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  1. Sam Hutchinson 'keep up these performances lads, he will be gone soon, then I might get some game time'.
  2. Sgt Wednesday

    You could drive a bus through there

    There are 2 obvious ways to fix that, like mentioned above, you let one full back join in, the fullback on the opposite side drops in to make a 3. If you want both fullbacks to join in then you have to have a DCM who drops in to make a 3, our defensive shape is awful, we are pathetic in the positive and negative transition. Im so glad our coaching staff are paid decent wages to get things like this right. Abandoning our defensive shape and leaving only our 2 Cbs back is crazy, good job we are so creative
  3. Sgt Wednesday

    The players are a disgrace

    Never happens in football ever, does it.
  4. Sgt Wednesday

    The players are a disgrace

    The difference is if you don't perform you will get the sack, imagine if it was the other way round.
  5. Sgt Wednesday

    The players are a disgrace

    I was talking about the Bolton game you dipshit.
  6. Sgt Wednesday

    The players are a disgrace

    If you had a job and you didn't like the manager and you knew that if you didn't perform you would be given a new manager, what would you do?
  7. Sgt Wednesday

    When a win isn't a win

    2 teams trying not to win or play well, no fight, no passion.
  8. Sgt Wednesday

    The players are a disgrace

    Hector, Lees, Bannan, Reach, Matias, Forestieri and Fletcher are better players than what they are showing.
  9. Sgt Wednesday


    Our CM options are, Bannan, Pelupessy, Hutchinson, Lee, Jones. Lee is broken. Bannan is awesome. Out of Jones, Hutch and Pelupessy it should be form related, yet Joey is the only player the gaffer considers. Jos is Gash.
  10. Sgt Wednesday


    You know what mate, I'd play Joey away from home in a midfield pair with Hutch, solid.
  11. Sgt Wednesday

    Nuhiu’s Warm Up Today ...

    Nuhiu is f'kin garbage, always has been. So Fletcher goes away and plays for Scotland knowing he cant play 2 games in a week for us, plays 2 games in a week for Scotland. Doesn't make our squad. This football club is f'kin me off right now, non-league poo .
  12. Sgt Wednesday

    That performance.......

    I am not saying he needs to be a lunatic on the touchline but at least look like he is up for it, how can he motivate players if thats what he's like around the trg ground and dressing room. There's nothing about him, thats why instead of dealing with players he just leaves them out, crazy. League One ain't too bad.
  13. Sgt Wednesday

    That performance.......

    At least you understand my post mate.
  14. Sgt Wednesday

    That performance.......

    Derby weren't great, we could have ran over them in the first half, but we didn't want to.
  15. Sgt Wednesday

    That performance.......

    Have you only just started watching football? The only way players get a change of manager is to stop winning games of football. There are many unhappy players in the squad, some big voices too, it's only a matter of time. Switch on FFS.