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  1. Going to Norwich? Read this...

    About time this went to court methinks. You purchase a seat on the understanding you can watch the game I think and then someone wants to stand up in front of where you're sat. Disgraceful really If standing at football matches is banned then it should be enforced. I personally want to sit and watch the game. I understand that some people wish to stand but that is against the regulations. The clubs need holding to account, make these people sit down or throw them out, it has to happen. The authorities really need to look at safe standing again, some people want to sit and some people want to stand, it isn't f---ing difficult and it's no good putting them all in the same place, telling them they have to sit and not enforcing what you've told them they have to do, f---ing disgraceful if you think about it. Just causes conflict on the terraces. Get safe standing in place FFS, I want to sit and watch the game.
  2. OK, try this one. Dom Howson, Sheffield Stars answer to Laura Kuenssberg
  3. F------ ell, it's aunty bessie
  4. Absolutely OG, I wanted him at Hillsborough for the rest of his career but when individuals take the urine out of the club then it's time to say bye bye. It's gone from his "dream come true" scenario to "oh, wait a minute, I'm a super star" As John Fitz said, ask not what we can do for you, but ask what you can do for us, but that's just me, the club always comes first, second, third and last, there's no place for anyone else.
  5. I should imagine he has to tread very carefully or the apple cart will be well and truly overturned, big queue of young guns outside his door.
  6. Bang on mate, these people are just wanting to sell something we haven't had the chance to test drive yet, send him on his way and let them mug someone else off.
  7. Thank god you've turned up Snooty, all been going pear shaped on here tonight. I can't help feeling though that puppet thing with Doyen you keep using is the wrong way round, I mean shouldn't it be Doyen what are pulling the strings? Just an observation mind.
  8. Hold on, I thought you'd just re-heated a big all on pizza? Or did I dream that?
  9. Dislike

    He thinks he's on twitter
  10. George Hirst Saga..

    It's all gone quiet
  11. George Hirst Saga..

    I just asked that Plagiarism?
  12. George Hirst Saga..

    Where has it been said that DC has prevented GH from playing, genuine question. I asked last week if this was the case or was it just the fact or not that the respective squad managers weren't picking him. I'm interested to know whether DC has stopped GH from playing or being considered for selection.
  13. George Hirst Saga..

    OK, i'll take a punt, how about the Elev8 Cup or the D Taxis Cup or maybe the Ferrero Rocher Cup.
  14. George Hirst Saga..

    Fortunately society and the government are starting to realise that there are 2 aspects to health-fitness-performance which is both physical and mental. If a player doesn't possess both he's not up to the job. We hear about people being fully fit when really they mean he's fully physically fit. Big difference. Not only does a player need to be fully physically fit his head needs to be the same, if it isn't (which is obviously the case here) why would the club want him representing them?