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  1. Eastleigh Owl

    Preslav Borukov

    Yeah, like Hirst, oh, hold on.
  2. Eastleigh Owl

    Butterfield returns to Derby.

    Never got a chance to speak with him whilst driving TBH mate, all items, be it letters, packages, crates, pallets or in this case people purporting to be footballers have to go in the back of the van, it's a company rule, my employers are quite funny about things like that-no items for delivery are to go in the cab with the driver. I did feel a touch of sympathy for him though as I was loading him until I remembered his performance against Burton and then I just fired him in the back along with the rest of the tripe out for delivery. He spent the entire journey sat on a pallet full of specialist horse manure I was taking to Chatsworth. In fact, I had to drop the manure off on the way back or he wouldn't have had anywhere to sit.God I hate my job.
  3. Eastleigh Owl

    Butterfield returns to Derby.

    Nope, not at all, I dropped him off this morning.
  4. Eastleigh Owl

    George Hirst

    BREAKING NEWS-Just been for a pint in the Ice House in Shirley Warren, bloke in there reckons young George is after some new alloys for his Corsa and he's going to start flipping burgers at McDonalds to give himself some extra pocket money, anybody else heard owt?
  5. Soz, just noticed that it's at the top of the link, I knew he'd said summat,
  6. I'm sure Oscar Wilde had something to say about moralisers but I can't for the life of me remember what it was, here's a piece to be going on with though, https://www.theguardian.com/books/2000/jul/29/books.guardianreview9
  7. A last desperate bid by Biggsy to win the top local journo poll, don't think he's pulled it off tbh.
  8. Eastleigh Owl

    Venâncio celebration

    Good god, you people just need to do a bit of research. Fred is going nowhere, the Picanto is on a 2 year lease.
  9. Eastleigh Owl


    It is a great idea mate and I'll sort of participate. I'll commit now to donating £1 a goal for next season to a charity of my own choice which will be along the lines of supplying clean drinking water to children who don't have access to it. Not trying to be contrary, just can't understand why some can't access clean water, I wish you well with such a great idea.
  10. We were thinking the same about you yesterday, what happened to the OMDT, getting bored now?
  11. Eastleigh Owl

    Just got back

    I've only watched the highlights so I can only humbly ask, were we that poor up front? Just look like wave after wave of them attacking, great defence but toothless upfront?
  12. Eastleigh Owl


    Too right, whats Ulrich "Uli" Stielike up to these days.
  13. Eastleigh Owl

    Transition time.

    What odds you get mate?
  14. Eastleigh Owl

    Transition time.

    DC chucked quite a bit of cash at it, didn't come off for him or us. Carlos (remember him?) wouldn't entertain youth. Jos had been in post for a short time and we suddenly see young guns being blooded. Looks like the plans changed, expect the big earners to be trimmed down and finally I reckon we'll be seeing young and hungry players thrown in, and not afore time either. It's the way forward. On a side note, I got Khan to knock that other geezer down in the first round at 18/1, unfortunately, I only had £1 on it, never mind eh. Up the Owls.