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  1. Carlos Out

    I don't really understand any of these comments, it really is black or white and the situation is really straight forward. Our Chairmans got a very good working relationship with his manager and doesn't want to sack him, but he also knows that SWFC need to be in the Premier League for many and obvious reasons. Mr Chansiri if giving the manager he likes time to get it right, if CC doesn't get it right soon the owner will need to act, he knows that, he's a clever man and he also knows the season doesn't end in November. If results and league position don't start improving our owner will sack the manager and he will do so with a heavy heart. They have worked together for 2 and half years, clearly there is a bit of loyalty, respect and maybe friendship between them and it's refreshing to see a bit of humanity left in football. Personally my opinion is CC is struggling to react to the Championship with the squad he's built. He may have found a way (took too long) of playing that could see us promoted but he's not got the players in the squad to play it effectively enough to pick up enough points. CC may have explained this to his chairman and the chairman is happy to give the manager another transfer window to put it right.
  2. Thoughts after tonight

    Being kind I would say we are playing at about 60%. Millwall and Barnsley were poor and we could have really laid into them but we held off and allowed them to stay in the game. 3 points are 3 points but we are nowhere near a promotion team due to application.
  3. Suspicious minds

    Don't give me that, it always on my mind, I'm a real fan. We have to gain promotion, its now or never.
  4. Suspicious minds

    The squad was built by CC, the squad is not good enough to gain promotion, we are missing a key ingredient. We either have a monster January or we get used to being a steady Champ club. CC in my opinion is out of his depth, the Championship is now an extension of the Premier League and CC is playing a level too high.
  5. Pace

    The Leeds performance shows we can win games with possession. But We have to have other ways of playing, the lack of pace and power means we are stuck to one way.
  6. Pace

    JJ had no or very little quality around him, thats the difference. We do have enough quality in this squad but they are all too similar and can only play one way. You have to have a quick striker or winger, ideally one of each. When the possession football isn't working you go more direct and stick the quicker players on.
  7. Pace

    Pace is a massive part of football at every level, you have got to have pace in any team. All the best teams have pace everywhere.
  8. New manager

    CC is the manager and he will be the man everyone looks at when things are going well and exactly the same if things aren't going so well. He's had a very good go at it but we are now looking at CCs squad of players and it simply isn't good enough to get us up. Or CC is not tactically flexible enough to get the best out of the players he's been given. This squad of players will not get promoted with CC in charge. We either change the manager now and try and get the season going with a manager who gets a team playing the way that suits the players, not the same set up every week, regardless. or We give CC another transfer window to put right the mistakes he's made over the last 2 seasons and allow him to bring in players that will complement how we want to play. One of the decisions can change our season around tomorrow, one of them means we potentially wait till Feb 18.
  9. Reach’s Dad - Twitter

    Reach works hard and sometimes he looks ok, never seen him have a 7 or 8 game, he's consistently a 5/6, which says he's a bang average footballer for this level. Additionally, Reach is probably our best left winger and our best left back. Look no further to the reasoning for our league position.
  10. For now this performance takes a bit of pressure off, the players were up against it so will be cut some slack. Add another defeat next time out and all people will see is the points column, the battling 10 man defeat to Derby means nothing but another loss.
  11. We are tying to play counter attacking football, away from home with no pace in the team. Its like weeing into the wind. CCs put this squad together with players who are good in possession, against Leeds we killed them with it and was a thing of beauty. It happened on a couple of occasions last season too (most teams can play against it). Fletcher, Hooper, Rhodes, Nuhiu, Wallace, Reach, Boyd, all slow players. Joao is fast once he gets going, pretty slow over 5, FF is quick over 5 but not fast over 20/30. The first change any manager or coach will make to this team is adding a bit of pace, either out wide or up top. Signing Rhodes for 10m gave us nothing different to Hooper, Fletcher or Winnall, if you want to play on the counter go and sign Cameron Jerome for half the price. Its very similar to the signings of Fletcher, Rhodes and Winnall, 3 strikers who thrive off crosses, we don't cross the ball because our wingers are encouraged to tuck inside and play narrow. This squad is built to play possession football, we have a squad of neat and tidy footballers, when it works its good but it doesn't work enough because we are still in the Championship. There is one problem, the opposition, many teams can set up to stop you playing, pressing for example, so we need a way to counter that. So for the last 2 seasons we have tried to find a plan B. Between all our coaching members of staff we have come up with a plan b, counter attack, try and force the opposition out by sitting in ourselves. We started it last season. Since then we have signed, Rhodes, Butterfield and Boyd plus a CB with a decent ping, Van Aken. Van Aken is perfect for counter attacking football, yet he's knocking 40/50 yard passes to a slow forward. We play on the counter using Westwood too, same thing, his early and long distribution is into a slow forward. We get the ball there quickly then it slows down. When we are defending a corner for example, for a counter attacking team this is a goal scoring opportunity, you leave your fast players forward, normally the defending side will match it plus 1. The players you leave forward are players who can every now and again beat 2 men. We don't have a player in the squad who tries to take on his man, not one of our players fancies himself 1v1. So more often than not that quick long ball out from the back is us just giving the opposition the ball back, defensively we are still deep so loads of space in the attacking third for our opponents. That is the number 1, the catastrophic failure of CC and this team/squad. Last January was the time to start shaping this, never happened. This summer was the time to perfect it, clearly not. This is why CC in my opinion, is tactically out of his depth and needs to be replaced, he's got one set way of playing and knows nothing else, the Championship is too much for him.
  12. It happens, I had to stop at 16. Always sad though
  13. Van Aken

    I think we need to keep playing him, the more experience he gets the better he will become. Outstanding on the ball, positionally ok, needs to work on his decision making (when to stand up or make a challenge). It would also be nice to see him put on a bit of muscle, which will help him against the more physical strikers in the division.
  14. team for sunday its a winner

    I would love for Carlos to make a formation change and a slightly different approach to this game. ......................Westwood/Wildsmith Hunt..............Lees.................Van Aken.............Pudil ......................Jones...............Bannan ..........Lee................Hooper.............Wallace ...............................Fletcher Dawson/Wilsmith, Palmer, Fred, Butterfield, Reach, Rhodes, Joao. Jones and Bannan stay in and protect the back 4, Bannan controls the tempo from deeper. Hooper plays deeper, pretty much where he's been playing recently when we have set up in a 4-4-2.
  15. team for sunday its a winner

    I think switching fullbacks is an interesting tactical decision, not sure if its the most sound decision but you know, it might work. Reach and Wallace have spent most of the last 2 seasons on the opposite sides too but if we are going to switch fullbacks then why not with the wide midfielders too. Hooper is probably our most inform player but yeah, leave him out, why not. Matias, Hurst/Hirst haven't played much at all, throw em in. If CC did this then it might catch Leeds out, they would not for one minute think we would do this, no one would because its f'kin nuts but you never know.