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  1. Always Sheffield United, purely from a rival/top dog in the city point of view, not because I hate them, cos I don't. As for this season, I really don't care as long as it isn't us.
  2. Now he's back, anyone else think there was a massive over reaction to him being away getting well.
  3. Tommy Craig over Sheridan?....I loved Tommy but for me nowhere near Shez.. Ron Springett Nilsson Don Megson Walker Lyons Sheridan Waddle Palmer Hirst Francis Di Canio
  4. They are all bad bar 2 & 5, even then they could be better.....option 3 is really bad, can't stand yellow on any Wednesday home shirt, blue, white & black are the only options for me. I prefer the present strip over at least three of those options.
  5. Why didn't Gary Megson get the job?

    Do you really think Evans would have been at United after January if he hadn't been charged. In any any event, he DID play at Hillsborough, didn't do em much good that day did it....he only needed to score once, get them a point & it would have been all so different, couldn't do it though could he.
  6. Butterfield

    You must really hate Jones & Butterfield.....I would rather go & watch United than go to Meadowhell with anybody let alone the missus.
  7. Announce the stripes!!!

    Would it be totally inappropriate of me to say I actually like the current strip....to me it says Sheffield Wednesday almost as much as the proper stripes do....I can only put this down to it being the kit we wore for the first seven years of me watching them on a regular basis, I know I saw us play in stripes before that but can't really remember it. Seven years leaves an impression, I liked it then & I like it now, if anything 'had' to replace stripes then this would be it for me, I would choose proper stripes over it but it's a good alternative in my opinion, certainly better than anything else we've ever had.....I remember when the stripes came back, along with Swanny, it took me a full season to get used to them.
  8. Ross Wallace

    Love Ross Wallace.....OK his career is winding down now but he's been brilliant for us, great goals in big games & a cheeky attitude on the pitch that I think the game needs.......that reading of the notes was classic Ross....good luck pal whatever happens.
  9. I'd have to paint a smile on knowing I was facing being asked the same questions over & over again.
  10. Pigs win anyone??

    A bloke decides to go to our game cos United have lost..........is there even a thought process after that, best I can do is shake my head & say....eh, tha what.
  11. Mate, honestly, I really believe you are over thinking this thing.
  12. Young George Hirst

    A ploy...really?.....the only reason those guys have played is to make George see sense?....inadvertently I can see it helping but a ploy, no, don't see that at all.
  13. Didn't Boyd get injured playing against Rangers pre season when a player fell on him hurting his shoulder....then made it worse when he fell on it again?
  14. Craziest line up ever

    It's very different but I like it, part of the reason I love football so much....this game for me now is very interesting rather than normal interesting, can't wait to see how we play.
  15. Arts Tower...I think, worked in there for around 6 months & seem to remember seeing the ground from there.