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  1. Eastleigh Owl


    80/20? Pareto init.
  2. Eastleigh Owl

    75 Today !

    Happy birthday Vic, I was there that day. Such a shame he missed the final, as someone has already said, I'm pretty sure we'd have won the cup with him in the team.
  3. Eastleigh Owl

    Hector and Joao

    TFFT. thought they were announcing they're a couple.
  4. Eastleigh Owl

    The Big Black Cloud over S6.

    Your OP is just a fair comment on what we all should be concerned about TBH mate, I know I am and i'd love a bit of clarity on what exactly "serious trouble" equates to. Could it mean for instance shedding the big earners who are out of favour when they come out of contract (no brainer) but will we need to sell any, some, all of the crown jewels - Bannan, FF, Reach and to a lesser extent Joao, Penney. Are you panicking , scaremongering, slating the Chairman? No you're not, just asking questions we all should wanting answers to.
  5. Eastleigh Owl

    My Swedish girlfriend before the match

    I'm not totally convinced with this performance, could she try singing it in her volleyball strip and post again please, think you'll get a lot more responses.
  6. Eastleigh Owl

    Still an out from me

    FFS, thought this was a Brexit thread.
  7. That would be great, make it happen Bulgaria.
  8. Eastleigh Owl

    Marco Matias

    there you go, fixed it for you
  9. Eastleigh Owl

    Clare Fee

    He may find that difficult, those jackets they make them wear aren't conducive to operating key boards. He may find it nigh on impossible to scratch his back side, just depends on how tight the straps are.
  10. Eastleigh Owl

    Clare Fee

    Spot on Andy old chap, what ever happened to OG? Did they let him out or not? It's probably the best place for him TBH.
  11. Eastleigh Owl

    Clare Fee

    A man who moralises is usually a hypocrite - Oscar Wilde
  12. Eastleigh Owl

    Bannan - 4 yellows now?

    I thought this was going to be about his 4 strands of hair.
  13. Is this owt to do with the fatwa? If not, I want me brass back.