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  1. Miss polly

    Fighting in the stands

    Didn't see anything myself but please please pack it in
  2. Miss polly

    Happy Birthday Atdhe

    Happy birthday Wednesday loves you more than you will no oh oh xxx
  3. Miss polly

    Megastore today

    Just been and picked up my season ticket staff working hard well done long queue but moving fast thanks UTO
  4. Miss polly

    1st fixtures

    Villa away. Rotherham home
  5. Miss polly


    Working overtime to get the money for away day's wawaw
  6. First match away Swansea a lovely weekend in Wales UTO
  7. Miss polly

    Keiran Lee has had a babby

    Congratulations looks gorgeous
  8. Miss polly

    I Could Watch This All Night Long...

    well done big lad
  9. Miss polly


    Looking absolutely fabulous
  10. Miss polly

    Reading Ticket - Loading to Season Ticket ??

    It loaded mine fine
  11. Miss polly

    RIP Peter Belk

  12. Miss polly

    McKee latest....

    Brilliant well done
  13. Miss polly

    We’ve got to, haven’t we?