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  1. Leeds v Wednesday

    Regardless on TV or not will be lunchtime kick off. Barnsley both home and away was. But some reason sky money persuaded SYP to allow the derby at the Lane for a Friday night
  2. Sam Winnall

    Sooner he goes the better. He is a bitter cheeky monkey by the sounds of everything. Didn’t work out at Wednesday shame cause he knows where the net is. Let’s hope we get a decent fee still under contract until end of next season I believe
  3. People sat near you at matches

    I have the pleasure of sitting next the most knowledgeable experts the game has ever seen. In all seriousness they do my box in the past we have been coasting 3-0 up and its still bloody rubbish
  4. International Break

    End of March I think
  5. £70,000

    Who gets the 10% from the gate FA? The replay for Newport will properly make them more than they pulled in last 2 years from a half full Wembley
  6. £70,000

    Are those figures for a 50/50 share ?
  7. Mid week against Carlisle Van Aken, Loovens, and Tom Lees. All shared a box on the south. Didn’t see any others around
  8. Would You Rather...

    FA Cup and a European tour
  9. Boyd says we weren't fit enough

    Then also keep yourself fit not play on the playstation or go to play golf in the afternoon
  10. Boyd says we weren't fit enough

    Completely disagree mate it maybe a team game but for a professional footballer to blow out his arse after 20 minutes. He should be ashamed
  11. Boyd says we weren't fit enough

    As a professional athlete is it not your responsibility to be fit?
  12. Pigs tickets

    They are calling the reserve list just had my call made my Monday!!
  13. Bang on its tough tough league with a lot of money around it. We have spent a load but do not have the income (parachute payments) like others do
  14. How are people putting Carlos in the worst list? Team From To Record Ref P W D L Win % Sheffield Wednesday 30 June 2015 Present 129 56 38 35 43.4 In comparison to this list Name Nat From To Record P W L D Win% Arthur Dickinson 1 August 1891 31 May 1920 919 393 338 188 42.27% Robert Brown 1 June 1920 1 December 1933 600 266 199 135 44.33% Eric Taylor 1 April 1942 31 July 1958 539 196 215 128 36.36% Jack Charlton 8 October 1977 27 May 1983 269 105 77 87 39.03% Howard Wilkinson 24 June 1983 10 October 1988 255 114 73 68 44.70% Trevor Francis 7 June 1991 20 May 1995 214 88 58 68 41.12% Before I get super negged, just the facts not stating I am a Carlos in but just a comparison