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  1. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/may/owls-announce-201718-retained-list/ Just Sean Clare and George Hirst to leave then. Nothing that we didn't know really
  2. I loved him at S6 but watching some more recent stuff he is moving over to the arrogance side of the scale
  3. Interesting without Wilder buying league 1 and 2 players won’t work. I can imagine if he walks they might reluctantly buy better but not too have a season like this one.
  4. Do you think United will sink next year then? With or without Wilder?
  5. BenOwl1867

    First time going to L**ds

    Cab from spoons behind station then after you get escorted onto a bus to station anyway
  6. BenOwl1867

    Bristol City match is ON

    Will do we need our heads checking!
  7. BenOwl1867

    Bristol City match is ON

    We are driving down planning on a stop in Solihull on way can re assess weather there too I think. We must be mad!
  8. BenOwl1867

    Bristol City match is ON

    We are setting off in half an hour wish us luck
  9. They have 9 months to file with company house from their financial year end
  10. BenOwl1867

    Leeds v Wednesday

    Regardless on TV or not will be lunchtime kick off. Barnsley both home and away was. But some reason sky money persuaded SYP to allow the derby at the Lane for a Friday night
  11. BenOwl1867

    Sam Winnall

    Sooner he goes the better. He is a bitter cheeky monkey by the sounds of everything. Didn’t work out at Wednesday shame cause he knows where the net is. Let’s hope we get a decent fee still under contract until end of next season I believe
  12. BenOwl1867

    People sat near you at matches

    I have the pleasure of sitting next the most knowledgeable experts the game has ever seen. In all seriousness they do my box in the past we have been coasting 3-0 up and its still bloody rubbish
  13. BenOwl1867

    International Break

    End of March I think
  14. BenOwl1867


    Who gets the 10% from the gate FA? The replay for Newport will properly make them more than they pulled in last 2 years from a half full Wembley
  15. BenOwl1867


    Are those figures for a 50/50 share ?