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  1. Eastleigh Owl

    Name one thing...

    And a Merry Christmas to you mate.
  2. Eastleigh Owl

    Could be worse.

    We're staying in Costa Teguise but I'll try and take advantage of that offer if it's still on (maths never was my strongpoint). Arrive 24 Jan and leave 7 feb. Keep me updated on the weather if you can, not sure whether to bring a light over coat or not.
  3. Eastleigh Owl

    Best to face facts.

    Listen to the voice of experience mate. Only get shut of someone when you have got something better lined up. In our case, at the moment, we haven't and we have no prospect of getting anything better. Better to hold tight and enjoy the ride.
  4. Eastleigh Owl

    Best to face facts.

    Nobody, with any credibility will take the job, that's why we have Jos, it really isn't hard to see to be honest.
  5. Eastleigh Owl

    Best to face facts.

    There is nowhere to go with the resources at his disposal It isn't difficult to see what's happened. McClaren and Lambert visited and didn't like the brief. DC interviews Jos, tells him there's no brass and Jos say's FFS there must be something in the kitty. DC says 0.5 million and thats it. Jos signs Joey.Crab the manager all you want, it won't make any difference. At the end of the day, the blokes had £500,000 to spend. Our failures don't lie at his door.
  6. Eastleigh Owl

    Best to face facts.

    1) The defenders are crap, that isn't his fault. He inherited the squad remember. 2) Mainly down to injuries he can't get a settled squad, hwy that is, f--- knows. 3) Refer to my point 3. 4) Refer to my point 3. 5) refer to my point 5. 6) That's a matter of opinion, he plays his best team to beat what's in front of him. 7) tb yorkies are disgraceful.
  7. Eastleigh Owl

    Best to face facts.

    Neither are the players, and that isn't the managers fault. Blame the manager all you want, they won't be queuing up to take his job.
  8. Eastleigh Owl

    Best to face facts.

    And I thought I'd finished strong, never mind.
  9. 1) No good blaming Jos for the cards he's been dealt. If it wasn't him it would be someone akin. 2) There's no money to spend, whether that's because of FFP, P+S or the owner has maxed out. 3) The reason certain players aren't getting a game is clearly not the managers decision. 4) The manager got the job because he'd do exactly what he was told. 5) The players are fully aware of the situation and are p---ed off as well as the fans. 6) tb buys Aunt Bessies Yorkies and passes them off as her own. 7) Hillsborough Mole won't STFU until he's installed as the chairman. 8) @OWLERTON GHOST has to notify the vice squad when he's visiting Sheffield. 9) @Mrs Blenkinsops shed is a salesman at Martins VW in Andover (Fact). 10) @Eastleigh Owl is not only ITK, he's kettled up as well.
  10. Eastleigh Owl

    Name one thing...

    Might be best if you read my post again.
  11. Eastleigh Owl

    Name one thing...

    UTO Mrs Hall.
  12. WTF have they got to do with Wednesday. Leave your politics where they belong.
  13. Not being funny or owt, but how would you know? Genuine question BTW.
  14. Eastleigh Owl

    Name one thing...

    He certainly exposes the flank better than Palmer. He'll be a decent player if we don't destroy him first.