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  1. qantas

    How about this for an Idea

    100% agree with the supporting bit Mick.....we aren't skint though, when I say we I mean Chansiri....he's got plenty of money, he just can't splash it because of FFP.
  2. Best post I've read in years.
  3. qantas

    Bloody football

    I love sport in general but nothing compares to football.....I don't really know what it is, it's definitely in the blood, once there it stays there....tribal rivalry, I don't know but it's the best....and the worst. I managed to play until I was 55, according to my body, about ten years too long, I still carry things that are down to football but you know what....I don't care, it was worth it.
  4. qantas

    The Modou Sougou Effect.

    Photo or he doesn't exist.
  5. qantas

    Eyad Hammoud

    As long as they are treated in exactly the same way the boys from say Sheffield of the same age are treated I don't see why it matters where he comes from. Lets say he was called John Smith from Manchester & had been playing on Citeh's books until now.....would we think it unethical to bring him to Sheffield?
  6. qantas

    Let's take another look..

    He didn't just walk out of the way...he was looking to cover their right back moving forward, as was his job in that situation...haven't read a lot of your posts but starting to think you're trolling much of the time, it's the only thing that makes sense with this latest effort.
  7. qantas

    who attended this game

    Did you stop going then after that game?..........just kidding mate, opinions & all that....Tommy was a great player in a poor side but considering the players we've had since then calling him the best player you've ever seen is a MASSIVE statement.
  8. And this from Jermaine Defoe... Jermain Defoe, England striker on BBC Radio 5 live "If there was no contact you would be wondering what he was rolling around for, but there was contact. You do whatever it takes to win games, do whatever it takes to win football matches, it is as simple as that. There was contact, he's rolling around and obviously that has influenced the referee, they've got the penalty and scored the goal. For me if I go through on goal, and there's contact, I'll go down. I'm trying to win the game for my team, you are trying to get a penalty." NO, no 'trying' to get a penalty, NO I'll go down...try to score, try to beat a man, if you get a penalty cos he fouls you & BRINGS you down fair enough, don't TRY & get a penalty....pet shop me, some of today's players should watch video of George Best or even Messi, he never went down on purpose or if there was contact, kinell he was kicked half to death nearly every game by some of the hardest players ever to play football & still managed to stay on his feet most of the time...modern footballers, modern game, set of cheats & fairies.
  9. Always Sheffield United, purely from a rival/top dog in the city point of view, not because I hate them, cos I don't. As for this season, I really don't care as long as it isn't us.
  10. Now he's back, anyone else think there was a massive over reaction to him being away getting well.
  11. Tommy Craig over Sheridan?....I loved Tommy but for me nowhere near Shez.. Ron Springett Nilsson Don Megson Walker Lyons Sheridan Waddle Palmer Hirst Francis Di Canio
  12. They are all bad bar 2 & 5, even then they could be better.....option 3 is really bad, can't stand yellow on any Wednesday home shirt, blue, white & black are the only options for me. I prefer the present strip over at least three of those options.
  13. qantas

    Why didn't Gary Megson get the job?

    Do you really think Evans would have been at United after January if he hadn't been charged. In any any event, he DID play at Hillsborough, didn't do em much good that day did it....he only needed to score once, get them a point & it would have been all so different, couldn't do it though could he.