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  1. Looking forward to tonight

    Atmosphere will be dead as it always is on a Tuesday night. We will come out fighting for 10 minutes then it will drop off 1-1 more of the same tonight...
  2. Wallace.

    Love his work especially the corners trick he does. Putting the ball just put just on the D winds fans up something rotten
  3. Give SAG a break

    How long have you been employed by SAG for?
  4. George Hirst

    Hey look another Hirst thread
  5. Van aken

    Seems like the real deal settled in well let's look when he has 10-15 games under his belt. Already I am a massive fan Loovens will be the perfect mentor seems such a bargain in today's market.
  6. Please put me in touch with people who have self funded UFEA B. Nobody will self fund that course
  7. True the average joe will not self fund a course with no guaranteed role for over £1k never going to happen. If you have been in the coaching game for some time and have level 2 which really tells someone how and why we coach this should be enough. Its not a pop at Wednesday every professional and most non-professional clubs ask for this level of qualification. Rant over just gets on my boobies!
  8. Winds me up this as a level 2 qualified coach no club is willing to take level 2 qualified people up. Someone with level 2 could have 10 years experience and success but someone with uefa B and 2 years would get it. Nobody will pay over £1k for a Uefa B one their own, clubs should look at lower qualified and experience and offer part or full funding
  9. Almen Abdi

    Cracking bit of business from Watford they must have seen this
  10. George Hirst Off!!

    If he was called John Smith that scored tonnes at youth level never seen at senior level. Let's say he refused to sign like it looks like now. Most would be saying get rid just putting it out there
  11. George Hirst Off!!

    Imagine this thread would be nowhere near as long if his surname was Smith
  12. There will be people above if it Chansiri and his advisors or Joe Palmer Carlos will not be speaking to clubs I can guarantee that
  13. People do understand that Carlos does not make the actual signings. He submits targets to the directors if they fail in paying "the right price" or fail to get the deal over the line this is nothing to do with Carlos. He is the head coach leads the training session picks the team and tactics. He never negotiated a deal for a player not his role.
  14. George Hirst send him out on loan

    True what ever happened to the very short loan spells called work experience? We used to loan a few youngsters out via that
  15. Keep Sam at RB

    It was but when he is fit for me first name on team sheet in the middle of the park.