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  1. Hillsborough falling down?

    FFS the stadiums injured now, what next.
  2. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    If you really wanted to get the message across to him M'Lud you might have been better posting this on the Villa forum as I'm sure he'll be on there basking in the adulation of those who struggle to say the word bus, or is it busz
  3. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Bit early for the sherry m'lud
  4. Second sign of madness is talking to yourself.
  5. It used to be in Peckham, obviously Del Boy sold it to the apple munchers.
  6. Quite right as well, he can't see that the bloke isn't whingeing he's answering questions from a journalist where both of them are doing their job for us, the supporters. He doesn't strike me as the whingeing type, needs to get that cough checked out though.
  7. He's probably heard FF is on his way back
  8. Well Done Atdhe

    He's a good lad, I love him to bits.
  9. parking tickets

    Apparently he's an engineer you know.
  10. parking tickets

    Just depends on what type of engineer you are then I suppose, fact of the matter is this, where i live is flat, the place I work is flat and my shed base is flat. To all intents and purposes the world is flat, if it wasn't we'd find it very difficult to live on it, we'd be forever falling over. The world is flat, simple as that.
  11. parking tickets

    MMMM, 5 mm per km, what you're actually saying is it's flat
  12. parking tickets

    They can't ticket a shed OG, it doesn't have a number plate so no traceability, they'd be better off parking the car and erecting a shed over it. Doesn't it just pi ss you off though about these traffic wardens and private security companies. These people who we elect to office go on to abuse the people who elected them. I'm all for rules and regulations and some people deserve all they get because they ttfp but what about the bloke or lady who wants to park his/her car and thinks it's ok but comes back to find he or she has got a ticket because the warden, employed by the councillor elected by the parker see's things differently to the person parking the car.
  13. parking tickets

    Just off to calculate the % of the earth my shed takes up as I know that is flat because they wouldn't have agreed to deliver my shed if it wasn't.
  14. parking tickets

    What would be the truest statement, 1) The earth is round 2) The earth is flat 3) The earth is round but it's got a lot of flat bits Around 3% of the earths land is flat ( built on), this is probably more as some land will be flat and not built on. The surface area of the earth which is flat is around 0.9% which is flat, but don't assume that the other is round because it's neither flat or round. Flat and round? Got to think about relativity.