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  1. A MASSIVE B....all day long everyday. I haven't read the thread but, anyone posting A just isn't a Wednesday fan in my eyes.
  2. Even Tony Towner diving for a pen in front of Wednesday fans was more believable....still hate Towner.
  3. I used to love..'All we are saying, is give us a goal'...in the seventies....that and...'Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield Wednesday, we'll support you ever more....we'll support you ever more'....& we did/do. Also liked...'Sheffield Wednesday's Back in Town Again'....when the Inter City Owl emptied out on to stations all over the country.
  4. Maybe 'Beats' will be good for Rhodes....I still think he could have goals left in him.
  5. It's all good, I've been called much worse playing football over here. About twenty years ago when the Aussies were due to be playing Pakistan in a test series the headline on the back pages was "The Pakis Are Coming"....no one 'batted' an eyelid, no one cared & why would they....worlds gone crazy.
  6. I actually made one of those once, didn't work, flies out here are very crafty.
  7. We hire out ringer outs for one armed window cleaners.
  8. Mate I will respectfully decline from that....there was a nutjob called thaiowl on Owlsmad back in the day who stalked every post I made on there...I know he comes to Australia on business & he's the last freak I need to walk in....don't know if reads Owlstalk but safety first
  9. Not live no, I watched him in a game for the Mariners on TV, might have been a friendly but anyway he was blowing hard, had a right sweat on, to be fair he hadn't trained much but it was funny to see him struggling, football is of course totally different to a hundred metre dash I suppose. My mate did meet him personally though, he had a part time job there as a general dogs body, helping with kit & stuff, the first team liked him a lot so they started taking him on the road with them as well, when Usain joined them on trial they got on really well together, he showed me a phot
  10. I'd say Sterland's in the 4-4 draw with Chelsea, a lot of people had left & came sprinting back in when they heard we'd got the penalty in the last minute....Zico did the business though.
  11. Just this minute finished talking to a customer that came into our shop...he's a pom & we started talking about football, he told me he was a mad Preston fan & was at the game when Dooley broke his leg, he can remember it like it was yesterday due to the sound it made. It kinda reminded me of when Ian Knight broke his leg, I can remember that sound as well, spine chilling I'd call it....but to talk to someone who actually witnessed Dooley's was surreal, nice to talk to an old school guy about the old time greats such as Tom Finney who was playing that day at Preston...I've
  12. They didn't take bribes...they placed bets on Ipswich to win.
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