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  1. We started the season and played with a bit of tempo to our play, thats completely gone now and we are back to our dour, one paced poo to last season. Our home form is terrible, today we never really got started and should have been 0-1 inside 10 secs, thats been going on too long now. The early promise shown by the likes of Paterson, Windass etc is now long gone and they look frustrated. Marriott isn't really effecting the games, I am not really sure of what he offers. We have quickly returned to the team from last season but with different pla
  2. It depends what you mean by not performing, if any of them go on a run of bad form then fair enough, change it. But the player coming in needs to perform and keep the shirt. You are going to get more consistency from your senior players, surely. Dawson wasn't great against Brentford, I would be looking to give Wildsmith another go now. Hunt was out of his depth and looked a little lost, i thought Joey was better and despite being limited on the ball he competed well and broke things up. I have no other issues with anyone else, I think
  3. Agree completely mate, we haven't got the space for ifs and buts, we need results now. I am afraid the development of players like Hunt need to take a back seat this season. We need our senior players out there every week. It's the only way in my eyes, relegation will hurt us much more.
  4. Hunt is a young lad and probably shouldn't have been thrown in last night against a very good side, probably should have started Joey. We missed Luongo in CM, not just his individual work but also because Bannan was less effective. I think Ivan Toney doesn't have that much success if we swap Odubajo for Iorfa, Moses worked his socks off but he's not used to defending against powerful number 9s. Iorfa deals with it, he's stronger and quicker than Toney. Izzy Brown also gives us a different approach to creating things, we are a better side with him.
  5. Looked to put a bit of weight on over lockdown and seemed less mobile towards the end of last season. He now looks back to what I thought he was, top CM player.
  6. Across the board we are getting a lot of 8/10s That poo gets you promoted.
  7. Now, this is going to sound very 2020 but if you assess our squad in full, we have the best squad we have had for many years. Even better than the play off team, I said this a few weeks ago and got a bit of mouth. According to FIFA 20 we have our best starting 11, that is without adding Marriott and Flint. I know we take FIFA with a pinch of salt but it is pretty accurate. We were missing Iorfa, Lees and Brown today but looked good. The new players are also still settling in.
  8. Love him, not been a number 9 long, he will only get better if we stick with him. Marriott and Windass will be battling to be his partner. They are similar players, quick and hard working.
  9. It's early days but you look at Windass, Paterson, Dunkley and Flint and there are similarities in character. I also think Kachunga, Brown and Marriott will prove to be of similar ilk. Have we put a group of winners together, time will tell.
  10. Headed everything, organised everything. Great start Big man.
  11. Odubajo is a decent Championship player, yes, he's had a poor start with obvious errors, let's not write him off though. Just saying 'hopeless Harris' tells me you aren't fully sure of what you are talking about.
  12. Not really, without Iorfa we are lacking pace in the back 3.
  13. ...............................Dawson .......Odubajo.............Flint...............Van Aken Harris............Luongo..........Bannan...........Reach ...............................Windass .....................Paterson........Kachunga
  14. I honestly see us starting with a 3-5-2 keeping it compact, then switching to a 3-4-3. We have the players and flexibility to do it.
  15. I have to look at the mental strength of Tom Lees. We know if he comes off we are down to 10, moving Paterson into CB means we are going to struggle to hold the ball up. I would expect a bit more, stand in there and head the ball away. Weak.
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