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  1. Fletcher was crucial in our end of season form, he contributed massively. That tells me we will be playing with that physical central striker with legs and mobility around him, it works. Hugill would be a like for like with Fletcher, I can see why we would do this or similar. Winnall, Joao, Rhodes, Hooper and Forestieri need a foil, Nuhiu isn't mobile enough. We have seen Hooper leave, Rhodes moving on will hopefully happen soon, can see Winnall and Joao following them out of the door.
  2. Playing 2 in CM is a risk these days, a lot of teams play a 3. If you want to keep the ball and pass through the 3rds then you are going to struggle with a 4-4-2. Thats why teams have started using a back 3 more, that way they can keep a front 2 but also have 3 in CM. Hutch and Bannan aren't a bad pairing, but Bannan is there to mainly be creative in possession, he's a bit lightweight defensively. Hutch is quality but I think we are asking too much of him in a pair with his potential to breakdown. I don't actually mind Pelupessy, he's just a bit careless in possession. I would only use a 4-4-2 if we were going to get the ball wide quickly and attack down both sides, which is something that could happen with the players we have been linked with. We then use Bannan to switch the play from side to side, that way we move a packed defensive unit about. That set up would suit Fletcher, Joao, Winnall and Rhodes. For it to be mega effective we would need a fitter Hutch.
  3. I have always rated him, came through the Everton academy and was highly thought of at one point, always played well against us. Think Fox then think footballer.
  4. I think we have been too easy to play against for too long. I love watching possession football and creating things with clever movement and quick short passes, the problem is if teams set up to defend then its quite difficult to break teams down, you can't get space from nowhere. The only plan B we have had for a long time is Nuhiu.
  5. I would love us to be able to play a few different ways next season, under CC we were very predictable and after the first season teams knew what we were all about, we didn't have much of an identity under Jos. From what I saw of the Steve Bruce Wednesday he wanted us to be able to keep the ball but not for the sake of it, he wanted us to be positive in possession, hopefully this will continue. One thing we have been pretty poor at over the last few season is the counter attack, we just haven't had the players to play it effectively and it's such a big part of modern football. Its music to my ears that we are linked to players like Odubajo, Harris and Aarons, I get a bit of blood thinking of those 3 in attacking midfield positions, 7, 10 and 11 behind a strong 9. Yes, try and pass teams to death but also have the pace and power for if that doesn't work, I love Steve Bruce.
  6. You are chatting poo Guru, Warnocks just managed in the Premier League and Bruce's had success at this level before numerous times. It's up to the coaches to update themselves and keep on top of the current cool things and in the meantime try and come up with the next cool thing. Surely you have enough attention now, pipe the f'k down and support the club.
  7. Adomah, Sako and Diame, pace and power, we have needed it since the play off final.
  8. Personally I always take the average from a 20 year old and 6 skill player, these players tend to be quite cheap to purchase or good value. Same with a 19 - 5 or a 18 - 4 A 19 year old and 6 skill can be quite expensive, I see these players, above average. Based on a 20 year old and with 6 skill, if he develops positively every season he becomes a 24 year old and 10 skill who will be a very good first team player. With the same Dev he becomes a very important 26 year old with 12 skill. It sounds easy but its not, there are many factors that get in the way like suspensions, injury and poor form.
  9. Change report tonight lads, I think. That will give you your squads new skill, that will be based on, Development Value (DV) + Experience (mins played) + Form = DV. A 14 DV player might gain a full skill bar increase, a 15 DV normally is enough for a full skill bar jump, 18 DV might see a double jump. Based on this example your 20 year old and 6 skilled player becomes a 21 and 7 for terminology purposes. The younger the player the better the chance of good skill increase. Good luck
  10. Jake Bidwell, released by QPR, not a rumour, more of a 'could he do a job'.
  11. Hutch is awesome, simples. I feel a bit for Brucey at the moment, the Leeds game was a perfect game to stay compact and play on the counter, the only problem with that is that we don't have anyone, other than Aarons who is suited to it. Fletcher and Hooper need a bit of pace around them, Boyd plays in flip flops. Reach and Matias could be useful but you need more than one option. I am sure Mr Bruce will rectify this in the summer.
  12. Adam Proudlock, Leon Clarke. They owed us.
  13. To be fair, he was very good today, goal or no goal.
  14. ..................................Westwood Iorfa..............Lees...........................Hector..................Palmer .....................Bannan.....................Hutchinson Matias............................Reach............................Aarons ......................................Fletcher Dawson, Fox, Thornily, Pelupessy, Boyd, Winnall, Hooper.
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