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  1. Did this thread happen in 1980? I think some of you wanting just to simply hit a long ball into a CF are not really interested in football. Now, don't get me wrong, there is a time and a place for that to happen but if that's all you have then give it up, if the CB bosses your CF then its game over and this shouldn't be happening in the Football League, leave that for poor grassroots teams, that approach needs zero skill or ability. This all started with the England set up, we were awful and something needed to change, we had very good players but why were we so poor? We weren't good enough in possession, because we weren't used to it, we had maybe 4/5 players who were ok, for the highest level every player needs to be comfortable on the ball, this is why we were so far behind the likes of Brazil, Spain, Germany, Portugal and so on. Early on under Southgate we were boring, we kept the football but had very little threat or creativity, recently we have looked better because we now have players used to having the ball and we have added players who are pacey and direct but still very good with the ball. Now, we aren't far off and all our younger age groups are doing well. English league teams having a philosophy of being good in possession while also being positive is indirectly supporting the England national team. We love football because its different every time, Man City are different to Liverpool but both successful, it's down to the coach and how he wants to play. But getting frustrated and angry because a defender keeps possession is just uneducated and needs to remain in the 80's. Ive heard it at Hillsborough and it's embarrassing.
  2. Fox aint a bad defender just proper dogger on the ball. Its a 4-2-3-1, Reach, Harris and Murphy attacking mids, FF with be the fresh legs. Rhodes and Winnall on the bench allows us to go with a front 2 without beasting Fletch, its called flexibility. Nuhiu is awful.
  3. I can't see us coming up against a more energetic midfield, also our fullbacks are full of running. We have a chance this season if we can keep this tempo up, loving it.
  4. Not many Championship players in there, proves my point.
  5. Game management is not putting on the only player in your squad who is adverse to defending. Putting Joey on worked, we saw the game out, we kept a clean sheet. I think Nando is like that 10 year old who wants to score the most goals and be the main man, it worked under CC because FF was clearly our best player. FF demanding to play up top is a problem, also Harris is a problem. At the moment we have better.
  6. They have got a League One squad, they survive year on year because of their mindset. If they stick Matt Smith up top and throw crosses in to him from everywhere they will get a few chances. I would like to think we have too much quality for them on the day, we do need to match them physically though.
  7. This is good to read, he's been going about his business a bit under the radar and not really getting any recognition. His hard work and quality was always there, he's now got a bit of support. Lee, Reach, Harris, Murphy are desperate to get alongside him, FF will do the same.
  8. Never read so much nonsense in my life, have a word.
  9. We might not get told off about finances but playing a 4-4-3 will eventually get us in trouble.
  10. ..............................Westwood Odubajo.......Borner.............Lees............Palmer .....................Hutch.............Bannan Reach.......................Lee........................Harris ..............................Fletcher Dawson Iorfa Bates Loungo Murphy Forestieri Rhodes The likes of Thorniley, Penney, Van Aken, Fox, Pelupessy, Winnall and Nuhiu not even making the bench. It's not a bad squad in fairness, I like the balance, we know we can play football but we were missing a bit of creativity and pace. It seems we have fixed the main problem, now lets see how we get on. Oh and Harris is f'king class.
  11. Loved this window in terms of signings. Obviously, Lee Bullen would have attended many meetings with Mr Bruce over the summer and been part of the planning phase for pre season and the transfer window. Bullen's continued the good work Steve Bruce started. The question is now, can Bully keep them all motivated?
  12. We all saw how Aarons improved us in a small spell last season and the impact Kadeem Harris had against Reading. We need players like these, not someone who gives the ball away repeatedly and doesn't tackle. I get it, he's got a Worldy in him, not enough for me.
  13. Reach is overrated, his goals last season masked very ordinary performances.
  14. Not going to be popular but Reach was our weakness today, he was awful in possession.
  15. I think Liam goes through spells, when he's on it he's very good, I had no complaints today. I believe it comes down to mentality and confidence, he seems in a good place at the moment. Odubajo's been getting some stick I see, he's an attacking fullback, his defensive work comes second, he's a converted winger, please understand that he will sometimes get caught out. However, Reading hated him bombing on today, it threw them.
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