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  1. I know my phone line started crackling straight after the vote and it still is, can't help but think Brexit had at least some influence. Also the woman across the road started taking in lodgers, I think she's a fascist and I've asked @Costello 77 to put her name on the fatwa list he's drawn up although he's mysteriously gone all quiet about that now.
  2. And that's Lucas Joao on the left with a fake beard disguise but he's fooling nobody.
  3. Ah Ah, Rolf Harris, I always get mixed up with them old TV stars. I remember bumping into jimmy saville before he died in M&S in Eastleigh before he died and I'd got mixed up again, I asked him if he was the one who'd done the two little boys but he swore it was rolf harris.
  4. Would that be when the Japanese whaling fleet we're in port OG?
  5. TFFT, I thought we'd got problems with the pitch again.
  6. Correct, some people tell jokes and others just refresh your memory.
  7. He's also lifted the dark cloud of relegation what was hanging around, very pleased with him.
  8. I like how he doesn't let them finish their questions, maybe to show them who is in charge.
  9. It's that @OWLERTON GHOST ,think he's a poltergeist, always throwing unsubstantiated comments around.
  10. What a load of sh-te. Absolute cobblers.
  11. We'll do you int playoffs OG, do they have playoffs even?
  12. Situations like this are strange aren't they. We have a young player who thinks he's destined for greatness. A Chairman who thinks the young player isn't worth what he's demanding. The majority of the fanbase who thinks the chairman should Kowtow to the young player, who have somehow now disappeared. Looks like the Chairman nailed it.
  13. They look good going forward but they don't look as comfortable defending, we'll catch them twice on the break and win 2-0, so relax Trevor, cocoa?
  14. Hold on, how big is this list? I'm in first spot anyway.
  15. Not the f----in Fatwa again? Come on, the suspense is killing me.
  16. Agree, got to be tartar sauce, white pepper and vinegar.
  17. FFS I didn't know he'd got one as well, no wonder we can't sell any if Chansiri keeps giving them to the players and staff.
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