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  1. Snodgrass tweet

    To be fair nobody should EVER have threats against their life because of how they played a game of football. It’s embarrassing. Hey ho, put him on block if you don’t like the bloke and let’s all get that happy feeling when we beat Carlos’ Welsh in the cup.
  2. Ross Wallace

    It is a difficult one, Loovens is ex captain, vastly experienced and I think we should train up as a member of the coaching team (if he wants to do this). Ross still has something to offer to the Rotherham’s of this world, it would be a shame if he doesn’t recognise his level and carry on playing elsewhere.
  3. Ross Wallace

    Post not poster. My opinion is that he simply isn’t good enough, I’m entitled to that opinion and can voice it using the words I wish to choose on here. This is what the site is for. I think freeing up his squad spot would allow for a new, exciting young player to make the step up and drive us forward, because I’m positively thinking Please use the site for what it is intended and discuss the topic.
  4. The championship on ch5

    Poor Wednesday. Victims of a national cover up. Let it go, ref had a stinker. Move on.
  5. Corruption. You all sound so silly. He was just a very poor ref.
  6. So what has that got to do with me saying he’s good?
  7. Why? He is. I’d love him to have been with us at his peak. A player doesn’t become a bad player because he behaved “poorly” against us.
  8. Dc and Jos must realise..

    The final beckons! Like when we were relegated but almost got in to the UEFA cup via the Fair Play thing.
  9. Stop posting in my positive thread. You all told me no don’t post your positivity in our negative threads now you post your negativity in my positive thread. Stop it.
  10. It was a VERY good album. It always puts me in a positive mood after a game.
  11. Well done. A subtle gay joke. To a gay person. Post not poster.
  12. YES! Game by game, see the season out. Pick up some wins. Believe!
  13. I am not allowed Immodium, it would kill me. True story.