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  1. Play him, he's a kid, he's full of energy and he's clearly a fit boy. The best young players play regular football. AFC Wimbledon must be kicking themselves and sacking the person who decided to release him.
  2. Didn't know we had signed him, must have been poor though, didn't notice him.
  3. All used for their main attribute and had decent careers.
  4. It's safe to say Moses Odubajo hasn't had the best start to his Wednesday career, looks decent going forward but is an accident waiting to happen when defending 1v1. Now, I don't like writing players off and especially one who I know is a good footballer. I feel now is the time to use Moses in the position he originally played at Brentford and Hull, right wing. We have 3 wingers at the moment with Reach, Harris and Murphy, add Odubajo in that mix, which now gives us the ability to freshen up both sides during 90 minutes. Odubajo is athletic with pace to burn and having played many games at fullback, means he can at least help his fullback out when required. Let's not end his Wednesday career before its started, use him.
  5. Well played Gaffer. This is the way to introduce the younger lads, surprise them, give them the day of their life and they will stay loyal. Clearly the lad is on cloud 9, well done.
  6. Dawson, Iorfa, Lees, Borner, Bannan, Hutchinson, Luongo, Harris and Fletcher are the only players I would keep hold of, Winnall is a question mark. Fox isn't a bad defender but limited in possession. Reach is wet, without the worldy he's average at best and could be easily replaced. Nuhiu is not fit enough to start games, that's why he's now in poor form again. Doesn't compete with CBs and offers no goal threat, waste of a shirt. Rhodes looked back to the player he was a month ago, slow and disinterested. Would Westwood coming back in help us settle down, maybe? Forestieri, who knows. Murphy looks like he's got zero confidence.
  7. George Friend at Left back, always class. Bruno was class at Brighton in the Championship and League One for years., he would be my right back. Aden Flint at Centre Back or believe it or not, Tom Lees. Maguire didn't really contribute in The Championship. Is that Wes Morgan? or Chris Morgan? Wes' done enough in the Premier League to not feature.
  8. So players that are top Championship players but not good enough for the Prem. Cameron Jerome must have been in the mix, he pretty much got everyone promoted. David Jones before he joined Wednesday.
  9. Thats what Im thinking too, they have some decent individuals. This is one of the biggest tests for us, because we always seem to give teams in poor form a boost. They will be scrapping for everything and we need to match their desire. However, if we start anything like we did at Forest the game will be over by half time, be ruthless Wednesday.
  10. You aren't supporting a young player, you are using a young player doing well to have a pop at another player. I don't understand the negativity towards Westwood. But I suppose someone needs abusing.
  11. But most Wednesday fans who go to games realised the positive impact Westwood had on the back 4 plus the clean sheets and the amazing saves that won us points. You keep being a part of the poison that holds this club back, well played.
  12. Do you not have a memory? 22 Dec 2018, Sheffield Wednesday v Preston, our form improved massively.
  13. Dawson wasn't playing well at the time, he was making mistake after mistake, it was the right decision, results proved it.
  14. So at the time you wanted Dawson to keep his place and thought it was a mistake to bring Westwood back in?
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