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  1. It was never in doubt we would bounce back...when Jack joined us in 77 I was sat about 15 seats away from him on the same row in the North Stand, felt something that day, I was looking at him & thought yes, this is it now, I remember getting goose bumps about it.
  2. Might have been one of the worse periods for Wednesday on the pitch but, off the pitch as a supporter was the best time I can remember, results apart the fans were fantastic, I traveled all over England with the best set of supporters ever, I hardly missed a game from 1970 to 1979 & the memories are brilliant, I will definitely be getting that book, can't wait for it. Love Wednesday, loved the 70's, I'm in my sixties now & still think about those days.
  3. Best Team - West Germany Best Player - George Best Best English Player - Bobby Charlton Best Goal Keeper - Gordon Banks Best Defender/Sweeper - Franz Beckenbauer
  4. I like England to win at anything they're playing but nothing compares to football & the Owls for me,....for me it's not even a choice who wins this weekend. When I first moved to Oz I was virtually forced into watching rugby league which I can just about stomach, union is way too messy spending too much time on the floor but don't even talk to me about Aussie rules, is it even a game? Nothing gets into your blood like Wednesday....not even close.
  5. That's what I thought when we appointed Howard Wilkinson as manager, in fact it was less than meh.
  6. Understandable....just put me on your list & everything will be OK.
  7. I never said I thought he was better than Zidane, in fact it's pointless comparing the two in that way in my opinion. The question from the OP was " When at their prime which would you have signed for Wednesday"...I think Beckham would have suited the Wednesday team best at the time Beckham was at his prime, I think his free kicks, dead ball delivery & not too shabby over all play would have been the best option for us at that time. If the question had been which one of them would I have signed to fit into say Ron Atkinson's best Wednesday team, I would have said Zidane.... but please, feel free to keep me on the Zee list, I think being ignored by you would be for the best & no, I'm not kidding.
  8. 100% agree with the supporting bit Mick.....we aren't skint though, when I say we I mean Chansiri....he's got plenty of money, he just can't splash it because of FFP.
  9. I love sport in general but nothing compares to football.....I don't really know what it is, it's definitely in the blood, once there it stays there....tribal rivalry, I don't know but it's the best....and the worst. I managed to play until I was 55, according to my body, about ten years too long, I still carry things that are down to football but you know what....I don't care, it was worth it.
  10. As long as they are treated in exactly the same way the boys from say Sheffield of the same age are treated I don't see why it matters where he comes from. Lets say he was called John Smith from Manchester & had been playing on Citeh's books until now.....would we think it unethical to bring him to Sheffield?
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