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  1. Will69

    The Signing of Jordan Rhodes

    Billy Thompson.
  2. Will69

    Rhodes to ranges

    Is this a special thread for Yoda and his mates?
  3. Will69

    New kit designs

    I like the knickers, but I prefer black ones.
  4. Will69

    Westwood Going

    You’re making it up.
  5. Scotland team full of millionaire professional players goes on tour to Ibiza (lads, lads, lads). Yorkshire team full of non-league types from the likes of Stocksbridge take on Tibet. Modern football.
  6. I had some tshirts that changed colour when wet and/or with temperature changes. Oh the joys of sweating.
  7. I have it on good authority the new shirt 100% will not look like this.
  8. Will69

    Empathy for Penguin...

    This ones still up here then? Nazi mods.
  9. Will69

    Welcome to Hillsborough

    Ceeu N’xtoosdey and Gophuk Riytoff, Penguin? Also possibly Yuma Sivbelle?
  10. Will69

    SWFC graffiti

    I’ve seen that fekker more times than I care to know, there’s another in Doncaster station... bet you can’t find it!
  11. Go on our Steve, make them piggies squeal. Enjoy it, good luck.
  12. It is a four year deal kicking-off from the 2018/19 season the deal will see Quest provide 90 minutes of extensive match highlights, hosted by Colin Murray, in primetime at 9pm every Saturday night. Cup highlights and other bits and bobs will also feature. They will make use of their Eurosport expertise to do so, apparently.
  13. The Football League has just confirmed that the league’s highlights package will be hosted on Discovery’s free-to-site Quest channel, after three poor years on Channel 5. So you know where to go to replay those Wednesday highlights. Not expecting much, seems a huge step backwards even from Channel 5. Is this indicative of a lack of interest in the highlights or that Discovery are making huge steps to up their game in the U.K.?
  14. So if that is true we have made an offer post loan contract agreement and are waiting for a response? I wonder if we put a bid in back in the winter window?