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  1. £35 for an infant shirt that is late. Yeah. Ok.
  2. Van Aaken

    Have I had a stroke? We seem to have signed two players, played, lost and blamed them defeat on one of these new players since we lost to Bolton.
  3. Calling Brian Clifford

    @@owlstalk I think those boots were those wooden ones they used to sell down the garden centre with a pot plant in.
  4. Gary Megson

    The book? That’s the best way to read what its all about innit?
  5. If it's true the Chairman

    Before you set of utter cretins get the pitchforks and torches out can we please all remember there is no actual evidence this is true? I’m all for rightfully pointing fingers of blame for things that have gone when we actually know who is at fault but just making up allegations against Mr Chansiri is appalling.
  6. I prefer my earlier rebranding to the “moaning club”.
  7. Sorry for the delay, I was doing a poo. You do realise I’m not being serious, don’t you? You know, like the owner when he asks fans to tell him how to run the club.
  8. JUST FÜCKING ANSWER THE MAN! Just wasting valuable server space wiffling on, we all know the steering group has never changed anything.
  9. @dan27 have you seen this? The steering group can get you significant action!
  10. They did get him to back down on excessive prices in a working class city... oh. They did get him to reverse the decision on stripes... no that isn’t one. Ah wait, they fixed the parking issue... oh the Wednesdayite carpark thing... erm. It’s a toughy this...
  11. If only @Grandad‘s request to have minutes taken had been implemented we would all know that he intends to pass the club to his son.
  12. I am on a stage full of actors every day, playing to the masses.
  13. Shhhh... They are the ‘voice of the fans’ don’t you know. And they DO get taken notice of.