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  1. That's one way to deal with it i guess.....me, I never lose interest, I'm always interested in what Wednesday are doing, good or bad & I think that can be a problem, when things are bad like now it can be a mood changer & I don't like being moody.....over the years though I've learnt to keep it in perspective, it is just football, a game after all....it's not one of life's real problems.
  2. Not normally but it sounds OK at the minute.
  3. And was it?....I haven't recovered enough to get into the overall nature of the match...I seem to be just randomly giggling every 8 or 9 minutes or so.
  4. .....I decided to turn on the computer & find out the result...prior to that I'd chosen not to follow it live as I usually do, I thought cold turkey was best for my nerves in this massive six pointer situation. Before turning on the computer I imagined what the worst scenarios could be, things like we'd played well but lost to a goal in the 90th minute, or we had a player sent off, bad ref decision, stone wall pen turned down etc etc etc....BUT, what met my eyes was probably the worst collection of calamities I think I might have witnessed in 60 years of following the Owls &
  5. Perth?....come on pal, is that even Australia...it's like saying Wales is in England....
  6. Best thing about the 80's for me was Mel Sterland....without doubt my most favourite Wednesday player of all time...so much so that when he left for Rangers it cured me of idolising any player since...him leaving was the closest I've ever been to actual depression.
  7. Gloves...I just don't get it. I've played on frozen rutted pitches all around Sheffield, some that hard your studs sounded like you were on concrete....never, not once, did I think I could use a pair of gloves to ease the cold. Someone told me once it's the fashion......fashion ffs.....can you imagine Mike Lyons ever wearing gloves, he wore stitches he had put in while waiting to come back on.
  8. Used to argue a bit in my younger days....the one I remember most was with a bloke behind me the day Hirst made his debut at home....he was slagging him off all match topping it off with the most stupid comment I think I've ever heard at a football match which was......"he(Hirst)runs around like a chicken with it's head cut off...he'll never make a footballer while he has a hole in a**se).
  9. I was 13 that year & yes, from that time on it just got tastier & tastier through the 70's & 80's....I knew lot's of lads my age who went on to be members of the EBRA....anyone remember Vinnie & Colin Walters...hard as nails those two, played in the same teams as Colin & believe me when I say he took no prisoners....he was gentle compared to Vinnie though who lost an eye battling it out at an away game somewhere...mental times.
  10. Thanks for posting that, took me back to being there at the game, I can remember Joicey's goal but had forgotten the others....I was a Kop dweller in those days before moving to the North Stand...great days.
  11. I liked him, good player for us at the time....like someone has said he was a little bit light weight, if he'd had a bit more strength & mongrel in him say like Vardy, he'd have been a reyt player.
  12. A perfect description....wonder if we ever stood next to each other at a match, or sat on a coach or train...I would guess yes, if I had to re-live a decade in terms of football it would be the 70's over the 90's no question, I loved the 90's but the 70's were character building.
  13. A thousand percent the 70's.....for me, nothing could beat that.
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