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  1. The players got Monk the sack. They pretty much downed tools at Christmas last season and they haven't really been that bothered since. The 3 defeats to Luton, Rotherham and Wycombe, followed by beating Bournemouth is a text book scenario, where the players aren't happy and they want a change. The players were telling us that if Monk stays, we could go down but look what we can do.
  2. Are you ok? You are just rambling nonsense. Pearson's record at Watford in the premier league. Played 22, won 7, drawn 5, lost 10. 26 points from 22 games. For a team that was almost down, they did very well to get out of it and may have stayed up if Pearson had stayed for the last couple of games. To me that was a successful reign if you isolate Pearsons games.
  3. He brought Watford back from having no chance of staying in the premier League to safety. They then sacked him when they were outside the bottom 3. That was his last job, so not sure wtf you are talking about, standard.
  4. Millwall have had a decent enough start, we were the better side. Not a terrible point that.
  5. You are right, a lot of people miss what Harris does for the team. Which in turn shows a lack of understanding of football and the basics of the sport. I like Harris, he's one of my favourite players, his work rate is never questioned and he occasionally produces brilliance. The ultimate top end Championship player to lower prem.
  6. It was handbags. Don't let your dislike of Harris cloud your judgement.
  7. .............................Wildsmith ................Palmer......Iorfa.....Borner Odubajo.....Bannan......Pelupessy........Reach .............................Brown ...................Windass....Kachunga
  8. I will say it again, I am not blaming Marriott for the poor form, I am saying when he came in we had been doing ok. He didn't join a team low on confidence, which is what you said.
  9. I can't remember saying that, but he didn't come into a team low on confidence, you are wrong.
  10. He walked into a team that were doing ok, we have been terrible since he came in.
  11. Our last 3 opponents would probably disagree, they would take any of them. We have a manager who can't even motivate himself to talk properly in an interview, thank f'k fans aren't allowed in.
  12. The squad isn't that bad, we are just massively underachieving. On paper we have a strong Championship squad.
  13. Look at his f'kin record from christmas, no other club would have kept him on. I like that Mr Chansiri is loyal and gives people a chance but its now time. If we are going to go down, at least go with a f'kin fight.
  14. Playing fullbacks at CB because he doesn't want to change shape. Losing 2 of our starting CM's but continues to play 3 CM's when we all know 2 aren't ready and one is terrible. Tactically, he's awful. Get back to basics, round pegs in round f'kin holes.
  15. Thats your opinion mate but I think you are chatting utter ****.
  16. What the f'k are you talking about, he doesn't effect results. Chansiri was fine when we had 2 seasons in the playoffs. He was fine when we were 3rd last December. Monk is terrible.
  17. I don't think you have to register U21s. Anyway, sign Lee Camp on a short contract til Jan and see how he gets on, CANNOT DO ANY WORSE.
  18. .......................Wildsmith Odubajo......Iorfa........Borner........Palmer Kachunga..Pelupessy..Bannan...Harris ...................Marriott.....Windass STOP GOING ROUTE 1 TO F'KING PATTERSON. Going direct should be an option, not the only way.
  19. Not really, Carlos was a strange appt but once we saw how the team set up and how we played he gained the trust of the support, it didn't end very well. Luhukay was a terrible appt, no one bought into that one. Bruce was an exciting appt and exactly what we needed, unfortunately Rafa walked at Newcastle. Monk and his record was a gamble, for a manager so young to have moved around so much should be a warning, his record here is gash. Bullen's proven beyond doubt that he can't manager at this level. So out of 5 managerial appts
  20. Pearson would be daft to take the job, he would be in the mix for better jobs, either lower prem or top end Championship. His link to SWFC might ignite something in him to want to come and save us, doubt it. If we are living in fantasy land he would be my choice. But we do need someone who know this division, similar to Steve Bruce.
  21. I believe Luton and Rotherham will be in the bottom 5 come April, also Wycombe and Coventry. I was hoping we wouldn't be in that group and that we would pull the likes of Barnsley into it. Before the Luton game I thought we had a decent chance of being well away from this group. The Luton game worried me, they were terrible and we just couldn't do enough to score or even create enough, plus we were looking vulnerable at the back. The first 45 mins against Rotherham tells me that even without the -12 and with Monk in charge our form is relegation
  22. Done nothing, offers nothing. At least the pairing of Rhodes and Windass caused a few problems early on.
  23. Clearly the defence don't trust him either, the keeper is so important to any team. But, he wasn't the only issue tonight, Borner was terrible, Pelupessy and Dele were playing a couple of levels up on where they should be. Monk shouldn't be managing at this level either, the current run if we count the end of last season is catastrophic.
  24. Luongo signed at the start of last season, I don't think we were in such a state then, he was the QPR captain before that. Brown is on loan, who knows why he chose to join us, I don't know what other offers he had. He's had decent loans previously including in the Premier League with Brighton. Bannan, is underrated by us, everyone outside our fanbase would put him in the top 5 midfielders at this level.
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