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  1. Sgt Wednesday

    Summer Sort Out

    Not read all of the thread but which of our players can be part of a promotion winning team: ...................................Westwood ___________......Lees..................Hector...............Penney ..........................Bannan............Hutchinson Reach........................Forestieri...................___________ .............................Fletcher/Joao I would be trying everything to sign Hector on a perm. I would imagine a fully fit Iorfa would hold down the right back spot or be back up at CB. Major question marks over Hooper, Lee and Winnall, fitness needs to be proved between now and May for Hooper and Lee. Palmer and Fox are not top end Championship fullbacks Palmer provides adequate back up for the odd game Fox should move on. Penney, Thorniley, Dawson and Wildsmith are full of potential. Release or try to move on the following: Van Aken, Fox, Jones, Pelupessy, Boyd, Abdi, Nuhiu and Matias. Sign the following: A bully in CM. A right back and left back of top championship quality. 3 pacey players to play in the attacking midfield areas.
  2. Sgt Wednesday

    Good Grief?

    I don't understand anyone getting annoyed by a minutes silence/applause etc. Political Correctness is causing problems across the world, this isn't anything to do with being PC.
  3. Lazaar is rapid and he's got very good feet, the exact opposite to Morgan Fox, that's not me being critical because Fox ain't a bad defender.
  4. Sgt Wednesday

    OFFICIAL: Iorfa Signs

    Every time i have seen him he's done well.
  5. Sgt Wednesday

    ‘We will just replace him’

    Bannan was off it, Reach was his normal self without a worldy.
  6. Sgt Wednesday

    English manager

    I don't think the manager being British/English was that important, I am delighted with Bruce because he knows the league and will have contacts that will help us. The best bit of Bruce coming in is that he's had a number of successes at this level.
  7. Sgt Wednesday


    He defends quite well at times, puts his head in and can be quite brave, however, in possession he is poor. If we have a decent left back in there and give them the space Fox gets and it becomes a massive asset.
  8. Sgt Wednesday

    FAO Cameron Dawson

    In terms of goalkeeping, he's a kid. His exposure to the first team will help him massively, there will be no doubt to Cam what areas he needs to develop. Now he can sit back and learn from one of the best Keepers in the Championship. Hopefully he will naturally overtake Keiren at some point over the next 2 seasons. Keepers should be hoping to play in the top 2 tiers by the time they hit their mid 20s, that gives them 10 years of first team football if they are lucky. Hopefully Cam and Joe will be competing for that number 1 for the next 15 years.
  9. Sgt Wednesday

    Jordan Rhodes

    Playing wide men on the wrong sides encourages them to cut in, our only width came from our fullbacks, thats great if you are dominating games. The meaning of the sentence above means we very rarely crossed the ball.
  10. Sgt Wednesday

    Jordan Rhodes

    Jordan is an old school poacher, he will always score goals. The issue why he's never played higher is because of his contribution out of possession and his work on the half way line. He lacks pace, he very rarely runs away from people. If I was Jordans manager I would be telling him to play to his strengths and improve them, for example, get in the gym and put on about 2 stone of muscle. That would allow him to compete with CBs and be even more dangerous in the area, he can still be a decent number 9.
  11. Sgt Wednesday

    Westwood Clean Sheet

    Now would be a good time to leave off the chairman, if he gets involved he's wrong, if he stays out of it he's wrong. With a change of manager and hopefully it's Steve Bruce, that experienced manager will help Mr C. The digs aimed at the chairman now is achieving nothing.
  12. Sgt Wednesday

    Westwood Clean Sheet

    Don't be a muppet, no one cheered his demise, he was being picked in front of a better keeper, It's the managers fault. Cam Dawson knows that Westwood should have been playing.
  13. Sgt Wednesday

    Westwood Starts

    You need to cheer up Farrell you are coming across like a pantomime dame, soppy 8ollox.
  14. Sgt Wednesday

    Westwood Starts

    Boyd on to score the winner then