos signed experienced players to get us over the line which now proves to be a big mistake. we had no real long term plan, we are paying the price for that now. Luhukay was a mistake. Bruce was the right choice but at the wrong time. Monk started well but he looks to be struggling with arguably the best group of players we have had since the prem days. FFP is strangling us, when so many clubs have got away with it in the past. The time we do have a bit of money to spend we are being told we can't spend it. Typical. Truth is we are in this position because of poor management.
  22. So if Monk is isolated within the group, what is Bullen there for? Maybe Bully fancies another go at it and is quite happy for Monk to fail. Surely Bullen is the link from players to manager, is this where we have issues? Hutch and Westy dropped by Luhukay, brought back in by Bullen. Can you see where I'm going with this?
  23. Senior players that don't care then: Palmer, Fox, Borner, Iorfa, Lees, Lee, Bannan, Fletcher, Harris and Forestieri. Performances suggest, Fox, Borner, Iorfa, Lee, Bannan, Forestieri Harris and Fletcher care. Palmer isn't a kid anymore and should be banging people out in the changing room, however, he's very laid back. Tom Lees is a weird one, performances are weak but he retains the armband, surely if he wasn't getting vocal or angry then he would lose it. Windass, Wickham, De Cruz and Murphy on loan. Dawson a youngster really. Not having it. Now if Rhodes, Westwood, Winnall and Hutch are the players not caring then it shouldn't be impacting results. However, Westwood and Hutch have always given 100% even when not in the best form. None of it makes any sense. The only option is the players have lost faith in Monk and are collectively trying to get rid.
  24. Probably not, why do good keepers cost a lot of money? Karius?
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