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  1. Jordan Rhodes

    Rhodes and Fletcher need to spend a bit of time together, but that means leaving Hooper out. We and Jordan may have to be patient with that one.
  2. One thing holding us back

    So what we are saying is, between us few posters we have figured out the difference between SWFC in 2017/18 and the one from 15/16. Over those 2 seasons we have brought in plenty of quality, 3 strikers with the pedigree of Hooper, Rhodes and Fletcher which is undeniably 3 top signings in the Championship. But, with these additions Mr Joao's fallen down that pecking order, when in 15/16 he was used on a regular basis. Looking at our bench now we have like for like, all our CM players are similar, so when we do pick up injuries we have plenty of depth and quality to bring in, Bannan, Lee, Jones, Butterfield, Abdi all neat and tidy footballers. Hutch is the one thats a bit different. Our wide players are all very similar, no McManaman or Buckley this season, we have Boyd. We also have plenty of depth up top, if Hooper isn't 100% we are more than happy to play Rhodes. Joao is the only one that is different but probably lacks the quality of our other options. CC's signed players to give us depth, so we have several options to play the same way, 2 top six finishers isn't bad. In CCs first season we didn't have all these options to make like for like changes, we had to change the way we played. We had to use players like Joao, Matias and Helan because we had no other options. So instead of trying to manage a game by looking after the ball and taking less risk, we had to gamble on pinching a second on the break. Thats why were more entertained I would imagine and why CC didn't seem too negative back then.
  3. One thing holding us back

    Interesting, basically we have 3 ways to manage the game today: 1. Throw on Nuhiu and try and hold on to the ball high up the pitch, Nuhiu's done it before and its worked. I also think CC likes Nuhiu because he's decent defending our box. 2. Throw on Joao, his pace in behind would give us a threat when out of possession, which means the defending side won't over commit. 3. Throw on Nuhiu and Joao, Nuhiu can try and get hold of it and we have a threat in behind with Joao. The choice is, do we try and see the game out by keeping the ball or do we give up possession and still be a threat? Maybe option 3 might be worth a try, try both.
  4. Fernando Forristieri injury

    He did for the majority of last season and started this season the same. CC will play FF up top, meaning 2 of Fletcher, Hooper or Rhodes misses out.
  5. Fernando Forristieri injury

    Forestieri coming back from injury means Fletcher or Hooper not starting, regardless of form. If FF is fit then he plays up front. FF being injured right now is keeping CC in a job.
  6. Rhodes and Bannon celebration

    I saw it, they all ran to Banhorn, but Banhorn ran away from them to Roads, then Roads and Banhorn kept running away from the rest of the team, it went on for about 4 minutes. Top lads.
  7. Team 4 Brentford

    ....................Westwood Palmer.....Lees......Van Aken......Reach Boyd.......Jones....Butterfield.....Bannan ...............Hooper....Rhodes Wildsmith, Hunt, Pudil, Lee, Wallace, Fletcher, Joao Which is the same 18 but with 4 changes. Hunt, Lee, Wallace and Fletcher get a breather. Palmer, Butterfield, Boyd and Rhodes get starts, this gives them an opportunity to grab the shirt for the weekend, giving the manager real options for the next game and the game time keeps them sharp. Plenty of quality on the bench but will also allow them to be fit and firing for the weekend. Those changes means we can still play the same way, its like for like.
  8. Rate our summer transfer window

    He can still train without clearance, the clearance is to play competitively. He's had plenty of time and will have been ready for Burton but CC went with Pudil and benched the new boy.
  9. Rate our summer transfer window

    The Portuguese lads been with us a few weeks now, but we still played Pudil at CB v Burton. Good players don't need 6 months at a club before they play.
  10. Rate our summer transfer window

    Lets be fair, we have signed Rhodes on a permanent deal too, with Boyd also thats 2 very good players for this level. Our 2 CBs are unknown really and could go either way. My concern is the lack of pace and power in the entire squad. Its as though CC only likes slow players and doesn't like players taking people on. Now I get that the manager wants his team to play a certain way but you have to have different ways to win games of football and having a bit of pace, especially away from home and when you are trying to play counter attacking football, pace is quite important.
  11. Cairney

    If you read my post you will see that my main issue is the predictability of our set up. We rigidly stick to a 4-4-2, so what? Well, every management/coaching team in the Championship set up to play against a 4-4-2, meaning they are always well prepared to play us. None of our strikers have pace, so there is no real threat in behind, what does that mean to the opposition, they can play higher, squeezing us, which stops us being able to play out from the back and the opposition midfield players can play higher, meaning more chance to create an opportunity to score. Simply, their creative players are nearer to our goal. Our wingers generally play narrow, Reach left, Boyd or Wallace right, our wide players took in, this leaves space for our fullbacks to get around the outside. Because the wingers are picked mainly to keep us compact we very rarely cross the ball. Fletcher, Winnall and Rhodes are 3 strikers that score the majority of their goals from crosses, yet our wingers don't cross the ball, our fullbacks are expected to provide the width. Meaning they are often caught out of position. We don't have a wide midfielder/winger who takes on a fullback, we don't have players who run at the opposition with pace. A quick striker would compliment any of our other frontmen. A direct winger would allow us to mix things up at times. We need to be able to give the opposition new or different problems.
  12. Cairney

    Have to disagree with this. Bringing in more attacking players achieves nothing if we continue to set up the same way. We have enough going forward if we weren't so predictable. The 4-4-2 is killing us. We don't have the players to play it properly, but we do have the players to play a 4-2-3-1 a 4-1-4-1, a 3-5-2 or a 3-4-3. 4-4-2 is good and its very balanced but you have to have the players for it, I will say it again, we don't have them.
  13. £30m to spend this week

    I think we are one player missing from a very good squad capable of the top 2, thats a reliable holding midfield player, someone who thinks about defending first. Basically a more robust Hutch That will then free up the best attacking options in the League. Everyone in the division knows how we are going to play each week, it would be nice to mix things up a bit and actually use the squad. We lack pace everywhere, Jack Hunt and FF are probably the only 2 players that can beat a man. Our 2 wide midfield players are picked first and foremost to keep us compact, attacking intent comes second and our 2 fullbacks are our main attacking threat. Ross Wallace is all left footed and played a large part of his career on the left of midfield, he's also played left back and his delivery is outstanding. Why have we never played him on the left of midfield? Even just for one game to mix things up, I know for a fact he would get a very high number of dangerous crosses into the box. If only we had a couple of Strikers who thrive off crosses, oh. We could then play narrow on the other side, or do the same on the other side, but we don't actually have any natural width down that side. And then, this is the major crazy thing, get our fullbacks to defend, i know, i know, I am nuts. To summarise, CC needs to keep the opposition guessing, we have played the same way all last season and were very predictable. If he doesn't then I can't keep supporting him, he's making rookie mistakes by sticking to the same one dimensional, one paced approach.
  14. Huge mistake not bringing in Liam Bridcutt, he's perfect for a 4-4-2/diamond. This is my main issue with CC, he's got a set way of playing but doesn't sign the players that we need to play it effectively. Last 2 wide midfield players signed are Reach and Boyd, which offer nothing different to Wallace, Matias etc. There are some games in this division where we can play with 2 direct wingers/attacking midfield players either side of a big striker, with 3 central midfield players. Which funnily enough would suit all our CM players. Bizarre signings in reality.