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  1. Sgt Wednesday

    Westwood linked with stoke

    The reason Stoke want to sign him is because he's one of the best in the division, if you want to do anything in the Championship you keep your best players. Wildsmith can be dodgy, from what I have seen of Dawson he's the better of the pair, but lacks Championship experience.
  2. Sgt Wednesday

    Westwood linked with stoke

    Pickford moves Butland to Everton Westwood to Stoke Wednesday weaken the team again.
  3. The Championship is stronger again, over the last 3 seasons we have strengthened with the rest, not this season. Many teams have overtaken us. Only time will tell but it's not looking good. I understand that we are now at FFP limits and need to relax a bit but how can Derby just keep going, year after year, millions after millions.
  4. I normally scrap with the doommongers and sit firmly in the 'be reyt' gang. However, it doesn't matter what happens off the pitch when the first ball is kicked, what matters is that the quality on show is value for money. At the moment we are paying Premier League prices for League One players, Palmer and Fox are awful for this level, Nuhiu finished the season well but can we expect the same? All the youngsters coming in aren't proven at this level yet. Genuine value for money, Forestieri, Westwood, Lees, Bannan, Hooper, Lee and Fletcher. 3 of those aren't fit. Our squad is weaker than last season with Hunt, Wallace, Loovens, Venancio and Rhodes missing. There are question marks over the robustness of Hutchinson, Matias and Abdi. I assuming/hoping we won't have the same problems with injuries but you never know. Without Hutchinson we have no bite, I expect 15 games tops. Without Fernando we have no creativity, EVERYTHING IS ON HIS SHOULDERS. Finally, we were too slow in and out of possession last season, in terms of pace we were the slowest team in the division, we have sold our quickest player. To summarise, we will have mainly a back 5 hoping to keep a clean sheet, with one of the slowest attacks in the division playing on the counter, exciting times.
  5. Sgt Wednesday


    We are even slower this season than last, with the loss of one of quickest players. The only real creative spark at the club is FF, if he doesn't play we have nothing. Bannan is a top midfield player but needs good movement ahead of him. I am expecting an absolute bore fest to a 16th place finish and I would probably take it at the moment.
  6. Sgt Wednesday

    Team for 18/19

    I will say it again, you can't say a player will be isolated based on a formation, its daft. The formation will change based on being in or out of possession anyway, which you haven't considered. Fletcher is our most physical CF, he is more than capable of occupying 2 CB's, FF plays off him, basically FF gets a free role, where he can find the little pockets of space. The truth is you tried to come across 'top football coach' with your isolated comment, which made no sense, many top teams play with one striker. Champ manager isn't real.
  7. Sgt Wednesday

    Team for 18/19

    1. Boyd's played more games on the right than the left throughout his career. 2. He also played left wing back under Jos last season. 3. Putting those 2 things together makes Boyd a realistic option for the right wing back position in the absence of Hunt. Personally, I think he would be a better option than Palmer.
  8. Sgt Wednesday

    Team for 18/19

    Don't do much football mate do you? A player can only become isolated during a game, you cant say a player is isolated based on a formation. If in possession we get Reach, Boyd, Bannan, Lee and Forestieri around him then he isn't isolated. Ridiculous comment.
  9. Sgt Wednesday

    Team for 18/19

    .............................Westwood .....Hutchinson..........Lees...............Pudil Boyd.....................Pelupessy..................Reach ...................Lee.......................Bannan .............................Forestieri ..............................Fletcher
  10. Sgt Wednesday

    Team for 18/19

    You don't maintain your form over months without playing, pre season will dictate who starts.
  11. Sgt Wednesday

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    Generally thats what happens when different people have different opinions. Some people don't rate him, others do. Or are you suggesting you remember every posters opinion on Jack Hunt and their opinions have now changed? Please clarify.
  12. Sgt Wednesday

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    Hunt is one of our better players, poor start to our business is this. Backward step. Selling players that are in your best 11 makes you weaker, regardless if he's a fans favourite or not.
  13. Sgt Wednesday

    Let's celebrate with a coke...

    Had knee injuries that held him back a bit. Probably could have played a bit higher if he was fully fit.
  14. Sgt Wednesday

    Why is everyone so obsessed with pace?

    Football is always changing, over the last few years we have moved from having possession, to having good possession and actually creating things, teams are now focussing a lot more on the transition, either defensively or attacking. The better teams are the teams that on a transition anywhere on the pitch can hurt teams, Liverpool are the masters of the transition, for it to work and win you football matches you need pace, Salah and Mane. Man City are the best all round team in England, they have pace at both ends of the pitch, the pace at the back with Kyle Walker and Otamendi allows them to push higher, this is where the success comes from with the sustained attacks. The pace up top of Sterling and Sane also means they can kill teams in a positive transition. Wolves mastered it this year in the Championship.
  15. I would be looking for a couple of quick players, that way we can play 5 across the back away from home and still be a threat on the counter. Even having a couple of players who can shift on the bench for when you are leading by a goal and what to stick men behind the ball, quick players will force teams to sit deeper. Everyone saw the difference FF made to our team, yes he's quality but the main thing is he can beat people, we don't have many who can beat a defender or 2. We won't challenge the top 2 without it.