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  1. Brian Laws?

    Jesus. Is that your high point as a fan in your lifetime? Us older fans have a lot to be thankful for. But then again, if that’s your high point then I’m shocked at how unhappy the fan base currently is...
  2. Brian Laws?

    Laws? Jesus. What is it with this obsession with ex managers? He had a good crack at it and has a decent reputation with us lot, leave it at that. Move forward, move on. Huddersfiled are living proof that going for something different can work wonders.
  3. I would rather set myself on fire and be pîssed on by Blades to put it out than have ‘Big’ Sam be given the job here, at any time. Oh, and his “alleged” discrepancies.
  4. Stop getting Queen wrong.
  5. Let’s face it, until Megson either dies or returns and fails/succeeds there will be a weird collection of nutters who just can’t let it go.
  6. Carlos to become DOF (his actual job anyway) and new head coach to come in January.
  7. I’ve seen Neil’s pole.
  8. Nuhiu and our Decline

    Or, and call me old fashioned, the manager has decided that Atdhe offers something no other player does and due to that he has massive value to the club. Just saying.
  9. Time to face facts, it would take a huge turn around to rescue anything from this awful season now. The best I’m hoping for is that the other half of the city have a dreadful run of form and don’t go up. I can see a big ship out of players in January, Hirst being an obvious one. Do any of you actually think we will make the playoffs this year? Genuine question. Just what is the consensus?
  10. Also, being young didn’t stop him from playing in the Championship did it? Or Rooney for England, all those years ago... or Pele even before that... If you’re good enough you’re old enough.
  11. Trevor Francis

    You and what army?
  12. Trevor Francis

    He must be a Murican. They always rejig history. Then again, so do dem Blades.
  13. Did you know... Between 1978 and 1979 ‘Tricky’ Trev was an England international star and shocked the world when he was transferred for a million of your English pounds. Yet in that same period of time he headed over to the United States to play for Jimmy Hill’s Detroit Express side in the NASL, then a star studded league. Trev was so good over there that he was selected to play for the All Star team two seasons running, alongside the likes of Carlos Alberto, Beckenbauer and Cruyff. So good was his goal scoring that he scored more goals than the legendary Pele, in many fewer games. In the end Forest didn’t seem to want their star asset going back for a third time and Jimmy Hill chose to move his franchise to Washington and make Cruyff his star player. The team then the league folded. Little but of useless history on our Trev for you. You’re welcome.
  14. HE was at Hillsborough today

    I’ll eat my shoes, standing on the Kop, bare arsė naked, covered in tripe, singing Christmas songs if Megson gets appointed next manager. I’d be surprised if Mr Chansiri even knows who he is, beyond being some old figure connected with the club.